How to Transcribe Videos to Text Online

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If you’ve ever spent endless hours transcribing video files to text only to throw the towel in because you just can’t seem to get through every stutter or false start, you’d probably benefit from professional transcription services. If you’re new to transcription and you’re not exactly sure what it is and how it can make your life just a little easier, keep reading and you’ll discover how to transcribe a video file to text or audio to text – plus how easy and affordable it is to get started with a top-rated company in the industry.

How to Transcribe Video to Text

1. Go to and click the red “Place Order” button.

2. Select Your File

Once the window pops up, select the file you want transcribed from your computer and click Upload. Keep in mind that you can add multiple files to a single order. Or, if you have a link to a video you need transcribed, you can also paste a URL from your website securely and confidentially. Accepted file types include AVI, MP3, MP4, AIF, WMV,WMA, WAV, VOB, MOV, AMR, OGG, and M4A. If your file is a different type, you can always contact us for help.

Transcribe Video Files Upload

3. Select Any Optional Add-On Services

If you need them, you can select the following add-on services: rush, timestamps, verbatim, or instant first draft.

4. Check Out

Once you’ve selected the add-on services you need, click the red Checkout button.

5. Enter Your Payment Information

Enter your payment information into the provided fields. We accept credit or debit cards.

6. Place Your Order

Once you’ve entered the correct payment information, click the Place Order button to finish the process.

After your order is placed, you’ll be able to do things like add glossary terms and speaker names to your order so that once you get the final text file, you’ll know who said what in your transcribed text file.

Transcribing Videos to Text Using a URL

If you want to add files for transcription using a web link instead of uploading audio or video files, follow step 1 from Method 1 and then continue with the following steps:

1. Create Your Transcription Order

Once you click the Get Started button, the website will prompt you to choose the source of your audio or video. Click the middle option to Share a link to a public web address.

2. Copy Your URL

Copy the entire URL from the web address bar on your browser.

3. Paste Your URL

Click the red button that reads Paste a URL.

Transcribe Videos with URL

If you have multiple URL links, hit Enter and paste every URL on a separate line. You can upload up to 5 GB worth of files at once.

Transcribe Videos to Text with Automatic Uploads

Rev’s integration with Zapier makes it easy to set your account up to automatically upload and transcribe any files you have in Vimeo, your Dropbox, or other cloud-based apps. Follow these steps to use this method:

1. Click “Use This Zap” – Once you’re on the transcription page, click Use This Zap and you’ll be prompted to go through the process of creating a Zapier account. It’ll help guide you through connecting Rev to another service and getting started with placing an order.

For uploading files to Dropbox, you don’t even need to visit Instead, you can interact with us through two Dropbox folders:

The first one places a transcription order with us once a file is dragged into it.

The second one accepts completed transcription files.

These features only work with files that are less than 1 GB. Anything over that has to be submitted through your account online.


To send a file through Dropbox, follow these steps:

1. Send the File for Transcription – Head to the login page for Dropbox and log into your account.

2. Find the Folder Created and Shared with You by Us – After you log in, from the Home page, find the folder labeled Rev – (your email). In that folder, you’ll find subfolders that you can use to send and receive your transcription orders and files from us. Click to open it.

3. Send the Files You Need Transcribed – Once you open the right folder, you’ll see two subfolders – the one labeled Send Rev Transcription – (your email) is the one you’ll use to send your order.

4. Upload Your File(s) After you get into the Send folder, you can add your files by clicking on Upload Files on the far right-hand side. A window will open up and allow you to search for the file you want to upload. Once you’ve selected the file you want, the upload process will start. You can also drag and drop files into the Send folder in Dropbox.

Transcribe Video Files to Text with the Rev API

Another way to transcribe video files to text is by requesting API access and integrating Rev’s functionality into apps or work environments you already have.

1. Create an Account (if You Don’t Already Have One)

2. Ensure That You’re a Corporate Customer

If you are, you should be receiving monthly statements rather than paying for every single transaction. If not, you’ll need to apply to be a Corporate Customer.

3. Sign Up – Go to and click on the red button that reads Sign Up for API Access Now.

4. Check Your Email

You should receive an email with instructions on how to integrate with our sandbox environment.

5. Get Your API User and Client Keys

You should also receive your production API user and client keys and once you do, you’re all set.

Use the Cloud

Finally, you can upload video files hosted on the cloud by clicking the Paste URL button and copying the URL of the file you want transcribed and then pasting it into the correct field. Make sure that you paste the link for the media file and not the URL for the page it’s hosted on.