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  November 18, 2015   Reviewed by Alex
Excellent service
I use the service regularly for transcribing earnings calls and other business events. Quality definitely differs between transcribers, but is always at a minimum very decent, and turnaround times are great. Highly recommend.

  November 16, 2015   Reviewed by Osilis
Board Meeting November5, 2015
Thank you! First time using Rev. it was easy to send and received within 48 hours. There were 2 hours of transcribing totaling 26 pages.

  November 10, 2015   Reviewed by Paul
It was fast and efficient
I submitted my order and in about 30 minutes I had them completed. The price is right. The service is fast. Errors are minimal. I Am happy with the work.

  November 5, 2015   Reviewed by Robert
Very Good - but missing on spelling.
Some of the misses were important. And they should not have been missed - they were simple. In the main, good work. Whoever reads critically and needs each word will be frustrated - as was I on occasion.

  October 7, 2015   Reviewed by Kerry
Kerry- Trial Document
We sent in one document to see how the services would be and we only found 2 minor errors! We are very happy with the outcome and have sent additional audio to be transcribed.

  October 2, 2015   Reviewed by Crystal
Good transcript, excellent turnaround, a few mistakes
It was a fast turnaround and a more or less accurate transcription. However, there were several mistakes. Overall, we are quite happy with the service.

  September 21, 2015   Reviewed by Dee
First time, but won't be the last!
Such a simple process - I am really glad I chose to transcribe a webinar. Minor edits are to be expected but they did a fantastic job!!!

  August 10, 2015   Reviewed by David
Very good first experience
Easy to use, transcript was accurate, received within 24 hours, pricing very reasonable. Looking forward to my next experience with

  August 8, 2015   Reviewed by Ladislav Š.
Smooth process, quality of the transcript can be improved
The overall User Experience was fine. Easy interface to use, notifications. At the moment I am going through the transcript. It is a good ratio (price/speed/quality) but there is a lot of space for improvement. Some sentences doesn't make sense and they are cut at places where it is not appropriate regarding the speech flow and context.

  July 17, 2015   Reviewed by Steve
Three transcriptions. First one came back so FAST I was thrilled but then became a little disenchanted with the others took the predicted time. Also took a while to figure out how to GET them. I clicked the various apparent links and did not SEE anything happen. Every time it went to my download folder but I would never have known if I hadn't checked something else and there they all were. SOMETHING should change when you click on it and "CHECK YOUR DOWNLOAD FOLDER" should show up. Otherwise nice service for the buck. SMc

  July 5, 2015   Reviewed by yaniv
Great overall. Just a few minor mistakes
I was pleasantly surprised how quick and accurate they transcribed the script. As I said only very few mistakes!

  June 26, 2015   Reviewed by Barbara
Excellent job,!
Transcribers did an excellent job with very difficult material--the sound quality was poor in many places, and cross-conversations further complicated their task. If they'd been given decent tapes this review probably would be five stars. Turnaround was even faster than promised.

  June 12, 2015   Reviewed by Rick
Very, very fast and efficient. Had a little trouble uploading mp4 file so I had to end up sending audio file. Other than that , good job.

  May 14, 2015   Reviewed by Rohit
Great. Happy with the work.

  April 30, 2015   Reviewed by Dartanian
Recent of first interviews from
The experience has been extremely positive so far. I didn't realize that you had a firm cut off of 59:59 to determine if I would receive a transcript back within 24 hours versus 48 hours. It seems I am taking good audio tapes because I only received a few inaudible comments. Other than that one surprise, I am satisfied with this process.

  April 20, 2015   Reviewed by Rochelle
Mostly good
Mostly good. Some wording was confusing, and some sentences were run-on, so, even though I'm the speaker, it took me a while to figure out the meaning.

  April 7, 2015   Reviewed by Susan
This was amazing!
I have very few changes to make and I am thoroughly satisfied with my final product!

  December 6, 2014   Reviewed by Keith
RV transcription
I've used RV for over 18 mons and am generally pleased with their output. (8.75 / 10) Some technical terms need altering by me, but I expect that. Will continue to use their service (Dec 2014)

  October 10, 2014   Reviewed by Sparkle
Saves time, definitely - but had to go back and correct things.
So this definitely saves you so much time. However, I still had to go back and correct words because they were entered incorrectly, and i had 7 inaudible marks for a 22 minute segment. For the price I paid ($1.25/minute) based on the time it saved me, yes it was worth it. I just was a little bummed there were probably 10 words I caught that were entered incorrectly, and I had to go back and fix so many inaudibles.

  October 9, 2014   Reviewed by Deirdre
Thank you !
Awesome speed, service & quality especially as the interviews concerned were of Irish accents. Thank you