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Rev vs. Scribie Transcription Pricing Comparison


Aug 28, 2019

Rev vs Scribie pricing comparison

RevBlogPricingRev vs. Scribie Transcription Pricing Comparison

Choosing between transcription providers can be difficult so we started this blog series to explain the differences between our services and our competitors’. In our first post, we broke down the pricing of one of our competitors, TranscribeMe. In this post, we’ll discuss Scribie’s transcription pricing.

In certain industries, add-on or hidden fees have come to be expected. Advertised prices rarely match up with the price you end up paying. If you’ve ever bought a car, you probably got dinged with all sorts of fees such as premium wheels and paint, navigation system, chrome accents, heated seats and more. At Rev, we take the opposite approach. We want our pricing to be as transparent as possible so you know exactly what you’ll end up paying. This transparent pricing is a big differentiator between us and other transcription services like Scribie, as you’ll see below in the pricing breakdown.

Rev Human Captioning Pricing Comparison

1. Price per minute

The majority of transcription services charge a flat fee per audio minute. Rev and Scribie follow this pricing structure.


Essentially Scribie has a much slower turnaround time, and charges more than Rev for a quick turnaround. They also charge for more for poor audio quality, verbatim transcriptions, accents, and they have Uber-style surge pricing.

Rev: $1.25/minute for 7-hour turnaround
Scribie: $0.80/min for a 36-hour turnaround

2. Verbatim

Verbatim transcripts include filler words like “um,” and “uh,” as well as false starts and nonverbal communication.

Rev: $0.25/min
Scribie: $0.50/min

3. Accents

Some transcription services consider audio files with accents to be more challenging so they’ll often tack on an extra fee. Scribie notes that they have experience with British, Australian, Indian, African, European, and Asian accents, but they will up-charge you if a speaker has a “heavy” accent.  This can also affect their turnaround time. Rev doesn’t charge any additional fees or delay the delivery of your transcript due to accents.

Rev: Free
Scribie: $0.50/min

4. Delivery time

If your audio file is under an hour, you can expect Rev to return your transcript well within the 24 hour mark. With Scribie, the standard turnaround time is 5 days. They have options for 36 hour turnaround and 12 hour turnaround, but the prices are double and quadruple the 5-day pricing, respectively. They don’t note on their website if there’s a difference for turnaround time based on file length. The chart below notes our average turnaround time for files under 60 minutes.

Rev: $2.00/min for Rush delivery (up to 5x faster than our standard service)
Scribie: varies based on desired turnaround time as follows

  • $0.80/min for a 36-hour turnaround
  • $2.40/min for a 12-hour turnaround*

*These delivery time frames do not account for potential delays caused by noisy background in the files, heavily-accented speakers, poor audio quality, or files longer than 3 hours. Transcription Turnaround Time Transcription Turnaround Time

5. Poor audio quality

Poor audio quality caused by background noise, quiet speakers, and bad microphones can sometimes make work more challenging for a transcriptionist. This can lead to increased turnaround times as mentioned above. Although many services such as Scribie add fees for poor audio quality, Rev keeps things simple by not charging fees for things that could be considered subjective audio problems. Additionally, if you send us a file that has such poor audio quality that it can’t be transcribed, we’ll refund your order.

Rev: Free
Scribie: $0.50-$2.00/min, plus a longer turnaround time.

6. Industry content

Rev has experience transcribing over 30 million minutes of audio for a wide variety of content. Even when the content is jargon-heavy or technical in nature, Rev will not charge you any extra fees. Like Rev, Scribie does not charge fees for industry-specific content.

Rev: Free
Scribie: Free

7. Surge Pricing

Similar to ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft, Scribie charges more if they are over capacity. However, they do offer an email notification option as shown below in the screenshot to let you know when surge pricing will end if you’re not in a rush to get your transcript complete.

Rev: No surge pricing
Scribie: 2x their per-minute pricing (ex: $1.20/min becomes $2.40 min)

Scribie surge pricing

What will it cost?

Let’s say you have a low quality 30-minute audio file with 3 Indian speakers discussing quality assurance testing, and you want that file delivered within 12 hours. To calculate your price at Rev, you’d simply multiply the length of the file by $1.25, totaling $37.50.

With Scribie, you must factor in as much as $2.00 extra per minute due to the accents of the speakers, and up to an additional $2.00 per minute if the audio quality is poor. Then, to get your transcript file back in the same time as Rev would provide it (12 hours or less), you’d need to pay an additional $2.40 per minute. Keep in mind also that the turnaround rate at Scribie can be compromised by “heavily accented speakers,” or “background noise,” meaning a 12 hour turnaround might not be possible. They state on their website that their prices and turnaround time are for American accents and “clean” audio files.

Rev: $37.50
Scribie: $30.00 x ($2.40 + $2.00* + $2.00*) = $192.00

*Uses high end of additional fee range since it’s not clear how they decide what price per minute to charge you

As you can see, the base prices listed upfront on websites or in ads aren’t always what you end up paying for transcription services. Depending on the complexity of your audio files, as well as how fast you need your transcripts delivered, you may end up paying much more than the base price. At Rev, we understand that all of these extra complexities makes your job more challenging so we’ve kept our pricing simple and transparent.

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Originally published 7/31/17; Updated 8/28/19 to reflect Scribie’s new pricing and Rev’s new Rush transcription services.

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