The Rev API is a quick and simple way to help customers integrate their applications with our servers. Exposed through a minimal REST interface, it allows you to build automated workflows to place and track transcription, caption, and subtitle orders. In this guide we will talk about and give examples on the necessary steps to place an order through our API. For a detailed explanation of our API, please read the technical documents.


To get started with the API, follow these steps:

  1. Request API Sandbox access. The Sandbox environment is solely for testing purposes. When you request access, we send you an email with information you can use to test your integration with our API.
  2. Successfully integrate with the Rev API.
    1. Safely place sample orders.
    2. Monitor order status (optional).
    3. Retrieve completed files.
    4. See history (optional).
  3. Request production access. When you are ready to move forward with placing real orders, send us an email to We’ll contact you to set up billing and providing you with the security information you need to start placing orders in our production environment.