As the second round of Democratic debates approach, Rev dug into what was covered in the first round of debates. More specifically, we analyzed the top words and phrases spoken overall and by top candidates, honing in on what candidates’ primary focuses were. Night 1 of the Democratic Debates included Democratic candidates Elizabeth Warren, Beto O’Rourke, Cory Booker, Bill de Blasio, and more.

Word Count: Top 100 Words Said During Night 1 by All Candidates

Some of the Top Phrases Said During Night 1 by All Candidates

Top phrasesOccurrences
we need to41
we’re going to39
the united states29
in this country28
make sure that21
Donald Trump19
health care19
we have to16
climate change11
our country11
in the united states10
the American people9
time is up8
Medicare for all7
president of the united states6
the democratic party5
on election day5
what would you do5
you have 45 seconds4
that women are paid3

Number of Times “Trump” Was Said by Top Candidates

Number of Times Healthcare Was Mentioned by Top Candidates

Beto O’Rourke Top Words

Beto O’Rourke Top Phrases

Beto O’Rourke Top PhrasesOccurrences
this country12
health care8
we’re going to7
our democracy5
make sure that5
in this country5
in texas3
of genocide3
this economy3
those students3
the kind of genocide3
our immigration laws2
the very wealthiest2
of the planet2
president trump has2
under this administration2
foreign policy2
gun owners2
climate change2
immigration laws2

Elizabeth Warren Top Words

Elizabeth Warren Top Phrases

Elizabeth Warren Top PhrasesOccurrences
we can11
we need to11
doing great for6
this country5
fight for5
the people4
our children3
they’ll die3
the money3
in Washington3
our economy3
will of the people2
basic human right2
an industrial policy2
roe versus wade2
Medicare for all2
gun violence2
insurance companies2
giant corporations2
climate change2

Cory Booker Top Words

Cory Booker Top Phrases

Cory Booker Top PhrasesOccurrences
this problem7
the senate7
health care7
African American(s)7
this country6
we need to6
make sure that5
deal with5
time that we have4
corporate consolidation4
our country4
our values3
solve this problem3
human rights3
pharmaceutical companies3
investments in the northern triangle2
not take contributions from2
border security2
criminal justice reform2
civil rights2

Bill de Blasio Top Words

Bill de Blasio Top Phrases

Bill de Blasio Top PhrasesOccurrences
working people8
have to7
need to5
want to5
this country5
of working people5
in new york4
in America4
in this country3
be the party of working people3
big corporations3
every American should2
a different conversation2
the war powers2
about the war2
$15 minimum wage2
working people first2
what about the war powers act2
for the heart and soul of our party2
money back in the hands of working people2