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Rev vs. VITAC – Which One is Right For You?

rev vs VITAC comparision video transcription

RevBlogClosed CaptionsRev vs. VITAC – Which One is Right For You?

Transcription, captions, and subtitles are a necessity these days. Many industries use them, including business, film, education, and science. Speech to text has made it easier to communicate in various fields. There are many options for transcription tools, but which one is best? Here’s a rundown of the differences between two major services: Rev and VITAC.

See how they compare. Then, choose the right one for your YouTube video optimization or other needs.

What is VITAC?

A long-time industry player, VITAC has been creating captions since 1986. They rely on human transcriptionists to develop offline and live captions for TV, film, and educational offerings.

VITAC can caption, translate, and subtitle in 50 languages as the largest US-based employee captioner workforce. They also offer audio descriptions.

What is Rev?

While newer to the market, Rev has built a trusted presence in various industries. Making inroads in the entertainment industry is just the start; they were a significant part of the latest Sundance Film Festival.

Their captions helped make the virtual event accessible to more people than ever before.

Rev offers both human and AI-generated transcription, captions, and subtitles for video and audio. It can translate English videos into 17 different foreign languages for speech-to-text purposes. It’s ideal for getting better video engagement with a few clicks.


Customers of VITAC enjoy features like:

  • Real-time video captioning
  • Access to human transcribers
  • High-quality files
  • Translation in 50 languages

Rev Pros

Customers of Rev enjoy features like:

  • Video captioning, transcription, and subtitles
  • Burned in subtitles
  • Auto-generated captioning with quick turnaround
  • Human-generated captioning for better accuracy


Even a big, well-established company has its drawbacks, they include:

  • Expensive and may require a contract
  • No pay as you go option
  • No automatic quotes; must speak to a rep first
  • Requires long lead time
  • No option for automated transcription when less accuracy is needed
  • Slower turnaround

Rev Cons

Rev won’t work for every situation, and downsides include:

  • No live captioning option
  • Limited languages for English video subtitling
  • Doesn’t have a lengthy quality review process in place

When to choose VITAC

VITAC has earned a reputation in the industry for providing live captioning for film and TV. If you need to meet the FCC’s accessibility standards, VITAC is still a suitable choice. It’s ideal for those with a large budget, however.

VITAC works best for those who don’t need a fast turnaround for human transcription. It’s also good for translation of a foreign language video to English.

When to choose Rev

Suppose you have a sudden need for translation or captioning. Rev is the best pick. You’ll get results in less than 12 hours. (Automated transcription takes just minutes!)

It’s ideal for those on a budget; you’ll know precisely what you’ll pay at the time of checkout. Rev’s easy upload process lets anyone get text captions or transcription files. No technical knowledge is needed. You don’t have to have any experience with video editing, either.

Rev is best for creating subtitles from English videos, even for languages other than English. The proprietary AI technology lets you get quick turnarounds on even bulk projects. Some files are available in minutes – not days.

No contracts are needed; pay to help users plan project costs.

What’s best for you?

Are you looking to add captions to your videos today? It’s genuinely possible. Rev gets you accurate transcriptions no longer than 12 hours, and those files become the basis for video captions and subtitles. They’ll even be synced perfectly to your video projects.

Whether you have a film festival coming up or want to optimize video for marketing purposes. Rev has you covered.

You have a choice in transcription providers. Fortunately, the market growth gives you options for every kind of text-to-speech service. For most people, getting accurate transcription with a quick turnaround is critical.

This is something Rev provides – day or night.

Add in affordability, and it’s easy to see the winner. For most transcription projects businesses have today, Rev meets the requirements. It’s easy for anyone to get high-quality text files or video captions. Your next project is just a few clicks away, and you’ll get a price quote before checking out and paying for your order.

Trying Rev requires no future obligation, either. With no contracts to sign, you can easily see what all the buzz is about.

Affordable, fast transcription. 100% Guaranteed.