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Join the Beta for Rev’s New Select-by-Transcript EDL File Feature

So you already know how to edit videos. But, wouldn’t it be cool to bridge the gap between a transcript and your video editing software? Yes! Clearly! Well, we have great news. A new feature at Rev can help you do just that. Now, you’ll be able to highlight the golden moments in a transcript, then quickly export them to your preferred video editing software, like Adobe Premiere Pro. The beta will be ready very soon, and we’re inviting you to join and be one of the first to try it out!

Bridge the gap between your transcripts and your video editing software

With our new select-by-transcript feature, you’ll be able to go straight from highlighting your golden moments in our transcript editor, to having a rough cut of your video in your video editing software. So you can find gold, edit gold, export gold, and make gold.

Check out our teaser video for an inside look at how this new feature works.

Join the Beta for Rev’s New Select-by-Transcript Feature

How will the new select-by-transcript product work?

Ever heard of an EDL export format? Think: Script-based editing.

Step 1: Send your video to

Step 2: We’ll transcribe it, then send you a link to your script in our super-easy Rev Editor (play in the sandbox editor here)

Step 3: You and your team can then highlight your favorite portions of the script (It’s universal, no software required!).

Step 4: You’ll export that when you’re done with a few clicks.

Step 5: Import your file (it’ll be an EDL file extension) into your video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, or anything that supports EDL files. You’ll get a rough cut featuring all the transcript highlights you and your team decided on.

Then, viola! All your golden moments are readily available.

Bring your storytellers into the editing room

Get collaborative! Offload work! Save time! Find your takes! With the sheer ease of this feature, you’re able to bring your storytellers (and any other team members) into the editing room with you without them needing to understand complicated editing software. 

And if you’d like to be among the first to try this new feature out, let us know below. The beta is coming soon, be on the list to try it out by signing up below.

Join the Beta for Rev’s New Select-by-Transcript Feature