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  September 28, 2016   Reviewed by Mallory
Great service. Saves me a ton of time!

  September 21, 2016   Reviewed by Peter
Turn-around time
The document turn-around time was amazing. Only small errors but understandable if there are audio issues in the track.

  September 16, 2016   Reviewed by Michelle
I'd use Rev again
The turn-around time was great and impressive. The transcription wasn't 100% accurate, but it wasn't horrible. There were only a couple words missed but it wasn't that big of a deal to me. I still would use this company for transcription services again if I needed it.

  September 16, 2016   Reviewed by Lawrence M.
Awesome and expeditiously on time. is the best place to make sure that you can get a good service.i have a good experience with them.

  September 12, 2016   Reviewed by EM
Very good job overall
I was very impressed with how fast the work was done and the general quality. Just a few small glitches -- a couple of words left out and a few minor misspellings.

  September 6, 2016   Reviewed by Christopher
Great job
The job was excuted flawless. The only issue I had was the price. Had it been cheaper I would have recommended these services to the company I work at. We would use these services on a daily basis.

  September 1, 2016   Reviewed by Mark
Transcript order
Very smooth and completed on time. No problems and very little effort required on my end.

  August 29, 2016   Reviewed by Debby
Quck turn around.
I was pleasantly surprised when I received my transcription back within 24 hours. The estimate was 3-4 days. I knew I would have to proofread and fix the spelling of difficult names and locations, but overall I am happy with the service.

  August 27, 2016   Reviewed by Sarah
Good job. Very accurate and quick

  August 26, 2016   Reviewed by Patrick
Good job
First time I've used them for a transcription job. Overall I was pretty satisfied. There was one spot where they said it was unintelligible and another spot where I wasn't quite sure they got what she said but overall I think it was pretty dang good.

  August 25, 2016   Reviewed by Deanne
Would recommend - super quick and good quality!
Such a good service for interview transcription! It was so fast and very well done that I would highly recommend to everyone! Not necessarily flawless, but I was super happy!

  August 24, 2016   Reviewed by Maureen
First time use of
Your service saved me several hours of transcribing. Thank you. While there were a few missed words and words that were hard for the transcriber to transcribe, it was a worthwhile service. Thank you.

  August 7, 2016   Reviewed by Jennifer
Quote impressed
I have tried to write up transcripts myself from audio recordings. It is really hard! What provides is a professional looking and accurate account of my group discussions. makes my research process so much easier. Sometimes the speaker identifiers get mixed up, but for my needs, this doesn't matter. Just having an accurate account of exactly what was said makes all the difference in the world in my work. And, the quick turnaround is just amazing. Thank you!

  July 26, 2016   Reviewed by Anon
Good did what they promised and I was pleased with my product. I do wish that I could have communicated personally with my transcriber and I think explaining what was going on may have been helpful/interesting. Also showing the corrections that I did have to make would improve the future transcriptions that I receive.

  July 20, 2016   Reviewed by First time u. Review
This is a valuable service since it is so hard to take good notes during conference calls. Turnaround was much faster than promised and the ordering process was incredibly easy and painless. And it's well worth the cost - price is very affordable with no hidden charges. The transcriptions were not 100% accurate though but I suspect this is due to variable audio quality, dropouts, and different voices. Honestly I don't know how the transcribers can keep up. I will definitely continue to use this service.

  July 10, 2016   Reviewed by Alice
Just what I needed.
Good quick service. Transcription was accurate. Would use them again.

  July 9, 2016   Reviewed by Marianne
Well done
Loved the 3 hour turn around time.

  July 9, 2016   Reviewed by Barbara
Very fast service
I received my 20-minute transcript within 3 hours. There were minor mistakes but easily fixed. While my recorder said 21 minutes, Rev calculated at 23 minutes.

  July 9, 2016   Reviewed by Cambiz
Surprised by the accuracy. Great job.
Very good accurate service and very speedy delivery. Thanks

  July 8, 2016   Reviewed by Lisa B.
Great turn around time!! Thank you!
Rev was able to turn around our transcriptions incredibly fast. We are a new client so it will take a little time to work out some of our "kinks" (formatting, editing, etc.) - very minor things. Over all a great experience and we will definitely continue to use them. Super fast and very reasonably priced.