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  July 27, 2013   Reviewed by raybo
Great job. My transcription had background clutter and they still hit high accuracy. And, the turnaround time was great

  July 26, 2013   Reviewed by Robyn
Fantastic service - wish I had known about it years ago!
A friend recommended and I tried it for the first time last week. I now have 7,500 words transcribed from recordings that will form the introduction and first chapter of my new book. Knowing that I don't have to spend hours typing this up myself or dictating the book through Dragon has opened up huge possibilities for me as to how and where I get this done - and my book will be completed much more quickly as a result. Thank you for offering such a fantastic service at such a reasonable fee.

  July 26, 2013   Reviewed by MatV
Great work
Great work, delivered on time.

  July 26, 2013   Reviewed by Brandon
Great service
Accurate and easy to use. Great explanation for my question and translation from English to Japanese. Would use again in the future if needed

  July 26, 2013   Reviewed by stephanie
Very easy to use and fast service
The website was easy to use and understand. It was very simple to upload and pay for the transcription. Once the files were uploaded the website immediately calculated the cost. I uploaded 8 separate files of over an hour and a half of recordings and had all transcriptions back in less than 24 hours. My recordings were transcribed very well, with no mistakes. I would definitely recommend this service.

  July 26, 2013   Reviewed by Steve B. Miami F.
fast and effortless reliable service
I called many translation services who offered higher prices and even longer wait times. Glad I found REV. Will use them from now on without hesitation. Thanks REV.

  July 26, 2013   Reviewed by George Latamore, Freelance W.
Very useful but imperfect
Having these transcriptions with the fat turn around time and at a price that I as a freelancer can afford is a great advantage. They run about 90%-95% accurate, however, but correcting them against the recording takes a fraction of the time and energy of doing the transcription manually. And it gives me greater familiarity of the material just before I am writing the story. For instance, in the latest transcription "horizontal" became "horse schedule" several times. I see these errors, obviously because this is a machine transcription, commonly. But overall I love the service. It has made a huge difference in my work and is well worth the price. Keep up this good work.

  July 26, 2013   Reviewed by Zachary
An Awesome Experience!
I was a new customer and did not know what to expect. After a couple hours, I was emailed a few follow-up questions regarding my order. After I responded, imagine my surprise when I received a reply only a few minutes later! I was so impressed with the customer service. And my documents were prepared quickly and without errors after a few hours. Thank you!

  July 26, 2013   Reviewed by Tammie
Absolutely Fabulous!! is a great way to quickly transcribe. It was easy to use and the staff was friendly and helpful.

  July 26, 2013   Reviewed by Renato V.
Excellent service!!!! Thanks
Great job!!! thanks very much for your help with mi diploma translation.

  July 26, 2013   Reviewed by Shanna
Fast and accurate
Excellent job. I am truly impressed

  July 26, 2013   Reviewed by Tina
quick service and easy to use!

  July 25, 2013   Reviewed by Lindsay
I can't believe I ever did transcription myself
Great. Faster than quoted and near perfect transcription. Nicely laid out.

  July 25, 2013   Reviewed by satisfied qualitative r. turns transcripts around at amazingly fast rates with precision accuracy!
I am extremely satisfied with They returned my transcriptions must faster than I expected (often within 24 hours) with minimal errors. Their competitive rates plus speedy turn around time hooked me! I am and will continue to highly recommend to my friends and colleagues.

  July 24, 2013   Reviewed by ALEXANDROS
no reservations, I would recommend this company to anyone.

  July 24, 2013   Reviewed by Tyra
Fast & Reliable
I have used Rev twice now for my dissertation research. Both times were for a focus group with 8 participants! And I received the transcripts within ~ 72 hours AND Rev didn't charge extra for multiple speakers like Quick Transcription does. I have already recommended Rev to several colleagues, and will use them again for my individual interviews!

  July 24, 2013   Reviewed by Jamie
Professional accuracy and timely completion is appreciated.
I really appreciate the speed and accuracy of this service. The price is right, too.

  July 23, 2013   Reviewed by usman
on point
fast - easy - accurate , no fine prints.

  July 23, 2013   Reviewed by Mike
Amazing. So efficient.
This is simply an amazing app. So efficient.

  July 23, 2013   Reviewed by Christopher
Fast, efficient and low cost - Beat the competition every time!!!
I asked for quotes for my interpretation order from 5 other companies and nobody else came close to matching your price - they were three times greater or more! Thanks so much for a speedy processing and return. Terrific customer service. I will us e your company again... to be sure!