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Welcome Duct Tape Marketers! $10 off Rev

Barron Caster

Apr 2, 2019

illustration of man happy behind a desk with a $100 off Rev offer

RevBlogWelcome Duct Tape Marketers! $10 off Rev

Welcome Duct Tape Marketers!

To get your $10 coupon, please fill out the short form below. Your discount will be automatically applied at checkout when you place your first order.

We offer fast, quality, on-demand services for audio transcription and closed captions.

  • Pricing: $1 per minute
  • Turnaround: 12 hours
  • Accuracy: 99%
  • Customers: 100,000+
  • Transcriptionists: 50,000+ based in the U.S. and English speaking countries

Have questions? Get more details about our services here.

We look forward to getting to work on your first file!

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