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An Intro to Rev’s Free Voice Recorder App

An Intro to Rev's Free Voice Recorder App

RevBlogRev Product FeaturesAn Intro to Rev’s Free Voice Recorder App

Whether you’re a journalist conducting an interview, a detective speaking with a witness, or a blogger composing a new piece of content, a voice recorder is a handy tool to have at your disposal. Rather than carrying around a separate recording device, you can use a voice recording app on your phone. Just keep in mind that not all voice recording apps are created equal, and some have additional functionality that you may find useful like the ability to order a transcript directly from the app (wink wink, nudge nudge).

We may be a bit biased, but we think the Rev Voice Recorder app for iPhone and Android is pretty swell (some unbiased reviews that agree –  PCMag, iPhoneness, IOSJailBreakHacks, CreditDonkey). It comes with a price tag we think you’ll be comfortable with…free!

In a nutshell, the app makes it super easy to record, store and manage high-quality audio from interviews, meetings, presentations and more. You can also place transcription orders directly from the app for only $1 per minute. Just like orders on our website, your recordings are transcribed by professionals with 99% accuracy or better and emailed to you in 12 hours or less if your audio file is under an hour long.

So what else is great about the app?

Rev Voice Recorder Screenshots

Organize all your recordings in one place.

With the Rev app, you’ll always have your recordings on-hand. It’s easy to search for old recordings and share new ones. If you’re a Dropbox user, we recommend setting up automatic Dropbox sync to make sure your recordings are backed up and accessible to you and your team. We also have several additional file-sharing options such as email, text message, Slack, Evernote and more.

Note: we do not store, share or own your recordings.

Order a transcript on the go.

Forget the mental burden of emailing yourself audio files, transferring files with a thumb drive, or looking for cables to connect your recording device to your computer. Being able to order from your phone helps you get your transcript back more quickly.

Save money on transcripts by only paying for what you need.

Many meetings and conversations have chatter that you may want ignored in your transcript. The app makes it easy to trim audio at the beginning or end of a recording. This feature ensures that you are only paying for what you need.

View your delivered transcripts directly from the app.

When your transcript is delivered, you’ll receive a copy through email, but you’ll also be able to view it on your phone. You’ll always have the recording and transcript together to review on your phone.

We are hard at work improving Rev Voice Recorder. We would love to get in touch if you’ve used the app in your daily workflow. Comment below or send us an email to chat with our product team.

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