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  March 10, 2017  
Have had them do several files for us to close caption. Too easy to accidentally order a transcript than a CC file. When this happens, you have to pay again, place the order again, no correcting of accidents.
  March 10, 2017  
Thank you for the quick and reliable service!
  March 5, 2017  
bravoFacts &info are correct. Perfect. Bravo
  March 5, 2017  
Very fast turnaround
  March 4, 2017  
The transcription was largely great. I had to clean up industry terms which is completely understandable. Overall, would use this service again.
  March 2, 2017  
I have only used Rev once but I had an excellent experience - from customer service questions about Non-disclosure agreement info to the speed and accuracy of the transcription itself! I am quite pleased. I also got the app. For my IPhone.
  February 24, 2017  
It was fast, it was furious, it was accurate. Here's the reason it wasn't all five stars (and it's possible the fault was my own): the transcribers couldn't make sense of the names of local towns and streets -- perhaps they should be given such information (the basic character of what they're transcribing or some such).
  February 19, 2017  
Great but with some typeos.
  February 14, 2017  
It was very easy to submit my video and I received my transcript very quickly!
  February 11, 2017  
This was my first opportunity to use REV and this was my test recording. It worked very well and I had the transcript in 38 minutes. It was well done and free from error.
  January 29, 2017  
Bob S.
I was impressed with the turnaround speed and accuracy of the transcription services provided. Kudos!
  January 25, 2017  
All orders took around 24 hours and had errors. Generally fast and accurate enough but would be happier if under 12 hours and completely accurate
  January 17, 2017  
Only a few recurring mistranscriptions, and an incredible turnaround rate. totally didn't expect to get my documents this fast.
  December 23, 2016  
What a live saver. I heard about Rev from a fellow researcher and I received prompt and accurate service.
  December 13, 2016  
My boss often records emails and articles. This is a great way to get them on to paper in a short time so that I can work on other things.
  December 5, 2016  
Peter G.
This was very easy to set up an account and get the first job lodged with them. The transcription was accurate and delivered quickly.
  December 1, 2016  
Shawn A.
Wow if they would have came up with this idea a long time ago it would have saved me a lot of heartache...!!!
  November 3, 2016  
I found Rev to be very fairly priced and their turnaround to be extremely quick. The transcription itself wasn't perfect, but pretty good considering the person transcribing probably wasn't familiar with the industry contained in the audio.
  October 31, 2016  
mt has been a lifesaver in terms of processing my research data. The only slight drawback -- and I say "slight" because they have done their best even with recordings that contain a lot of crosstalk -- is that they have some trouble transcribing multi-party speech events. For ethnographic researchers, naturally occurring speech is our bread-and-butter, and while I understand it is challenging and more time consuming than one-on-one interviews, it would be great if developed this part of their service through specially trained transcriptionists. (That said, I don't know how many recordings like this they get; maybe it's not cost-effective for them.) I want to reiterate that they've done a great job with the transcriptions I've requested, but this also required some special communication with them ahead of time asking to please not reject my recordings due to overlapping, multi-party speech. If the comment box for submitting transcripts were more visible and accessible, this might also help in guiding transcriptionists and, for example, reassuring them that they need not worry about stretches of the recording where many people are talking at once. Finally, I would love it if transcribed Spanish language data, but this service is not available! Thanks for all the good work you're doing.
  October 25, 2016  
Review transcript Vocie message good job I woukd use it again the only thing was in audible the child was screaming and crying I wish they put that in .but otherwise great job