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  July 3, 2018   Reviewed by Cliente
Excellent service and very accurate
Excellent service and accurate transcription with quick turnaround. It’s not perfect of course, hence 4/5, but one day they probably will be.

  July 3, 2018   Reviewed by Gasper P.
Great User Experience
Great User Experience. Love the quick turnaround and the accuracy and neatness of the transcription format. For me, the only thing that would make it better is if the transcripts came back with page numbers and title in the header.

  June 28, 2018   Reviewed by Bill Cavill J.
Fast and Efficient
The transcript was finished and ready to go within only a couple of hours. It was a fast and efficient service. My only reservation is that there were a few small errors. These were easy to find and correct though. Overall, I was quite impressed.

  June 22, 2018   Reviewed by Barry C.
All is great
All is great. I am very happy. The quality, accuracy, cost and turnaround time. I could not give 5 because I still had to edit and make changes, but that is really unrealistic to expect. so, you deserve a 5

  June 20, 2018   Reviewed by Marisa
Good overall
Good overall, but when I was cut off due to an internet glitch while completing the order, I was unable to list some of the foreign words in the interview. After paying for a order, a customer should be able to use the "edit" feature to add these tag words.

  June 18, 2018   Reviewed by CHRIS D.
Very fast turnaround
Very fast turnaround. Accurate.

  June 6, 2018   Reviewed by Gary T.
This company has changed the way I've…
This company has changed the way I've done TV production.

  June 3, 2018   Reviewed by Nicola N.
I didn't realize I could do this if I…
I didn't realize I could do this if I clicked 'View Transcript' until today. Overall, the transcripts have been good. The only thing I'd suggest is having more accent options at upload; currently, you have Australian, and while tempted to click that to represent my New Zealand accent, they can be very different (as with South African). So please add that when you can.

  June 3, 2018   Reviewed by Timothy
Not sure why you guys are now typing in…
Not sure why you guys are now typing in " Speaker 1" for all new paragraphs. It all has to be deleted during editing. a real pain.

  May 31, 2018   Reviewed by JRLA M.
My experience so far has been less than…
My experience so far has been less than 90% accurate with transcription, even when paying for verbatim. I'd like to see it improve! Thanks for asking.

  May 21, 2018   Reviewed by Chaille B.
Quick turnaround
Quick turnaround. Fairly accurate transcription. As a business reporter, I would definitely use again.

  May 21, 2018   Reviewed by james g.
Value for money - quick and reliable
Pretty good service, fast and efficient. I'm not sure how it can be human transcribed though given how quick the turnaround was - from the copy that comes back, it looks like it's machine done and then most likely human edited but i could of course be doing Rev a disservice! But the output is good and definitely value for money. I will happily use again. thanks james

  May 18, 2018   Reviewed by Terrance S.
Did the work fast and of great quality
Did the work fast and of great quality. Im a first time film maker and will be using this company for my next film as well. I would have rated 5 stars but when I edited my subtitles i had double the lines over the edited ones. That may be my own fault but great experience and im a repeat customer.

  May 17, 2018   Reviewed by Marta Van P.
It was excellent
It was excellent. I was only slightly disappointed by a couple of them, where every sentence was a new paragraph which took me some time to clean up. Most of them had a paragraph with several sentences in it, which was more workable on my end. I also think for one of the interviews out of the 20 I sent to, the transcriber didn't check the key words I had supplied. Otherwise, incredible accuracy. thanks again. I will definitely be using again.

  May 17, 2018   Reviewed by Will-be-returning Satisfied C.
Incredibly fast turnaround
Incredibly fast turnaround, and pretty accurate. I would have given 5 stars except there were 3 spots in a total of 28 minutes that weren't entirely accurate. Not bad ratio though considering. For this particular project, speed was more important than word-for-word accuracy.

  May 16, 2018   Reviewed by Chuck W.
4 1/2 stars would be more accurate
4 1/2 stars would be more accurate! I'm a big fan of I do a lot of interviews, and the accuracy of the transcriptions is tremendous. The turnaround time has -- for the most part -- been amazingly quick. I definitely recommend working with

  May 11, 2018   Reviewed by Mitch
Good accuracy and turnaround - need more speaker distinction options
Good accuracy, quick turnaround, and I like the speaker naming feature for internal uses. My one request is to have an option to remove speaker names WITHOUT removing the distinction between the two speakers. My Rev rep suggested finding and replacing the two names, but this solution does not account for the occurrence of common names in the context of the conversation. (For instance, if I was to replace "John" with "interviewee" and then a different John comes up in the conversation, the replacement will not be accurate.) It would be awesome if I could remove speaker names, and bold the text of one speaker's comments while leaving the other unbolded, to be able to tell the difference between speakers while jumping around in the transcript. You guys have a great thing going, and if our current vendor continues backsliding, we'll be moving all our transcript needs to Rev.

  May 11, 2018   Reviewed by Tyas P.
Good result
Good result, I am happy with that

  May 4, 2018   Reviewed by Nancy M.
Good Experience Once I Was Able to Get My File Uploaded
Once I was able to upload my file in the right format, it was a fast and smooth process. I did have trouble with my WebEx file format and the Rev support staff were not helpful in giving advice on how to get it into a format their system would accept. I had to do some research myself on that. It would have been helpful to get instructions on how to convert my file. Other than that, I'm pretty happy with the result.

  April 20, 2018   Reviewed by Jon R.
the best transcription service out…
the best transcription service out there and the fastest and best value. They took away the ability for me to send special instructions to the transcriptionist which I found useful and I think they did too, so that's the reason I deducted a star. But, still very good.