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Build a Speech-to-Text Web Application with Rev AI and PHP

RevBlogSpeech to Text TechnologyBuild a Speech-to-Text Web Application with Rev AI and PHP

Are you a Web application developer looking to quickly add speech-to-text capabilities to your application? Look no further, because we’ve put together a detailed two-part tutorial which explains how to integrate Rev AI’s Asynchronous Speech-to-Text API with a PHP-based Web application.

Our sample application enables users to record brief voice notes – reminders, ideas, shopping lists and so on – through any Web browser and have these automatically transcribed into text notes by Rev AI. These notes are then viewable and searchable through a browser-based interface. Our tutorial takes you step-by-step through the process of building this application, covering key tasks such as creating a Rev AI API client and sending requests to the Rev AI API. It also explains how to use webhooks to receive and process API responses.

Our sample application is implemented in PHP but, since Rev AI’s Asynchronous Speech-to-Text API is a REST API, it’s quite easy to adapt the code for other programming languages. We have SDKs for Node, Python and Java, together with numerous code samples and developer tutorials to help you get started. We’ve also released the code for the sample application on GitHub, so you can download it, try it and start using it as a basis for your own development right away.

If you’re new to speech-to-text integration, you can learn more by visiting the following links:

We hope you find this tutorial useful –  write in and let us know what you think!

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