The API Sandbox

Getting started with the Rev API starts in our API Sandbox. It is a self-contained testing environment that mimics our live production environment. It simulates the actions of placing, tracking and receiving real orders. Using the API Sandbox allows you to safely integrate with our API until you are ready for production.

The API Sandbox has the same endpoints for all supported operations, the same error checking and reporting, as our production environment. Likewise, it shows the same visible progress between states. The API Sandbox’s high compatibility with our production environment makes your transition to the production environment completely seamless.

You should keep in mind that the API Sandbox differs from the production environment in a few points.

  • First, there is no charge for using the API Sandbox. You can place as many sample orders as you wish.
  • Second, no real work is performed. All order statuses and transitions are just simulations: in the API Sandbox, orders move every five minutes through the workflow; likewise, all completed output files contain dummy data.
  • Finally, as stated previously, the keys you use to authenticate requests in the API Sandbox are not valid for our production environment.

Even after you have API credentials in our production environment, you can continue using the API Sandbox. For example, if you need to apply a change in your automated workflow, you may test it first with the API Sandbox.