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  September 16, 2018  
Greg B.
The rev app spontaneously stopped recording for the middle 25 minutes of my meeting -- it recorded the start and the end, but nothing in between. The transcription was OK for the bits where there was sound, but I just paid for someone to listen to a lot of silence and lost a lot of important content from an important meeting. I've not had this happen with other audio recorders.
  September 13, 2018  
Dan E.
Usually had no issue with them, but the last 3 weeks all my files have been late. Just got an update on my two video files for this week, an 8 minute file and a 14 minute file, 22 hours after I sent them in and got told they aren't even started yet. If you're a professional and need the promised turnaround time DO NOT use this service. They lost us as a customer even though we've been using them for over a year now. You get what you pay for.
  August 8, 2018  
Morgan G.
Never said English was only language. Got charged for nothing useful.
  July 24, 2018  
Jennifer D.
Never again. I ordered from online, never received the transcript that I paid for. Have no idea where it is or how I might find it if is posted somewhere. Waste of my $18, which isn't a lot, but as a self-employed disabled person who is trying to start earning a living is just something I can't afford.
  July 20, 2018  
Tomoko J.
Asked Family Register translation (Japanese to English) 2pages total. 4 mistakes. You will need to check carefully what they did.
  July 9, 2018  
Robert J.
Excellent service and accuracy!
  July 5, 2018  
Jeff L.
I'm reading through a transcript and it's terrible. Practically every other sentence has a spot that you've tagged as inaudible. And far too much of the transcription is simply wrong. I'm guessing you have some software program that is handling this service. But it's not handling it. This is very disappointing and not worthy of the money spent on it.
  June 19, 2018  
Martin H.
Not a good experience. Very disappointed with the app. Contacted support to cancel order, but have yet to hear from them. Cannot endorse this product or the company, and warn others to proceed with the greatest caution.
  June 7, 2018  
austin s.
so bad, wish I could get my money that was wasted. The robot doesn't work its not people that do it
  May 11, 2018  
Brianne M.
I made an order with several files. Got 2 and no follow up a week later as to why everything else was annoyed. I need to be contacted and refunded.
  March 14, 2018  
Seliat A.
Unnacceptable experience. Transcription was wholly inaccurate with incorrect words inserted and some aspects not even transcribed when they were clearly audible. I had to redo these files myself which went against the point of paying for transcription. Granted, some of the transcribed files were much better than others, very pleasing in fact, but if I remember correctly I had to make edits to every single file transcribed by Rev, which isn't reflective of the 99% accuracy they guarantee. Their money back guarantee isn't as they state- they refuse to refund your money, they say they will get things transcribed again, which defeats the purpose when trust is lost. They also state that a review of below three stars results in the Quality Assurance team getting in touch in an attempt to improve the transcription. Unfortunately, that didn't occur when I reviewed one of my files, I had to personally get in contact with the organisation to raise awareness of the situation. Nevertheless, they did reply to this.
  March 6, 2018  
Melissa A.
They are obviously using a speech-to-text conversion tool for transcription - so, some of the proofreaders pick up the conversion errors, and some don't - they don't read sentences for context, so a lot of things get missed. I had to pretty much go back through all 4 hours of my audio, and re-transcribe it myself. I also had to spend a lot of time arguing with their customer service department, who basically told me I shouldn't have used their service because they can't meet my needs (my audio files were "too complex" because there were multiple speakers). After all was said and done, working with cost me at least 10-15 hours in additional time to redo their poor quality work. I question the legitimacy of the positive ratings on this service. Super shady if you ask me. Never would use them again or recommend them to anyone. In response to rev's suggestion below that I email their support team - been there, done that. All it did was cost me additional time wasted explaining why this is unacceptable. There's no way these files are being done by human transcriptionists. I had to redo the file myself, and the audio was fine. They just weren't willing to take the time needed to produce quality results.
  December 22, 2017  
Kathy B.
Typist unable to correctly spell: its/it's, whose/who's, your/you're, lets/let's, their/they're. Since transcriptionists are professional spellers, they should be able to spell correctly. Took 6 hours to correct the transcript. Wasted $108. Offered us a $10 credit, insulting.
  December 17, 2017  
Andrew R.
Copy change was terrible.
  November 27, 2017  
I was expecting better and more complete transcription based on the site stating a 99% accuracy and could handle poor audio quality. I spent over $1,000 and expected more for what I paid.
  November 25, 2017  
Andi W.
never received my project.
  November 8, 2017  
Slipshod transcript with a multitude of mistakes. Will not use this service again.
  October 27, 2017  
Unhappy T.
My transcript must have been written by a machine. No human would make so many, dumb mistakes. Worse, whole portions of the transcribed interview were attributed to the wrong speaker. They even got the name of my company wrong at least twice in the transcript. UPDATE: The response below suggests I should use their star rating that came on the transcript. But only one of the three transcripts I received had such a system and it was not the one that was most mangled. Further, it appears to suggest that the person who handled the transcript would be punished -- I think this is more of a system failure.
  October 18, 2017  
Heidi H.
I cannot work with the formatting. I asked to have it not used, and agreed. Then the formatting I requested not be used, was used. I asked for it to be removed. They said no. I will not be using them again. The formatting is impossible to work with and is very challenging and time consuming to undo (and mostly won't come undone). Editors I work with complain. It's a real problem.
  August 11, 2017  
Could not get consistent format on translations, contacted support and was basically told that was the way it is. They offer custom formatting on the website but can't match format between to similar documents. As I am not happy with my order and was not resolved I am giving them 1 star.