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TranscribeMe vs. Rev Transcription Service Comparison


Feb 26, 2019

TranscribeMe vs. Rev Pricing Comparison

RevBlogPricingTranscribeMe vs. Rev Transcription Service Comparison

When you search for a transcription service, there are many factors that you are likely considering. One of these factors is probably price. At Rev, the pricing is affordable and transparent. Take a look at this detailed comparison between the pricing for transcription services from Rev and services from TranscribeMe.

1. TranscribeMe vs. Rev: Price Per Minute

The most common way that transcription services charge is based on the length of your audio or video file.

Rev: $1.25/min
TranscribeMe: $2/min

2. TranscribeMe vs. Rev: Verbatim Options

Verbatim transcription means nonverbal communication, false starts and filler words such as “uhh” and “umm,” will be included in your transcript. Most businesses prefer to have these filler words excluded to get the cleanest transcript possible, but there are scenarios, such as recordings of police interrogations, where these pauses and nonverbal communication add context. Both Rev and TranscribeMe offer verbatim transcripts as an option at checkout.

Rev: $.25/min
TranscribeMe: $.75/min

3. TranscribeMe vs. Rev: Multiple Speaker Charges

While many transcription services charge for having multiple speakers in an audio file, Rev allows you to have unlimited speakers for free. TranscribeMe charges a fee if you have eight or more speakers.

Rev: Free
TranscribeMe: $.65/min (for 8+ speakers)

4. TranscribeMe vs. Rev: Accent Charges

Some transcription companies consider accents to be more challenging for their transcriptionists so they charge an extra fee when present in your audio. Rev doesn’t charge based on accents while TranscribeMe charges for British, Irish, Scottish, Kiwi and Aussie accents. They also charge an additional fee is the speaker has a “heavy accent.”

Rev: Free
$.50/min (British, Irish, Scottish, Kiwi and Aussie)
$.25/min (heavy accents)

5. TranscribeMe vs. Rev: Delivery time

To keep things simple, Rev doesn’t charge fees based on turnaround time for transcription service. We pride ourselves in being one of the fastest and most accurate services without the need to charge additional fees. For files under 60 minutes, we’re able to deliver transcripts well within 24 hours. TranscribeMe offers an “urgent” option that guarantees delivery within 1 business day, but it will double the overall cost of your order. Transcription Turnaround Time

Rev’s Average Delivery Time

Rev: No fees for fast delivery. See average turnaround times above.

Urgent (1 business day): 2x your total price
Standard (2-3 business days): Included

6. TranscribeMe vs. Rev: Poor audio quality charges

Audio files can suffer from a number of issues such as background noise, static, as well as low volume due to speakers being too far from the recording device. Poor audio quality makes the work more challenging for a transcriptionist and typically leads to increased turnaround time as they’ll need to replay the audio multiple times to transcribe it. Rev doesn’t charge for poor audio quality, but some companies, such as TranscribeMe, do have a fee for this.

Rev: Free
TranscribeMe: $.25/min

7. TranscribeMe vs. Rev: Industry Content

Rev has transcribed more than 30 million minutes of audio spanning a variety of content including podcasts, interviews, university lectures, corporate meetings and more. The content can often be very technical in nature and contain a lot of jargon. Technical content adds a layer of complexity to transcription work and some services will tack on a fee for it. TranscribeMe charges for industry content classified as medical, technical or finance.

Rev: Free
TranscribeMe: $.75/min (medical, technical, finance)

8. TranscribeMe vs. Rev: Long files

Rev: Free
TranscribeMe: $.25/min (files that are 2+ hours)

What will it cost?

Let’s say you have a 30-minute audio file with 8 Australian researchers discussing a scientific study, and you want that file delivered within 24 hours. To calculate your price with Rev, you’d simply multiply your file length by $1 for a total of $30.

To calculate your TranscribeMe order, a bit more math would be involved. You’d need to add the price per minute ($2), accent fee ($.50), technical industry fee ($.75), and multiple speaker fee ($.65) together for a total of $3.90. You’d then double the total because of the 24 hour delivery fee, and finally multiply that by the file length for a grand total of $234.

As you can see, this example illustrates how quickly all the extra fees can add up for transcription services. The prices you see in an advertisement are not always what you’ll pay in the end so it’s important to either get a quote or price out your files before choosing a service to know what you’ll pay in the end.

Rev: 30 minutes x $1 = $30
TranscribeMe: 30 minutes x (($2 + $.50 + $.75 + $.65) x 2) = $234

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