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  April 12, 2013   Reviewed by Anais-Flora A.
I had a great experience
They helped me translate my document. I had the possibility to track my order which was returned in a timely manner

  April 11, 2013   Reviewed by Cory E.
Documents for Government
This site helped me get the intended certified translated documents with in 24hrs.

  April 11, 2013   Reviewed by Val N.
Fast and Furious :)
I needed a Certified Translation and I waited until the last minute.... I was really worried that I wouldn't get them on time. I saw Rev offered 24hr turn around and they delivered a great result. I made a mistake on my submission and they contacted me right away so that I could fix it and no time was wasted. I had a perfect translation within hours. I am very pleased with and I recommend it.

  April 11, 2013   Reviewed by Michael S.
Not just good...THE BEST
We are a small boutique web design and video production studio and definitely do not have staff that can be dedicated to transcribing the audio on our productions. if we did more scripted projects we would not have a need like this but asking non-pros to memorize lines and then deliver them in a believable manner is just not going to happen. We re-purpose our projects to optimize them in other areas so we need solid transcription services. I have had other services do this for us and with the time it took to go through the transcription correcting grammar, punctuation and the inevitable "too or to", "you're or your" and "their or there" I might have just done it myself. There were even times where the transcription was so confusing that I had to take the time, pull up the video file and try and make sense out of it. has taken all of my video and usually the next day I have the transcription in my in-box. (Full disclosure my videos are usually under six minutes). The first few transcriptions that I received from I started my usual process and when finished I shouted out to my partner "Three projects and no mistakes!!!" I will not use any other service and wholeheartedly recommend them. They are affordable, fast and most important accurate. Use you will not be disappointed.

  April 11, 2013   Reviewed by sam s.
Excellent service. Blew me away with thoroughness and timeliness. Must use!!!
I used the service to transcribe interviews I did with company CEOs. Great quality o transcription. Capturing difficult medical concepts well. Excellent service.

  April 11, 2013   Reviewed by Bianca C.
Fast and Inexpensive!!
Rev is much more cost effective than other transcription companies in Canada. And their website it easy to use. Turn around time is fast. Bianca (Vancouver, Canada)

  April 11, 2013   Reviewed by Steven P.
So easy and convenient it makes me want to talk more !
This is a great service and they do a great job for a very fair price.....and quickly!

  April 11, 2013   Reviewed by Robin L.
Quick and easy
Very good customer service. Quick turn around time. Recommend the company totally.

  April 11, 2013   Reviewed by Agustin W.
Just excellent.
Just excellent++++++++++++++++++++++

  April 11, 2013   Reviewed by Alex
Just what I needed: on demand, fast, and high quality of presentation
Just what I needed: on demand, fast, and high quality of presentation.

  April 11, 2013   Reviewed by Natasha L.
Fantastic Work
I am very satisfied with the typed up transcript for my school project. It was very helpful to me, and saved lots of time.

  April 11, 2013   Reviewed by Michael S.
Fast turn around and quality transcription
They did a good quality transcription (better than some other services that I have tried). One time they couldn't do due to poor sound quality of video and they gave me refund. Great guys.

  April 11, 2013   Reviewed by Vincent V. is all that it advertises to be -- accurate, fast, and easy to use.
I am very pleased with It is accurate, the delivery of transcribed documents is quick and the application is easy to use. It is reasonably priced, but I would like to see some kind of a discount for longer documents or a volume of orders.

  April 11, 2013   Reviewed by John B.
Excellent and professional transcription service
Dealing with the staff at was easy and comfortable. They did exactly what they promised: Prompt accurate transcription of my client audio files at a very good price. I would definitely recommend them.

  April 11, 2013   Reviewed by Craig S.
Great service. Fast and accurate at a good price. Would defiantly use them again.

  April 11, 2013   Reviewed by John M. is fast, accurate and cool!
What a great discovery. Now I can send an audio file on a weekend or late-night, and a couple days later, POOF, the transcription appears. Great response time and accurate!

  April 11, 2013   Reviewed by Gail C.
Great service and product
I just needed a quick few words translated in two languages. The turnaround time was quick, the price was good and translation accurate. I found by searching on Google and was quite happy with how easy they made the experience.

  April 11, 2013   Reviewed by KAte
Great service for transcribing interviews! Fast!
Shortens the time it takes to complete chapter 4!

  April 11, 2013   Reviewed by Greg J.
Rev always does a great job with quick turnaround!
The whole process is very simple and user friendly, a great experience overall.

  April 11, 2013   Reviewed by Renato De M.
Excelent service, right on time, fair price