Monitoring Orders and Retrieving Files

Tracking the status of a specific order is very straightforward. Just send a GET request to /orders/[Order Number] at the end of the URL, and the Rev API will give you detailed information of a specific order.

Here is a quick example:

curl -H "Authorization: Rev [ClientApiKey]:[UserAPIKey]"

And below, the corresponding response:

   "order_number": "CP0000000000",
   "price": 10,
   "status": "In Progress",
   "priority": "Normal",
   "caption": {
      "total_length": 10,
      "total_length_seconds": 600
   "attachments": [
         "kind": "media",
         "name": "sample.mp4",
         "id": "F3heErsHAgAAAAAA",
         "video_length_seconds": 600,
         "links": [
               "rel": "content",
               "href": ""

The status of an order specifies the step at which it is located in our internal workflow process. In this example, it returned "In Progress", and it means the order is ready to be worked on. Common statuses for all order types include "In Progress", "Completed" and "Cancelled".

For a detailed description of monitoring orders, please visit