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Rev vs GMR Transcription Pricing


Aug 7, 2017

Rev vs GMR Transcription Pricing

RevBlogPricingRev vs GMR Transcription Pricing

In our ongoing quest to educate businesses and individuals about the differences in transcription and caption services, we’re continuing our blog series comparing Rev’s pricing to other companies’ offerings. We’ve covered TranscribeMe and Scribie, and today we’ll take a look at GMR Transcription’s pricing.

We pride ourselves in delivering transcripts as fast as humanly possible (we have real people, not software, doing the work) without charging our customers for expedited service. Curious how we transcribe files so quickly with 99%+ accuracy at an affordable price? Check out, “How Rev Offers Accurate Transcripts & Captions for $1.25/min.” For delivery as fast as ours, many companies charge 2-4 times as much per minute. GMR Transcription, for example, charges $3.50 per minute for same-day service.

Turnaround time is just one component of transcription pricing you should take into account. Here’s a breakdown of what else you should look at and how we differ from GMR Transcription.

1. Price per minute

Typically, the length of your audio file will determine the cost associated with your transcript. This is true for both Rev and GMR, but delivery time also plays a factor in GMR’s pricing.

Rev: $1.00/min
GMR Transcription:

  • $1.25/min for a 3-4 week turnaround
  • $1.35/min for a 1-2 week turnaround
  • $1.50/min for a 3-5 day turnaround
  • $2.25/min for a 1-2 day turnaround
  • $3.00/min for next day service
  • $3.50/min for same day service

2. Verbatim

Verbatim transcripts include filler words like “um,” and “uh.” In most cases, these words aren’t necessary, but there are some instances where they are valuable such as in audio files of police interrogations where these types of verbal pauses might provide insight into a person’s demeanor.

Rev: $0.25/min
GMR Transcription: $0.50/min

3. Accents

Many transcription services consider audio files with accented speakers to be more challenging so they’ll charge a higher rate. GMR lists “thick” accents within their “difficult audio” section, meaning they charge more to transcribe this type of audio.

Rev: Free
GMR Transcription: $1.75/min

4. Delivery time

Rev transcribes files of all lengths, and we are able to do it very quickly. The majority of our transcriptionists live in the US and UK, and are available 24/7 so we can work with your files any day and time of the week. GMR only offers same-day delivery on files uploaded before noon Pacific time, Monday through Thursday.

Rev: No fees for fast delivery. See above for average turnaround times.
GMR Transcription: Same day and next day service are available, but come at a premium as noted in the first point.

5. Poor audio quality

Poor audio quality, whether that’s background noise, quiet speakers, bad microphones, etc can sometimes make work challenging for a transcriptionist. Unlike most services, Rev doesn’t charge extra for difficult audio, although we do recommend these tips for recording the best audio quality possible. Your transcriptionist will thank you.

Rev: Free
GMR Transcription: $0.75/min for “difficult audio”

6. Multiple Speakers

It’s pretty common to have multiple speakers in your audio files, especially if you’re recording meetings, group research studies or presentations with audience participation. It’s common for transcription services to charge you more if you have multiple speakers.

Rev: Free
GMR Transcription: $0.50/min for two speakers and up to $0.75 for multiple speakers

7. Industry content

Rev has experience transcribing over 30 million minutes of audio for a wide variety of content. GMR Transcription is transparent about hiring their transcriptionists from many different backgrounds to meet the needs of certain industries. Neither company charges for industry-specific content.

Rev: Free
GMR Transcription: Free

What will it cost?

Suppose you want a transcript of a 30-minute conference call with a native Japanese speaker, and you want that file delivered within 12 hours. Let’s assume the recording also had a lot of static due to connection issues. To calculate your price at Rev, you’d simply multiply the length of the file by $1.00 for a total of $30.00.

To calculate your price with GMR Transcription, you’d need to consider several variables. You’d start with a cost of $0.50 per minute for two speakers, plus $0.75 per minute for difficult audio due to static. Then, since there are no specifications on GMR’s website about what qualifies as a “thick accent,” we can reasonably assume that you’ll be charged their $1.75 fee for accents as well. Finally, to get your transcript back the same day, you’d need to factor in an additional $3.50 per minute. This is assuming you’re able to upload the file by noon Pacific time to qualify for their same-day transcription offering.

Rev: $30
GMR Transcription: Your cost will be 30 x (0.50 + 0.75 + 1.75 + 3.50) = $195.00

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