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  December 6, 2014   Reviewed by Keith
RV transcription
I've used RV for over 18 mons and am generally pleased with their output. (8.75 / 10) Some technical terms need altering by me, but I expect that. Will continue to use their service (Dec 2014)

  October 10, 2014   Reviewed by Sparkle
Saves time, definitely - but had to go back and correct things.
So this definitely saves you so much time. However, I still had to go back and correct words because they were entered incorrectly, and i had 7 inaudible marks for a 22 minute segment. For the price I paid ($1.25/minute) based on the time it saved me, yes it was worth it. I just was a little bummed there were probably 10 words I caught that were entered incorrectly, and I had to go back and fix so many inaudibles.

  October 9, 2014   Reviewed by Deirdre
Thank you !
Awesome speed, service & quality especially as the interviews concerned were of Irish accents. Thank you

  October 6, 2014   Reviewed by David
Great turnaround time and accuracy - would use this product again.
Quick and easy to use. The turnaround time was quick and the transcription was very accurate with only a few minor issues.

  August 28, 2014   Reviewed by Tpau
Very very very good, but not perfect.
Hello, It's great value, it was prompt, and everything works very well indeed. I would (and will) definitely recommend. My one criticism. I am English. What I sent to be transcribed was an interview with a rugby player. There's quite a lot of "[inaudible]" marks in the transcript (NB - not loads. I am happy). Where the transcriber has failed to understand is where there are very English cultural references. "The lions tour" for example. If an English person had done this transcription it would have been better. It's still very good. But it would have been better.

  August 27, 2014   Reviewed by Christopher H.
Brilliant job
A near perfect transcription. The best one I've had the experience of receiving.

  August 26, 2014   Reviewed by John
surprisingly quick turn around, generally accurate and meet my expectations
The audio quality of audio file of a 3 person interview/conversation was sub-optimal with a lot o difficult art terminology, obscure names and slang that would stump even the greatest transcribers but the Rev transcriber did a fine job with relatively few errors considering. The turn around was much faster than I expected. Saved me a ton of work.

  August 25, 2014   Reviewed by Anthony
Good service and prompt response times
I was concerned when first using this service as I was new to transcript services, however Rev were amazing prompt response to my emails. great delivery of service and checking transcripts for continuity, they can not be faulted. even posted their link on the university Facebook page to encourage others.

  August 25, 2014   Reviewed by Antoine
Good work
Had a good experience with The service is fast BUT for the two translations (french to english) I asked for, each time, there was 1 typo on a name. The price is OK as well.

  August 19, 2014   Reviewed by Carlos E.
Very fast, minor corrections required
The general quality of the translation was good and it was done quicker than expected: 24 hours for a total of four certificates. There were two minor problems: one typo and one misplacement. These problems would certainly have no consequences, but we asked for the corrections anyway. One of them was done quickly, the other one was missed, so we required a second correction. I am taking one star off because of the extra iterations that were required, but in general I recommend the service.

  August 18, 2014   Reviewed by Brenda
Efficient and reliable!
I recently used for transcription services. I had not used their services before, but had researched their work. I couldn't be happier with the product...they were very efficient, delivered the transcript on time as promised, and the accuracy was about as close as it gets.

  August 18, 2014   Reviewed by Edward
Great service with faster than estimated turnaround time
Great service with faster than estimated turnaround time

  August 12, 2014   Reviewed by Orlando A.
I didn't like the form used on the translation. It didn't look like a translation to me at first and that worried me. I sent to the immigration and I am trusting they will be comfortable, but I think the page must be formatted evenly just like the document sent. But I loved that the translation was done so fast.

  August 8, 2014   Reviewed by JG, Life Story I.
Would you like an assistant?
Of course, you already have an assistant, it's! I sent a long file of an oral history interview to for transcription. Even though the file was challenging with the interviewer and the older interviewee occasionally speaking at the same time (!), the person did a great job with accurately capturing the words. warned me that it would take longer than the standard 48 hour turnaround time, but the file was actually delivered very close to that timeframe. Save your time- Give the project to your assistant,!

  August 8, 2014   Reviewed by Troy
Quick turn around time.
The audio was of small group work, and other groups were in the room as well. This made for a somewhat challenging transcription. Also, students often talk over each other, and mumbled off topic so as to not be recorded. It was worth the money to not have to listen to my students screw around so much when they were supposed to be doing group work.

  August 8, 2014   Reviewed by jessica
I had ten different audio files transcribed. While some of them were well done with only a few errors, others were much less accurate for clear and audible statements with entirely different words used in their place. Some of them were well labeled with page numbers, others were not. But for the cheap price compared to more expensive options, I suppose you get what you pay for.

  August 1, 2014   Reviewed by Catherine
Saved me some time - But I had to EDIT a good amount
Saved me a lot of time in transcribing the full document - but I had to go through it once w/ the audio to correct some obvious errors.

  August 1, 2014   Reviewed by Juan H.
The service is very fast, the prices are high
I get the translated document few hours after my submission. The prices are very high, maybe the normal in this kind of market, but from my point of view, very high.

  July 28, 2014   Reviewed by Rosanne
Quick turn around
Needed to find a way to transcribe digital recordings of interviews for my dissertation. I couldn't find any software that can recognize multiple voices, so I turned to on line services. Rev was the most reasonable price with a quick turn around.

  July 24, 2014   Reviewed by Nadya
The process was seamless and I received my documents in a timely fashion.
The process was seamless and I received my documents in a timely fashion.