Looking for a simple way to record calls? With our new call recorder app, it’s free to record phone calls and $1 per audio minute to have calls transcribed.

The Rev Call Recorder is a professional call recording app that captures your calls and allows you to transcribe important conversations. It’s perfect for recording phone interviews, sharing call recordings, and reviewing conversations.

Use Rev’s Free Call Recorder App for:
  • Free call recording
  • Fast human transcription of calls for $1/min.
  • Keeping a log of important phone calls
  • Reviewing calls
  • Sharing recorded calls with others

The motivation behind this app is to make our customers lives easier. In the past, they’ve used all sorts of workarounds to get us recorded calls for transcription. We wanted to make it a simple experience. It’s finally easy to not only record a call, but also to place an order to have that call transcribed.

How to Record and Transcribe Phone Calls

Download the Rev Call Recorder app in the iTunes App Store.

Download Rev Call Recorder

Open the app, enter your mobile phone number and tap “Next” to get an SMS text confirmation to your phone.

Rev Call Recorder Enter Phone Number

You will receive a text message with a four-digit code.

Rev Call Recorder Four Digit Verification Code

Enter the code and press continue.

Rev Call Recorder Verification Code Entry

Allow access to your contacts so the call recorder can create an access number and customer support link. This is optional but recommended.

Rev Call Recorder Access Contacts Permission

From here, you’re all set up and recording a call is easy. Simply tap on the green call button to start a new call recording.

Tap the record button to record any call

The Rev Call Recorder number will pop up. It’s +1 (415) 738-2935. Tap call to start recording.

Start Call Recording Rev Call Recorder

Once you’re dialed into the Rev Call Recorder, you can add other people to the call. Tap the “+ add call” button” to add someone to the call. After that, choose the person from your contact list who you’d like to record a conversation with and call them.

Call recordings are secure and shareable

When the person you’re calling answers the phone, don’t forget to select “merge calls” to add them to the recording.

Call recordings are secure and shareable

At this point, you can also add additional people to the call by simply following the previous two steps.

Rev Call Recorder Your call is now recording

Telephone call recording laws vary by state. It’s good practice to always let the person on the other end of the line know if a call is being recorded.

End the call to stop recording. Now you can share, transcribe, store, or delete recorded calls in the Rev Call Recorder app.

Barron Caster, a Product Manager at Rev, saw the app through from planning to launch. He’s excited to see Rev Call Recorder in the app store and will continue to improve the app while listening to customer feedback. Suggestions? Please share them in the comments or email support@rev.com.