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  September 14, 2018  
Wendi S.
Fast. Accurate. Reliable. Saves me a ton of time!
  September 14, 2018  
Jayme H.
So quick & accurate. Thank you for a wonderful service.
  September 13, 2018  
Dave M.
Best accuracy of any transcriptionists I've used. The online editor is also useful, especially if you order time stamps. During plt highlights every word as they say it in the recording.
  September 11, 2018  
Ashleigh D.
Amazing! The transcripts were in so fast and they have been very impressive
  September 11, 2018  
SpyFu paid s.
Transcriptions are accurate, turn around is often faster than expected, pricing is fair.
  September 10, 2018  
Peter S.
Excellent Service Accurate transcription system really easy to use and work with Thank You!
  September 10, 2018  
Tim G.
Always fast, always accurate, always good value
  September 8, 2018  
Tom R.
Quick and accurate! Great job.
  September 7, 2018  
Crystal B.
Efficient! Fast! Well done! Thank you!
  September 7, 2018  
Fast turnaround and flawless accuracy! I have recommended to many others!
  September 7, 2018  
Joshua P.
They are amazing. I'm a student journalist and Rev has helped me save a lot of time. They have my transcriptions ready in under an hour. It helps when you're on a time crunch.
  September 6, 2018  
Fast, accurate, well priced transcription. Very satisfied.
  September 6, 2018  
Karen H.
Quick, easy and accurate
  September 5, 2018  
good good good good good good good good good good good good
  September 5, 2018  
Heather A.
I've used them for subtitles on my you tube videos and the service is quick and super accurate
  September 5, 2018  
abdulmohsen i.
I love it they are professional
  September 4, 2018  
Criminal defense l.
Got my transcript in less than 5 minutes. Accuracy was amazing. Am using from now on.
  September 3, 2018  
Mary R.
Quality work. Turnaround is so quick.
  September 2, 2018  
I used the phone app to record and send off the recording for transcription. It was fast and easy. I got my full transcription two hours later. I was blown away by the fast timing. Looking over the words, it was spot on as well! I will definitely continue to use this app/service. It's great.
  August 31, 2018  
Natasha B.
I love Rev. It's always quick, accurate and affordable.