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An Intro to Rev’s New Captions Editor

An Intro to Rev's New Caption Editor

RevBlogClosed CaptionsAn Intro to Rev’s New Captions Editor

At Rev, we guarantee 99% accuracy for our video captioning service, but we understand that as a customer, you may want to make small modifications to files before pushing them live. These modifications include editing the timing of captions so they appear on-screen longer, as well as fixing the spelling of complicated names or highly-technical jargon. You may also want a simple way to preview the captions on your videos.

With these workflow preferences in mind, our team built a robust captions editor that Rev customers have free access to. We plan to use feedback to constantly improve the editor over time, but we’ll walk you through some of the key features that customers have access to today. (If you’re not currently a Rev customer, you can test out the sandbox version of our captions editor.)

Rev Video Captions Editor

We’ve incorporated basic features into the captions editor such as draggable timing adjustments, editable caption groups, spell check, and find and replace to make proofreading easier and faster. We’ve also built in some pretty cool advanced features that are outlined below.

Automated Features

There are many common changes that Rev customers routinely make. We’ve automated these changes to be “single-click” to save you time:

  • Change or remove atmospherics, like (gentle piano music)
  • Replace casual words with formal (“gonna” → “going to”)
  • Apply UK English spelling (“color” → “colour”)
  • Remove gaps between captions
  • Set a new start time and offset all captions

To create a more customized experience, personal preferences can be saved in the editor and automatically applied to your future captions orders.

Download options

Once you’re finished making adjustments to your captions in the editor, you can download several different file formats. Formats include common file types such as Subrip (.srt) files and more customized formats like Facebook-ready .srt files that are automatically named according to Facebook’s naming requirements.

Rev Video Caption File Formats


Rev now offers burned-in captions (open captions). Just check the “burned-in captions” box at checkout and you’ll receive a video with permanent, hard-coded captions added straight to your videos. Also available for foreign language subtitles!

open captions

Sharing Capabilities

If someone else needs to edit your captions, you can use the “share” feature to provide them with a link to access your captions and the editor. They’ll have editing access to that video only.

We have several new features and improvements launching in the coming weeks, but would love to get your feedback if you’ve used the captions editor. Feel free to comment below or send us an email.