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Turn Your Webinars Into Revinars! (It’s A Cool Word We Just Made Up)

Join the Rev Live Captions for Zoom Webinars Beta Program

Recently, we released Live Captions for Zoom Meetings and people are straight-up in love with it. That got us thinking… why should Zoom Meetings have all the fun?

We immediately got to work and now? Boom. Live captions for Zoom Webinars.

We want to let you — our dearest friend and ally — try it out.

Now you can make Zoom Webinars more accessible, easier to follow, and easier to comprehend for everyone with Live Captions! For free (for now!)!

Request early access to our Live Captions for Zoom Webinars beta today! Simply click below to request access!

Still unsure if you want Live Captions for Zoom Webinars? You should ask yourself this existential question: Do I use Zoom Webinars?

If the answer is no, then you probably don’t need them. If the answer is yes… well:

Why would I need Live Captions on my Zoom Webinars?

Everyone wants to be included

Live Captions make it easier for all of your webinar attendees to know what’s being said. For those who are hard of hearing, a webinar experience without live captions is frustrating, at best. All too frequently, viewers are forced to wait until a recording of the webinar is shared after-the-fact, with captions added to the video. That prevents them from actively participating in your webinar! Don’t do this to your dedicated audience! You already make great content, your fans — all of them — should be able to enjoy it, in real-time.

Viewers love ‘em

If you’ve used Zoom for more than 5 minutes, you know how real “Zoom fatigue” can be. Providing the ability to read along with the content not only combats fatigue but increases engagement and comprehension of your content.

How to get started with Rev’s Live Captions for Zoom Webinars?

This service is still very new, so the engineers are making us gradually roll out the beta program. All you need to do is fill out the form below to request early access. You will receive instructions on how to use this feature once your submission has been reviewed.

Join Rev’s Live Captions for Zoom Webinars Beta

Please confirm your interest in joining Rev’s Open Captions Beta program by filling out the form below. We’ll send you an email with the details on next steps after your submission has been reviewed.

Request Early Access