How to Convert Speech to Text Online

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Looking to transcribe speech to text online? There is great value in obtaining a transcript of your spoken word recording in the 21st century. All you need is an audio or video file and an internet connection.

Transcription may already be an essential part of your job. Or, it could become a time-saving new step in your daily workflow. Some of the most enthusiastic users of speech-to-text transcription include:

  • Podcasters
  • Lecturers, students, and academics
  • Medical and legal professionals
  • Media professionals
  • Writers

Some wish to provide transcripts to their colleagues or audiences. Others use transcription to get an editable document of a speech or interview or as a modern method of dictating.

Online voice recognition software is the cheapest and quickest way to get a transcription, although not the most accurate. And, of course, you will need to add most punctuation marks manually.

However, the most accurate way to convert speech to text online is to use Rev’s transcription service. Rev’s trained human transcriptionists will return a finished document to you in hours, with 99% accuracy guaranteed.

Step-by-step Guide to Ordering a Transcript

You can order speech-to-text transcription from Rev in just a few clicks. It costs $1.25 per audio minute (click here to get a free price and delivery estimate). Unlike other transcription services, there is no extra charge for 12-hour delivery or if your audio features multiple speakers or difficult accents.

Here’s how to get your audio-to-text conversion:

1. Send Your Audio File

Navigate to Rev’s order page and either drag your audio file from your desktop or click UPLOAD FILES if you want to send an MP3. Or, if your work is already online and not password-protected, click PASTE A URL and – yep – paste the web address for your audio. Pro tip: you can upload multiple audio files and/or video files instead of audio if that’s what you have.

Transcribe Audio to Text Upload

2. Choose Your Options

At this stage, you can choose extra trimmings for your transcript. You might choose:

  • Rush My Order (+ $1.00/min). Rev will prioritize your order and divide longer files among multiple transcriptionists if needed.
  • Timestamping (+ $0.25/min). If you tick this box, your transcript will include a time code at the start of every paragraph for easy referencing.
  • Verbatim (+ $0.25/min). Include every um, ah, false start, and laugh if needed for legal or research reasons.
  • Instant First Draft (+ $0.10/min). Rev’s industry-leading voice-to-text software will create an instant transcript to work with while you await a more accurate transcript from our professional human transcriptionists.

When you’re happy with your options, click CHECKOUT.

3. Make a Payment and Receive Your Text File

At this stage, you can sign in to Rev or register a new account.

Make your payment, and then sit back. Rev will email you when your text file is ready – typically within 12 hours if your audio is clear, and often much faster.

Rev presents your transcript in our unique text editor, alongside your original video or audio file for easy referencing. You can download your text file directly from your email or click Download on the text editor page. Here, you can choose whether you want your speaker names and timestamps aligned with the text or in a separate column. And you can select the file type of your preference (Word doc, PDF, or .txt).

Use Rev’s Voice Recorder as a Voice Typing Tool

If you have not yet recorded your speech, there is an alternative to the above workflow.

Rev’s voice recorder is simply a big red button on our voice recorder page. To use it:

  1. Click Record and allow Rev access to your microphone if prompted.
  2. Speak into your microphone and check that the waveform animation shows.
  3. Click Pause if you need to pause the recording.
  4. Click Preview to listen back and scrub through your recording.
  5. Click Transcribe to add a transcription of your recording to your Rev cart.
  6. Click Download to download your free MP3 file.

A Solution for Every Speech Conversion Need

Rev’s audio-to-text transcription service is a quick, accurate way to commit your spoken words to paper. However, there is an even faster and cheaper way. Rev also offers automatic transcription through our speech recognition software (25 cents per minute). The trade-off is accuracy. Rev guarantees 99% accuracy with the human transcription services outlined above versus the suggested 80%+ accuracy with the automated service.

For developer needs, Rev also offers its world-class speech-to-text API at Rev’s speech-to-text engine is the most accurate in the world, and developers can integrate it into websites and apps or automate orders from our human transcribers.