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  September 25, 2017  
Mel K.
great experience, quick and good value.
  September 25, 2017  
Daren M.
Pluses: Fee structure and payment user friendly Great turn-around time Results user friendly Deltas: Universal formatting needed (speaker 1, speaker 2, etc.) Do not identify formal names of speaker unless requested. My study is supposed to be anonymous. Some misspellings
  September 22, 2017  
David K.
Timely and, with rare exception, high quality transcriptions.
  September 22, 2017  
Alessio P.
Very good. Very Fast. Very good client service. Just some type mistakes in captioning...due to not English mother tongue speakers. It would be appreciated captions from other languages to English and a conversion from txt files to set files.
  September 22, 2017  
Robyn M.
This is a fantastic service! Aside from a few minor spelling errors, everything was perfect. It saved me tons of time.
  September 15, 2017  
Patrick M.
Super fast and very affordable! Easy to use site. Actual transcript was decent - few little errors.
  September 7, 2017  
Duane C.
I had to do some clean-up work, most words misspelled were hard to understand, but some were not. I'll definitely use Rev again.
  September 7, 2017  
Horacio S.
Impressively quick turnaround, pretty decent pricing (though could be a tad more competitive on that front) hut some wobbles when it comes to proper nouns. That said, the speakers have all had some form of accent (doesn't everyone though?) hence some funny missteps, such as "Darwinism" for "Taoism."
  September 1, 2017  
Owen G.
Good service. Very useful. Sometimes production of transcripts hangs without any feedback. But I use it all the time for anything but high value immediate transcriptions then I use another higher-priced but more consistent service.
  August 21, 2017  
Joe B.
Rev has provided great captions at an affordable price. For the most part the captions are fairly accurate, but depending on who is doing the captioning, sometimes I need to do a final edit to correct any errors, either in grammar or vocabulary specific to my type of work. Even when I upload a reference document with the specific vocabulary used, it doesn't always get used and I have to edit the captions anyways. I'm usually only working on videos under 5 minutes, but on the occasion I work on longer video I do need to spend more time making sure the captions are accurate. But the overall time I spend on that is significantly shorter than it would take me to caption on my own, so either way Rev saves me a lot of time, which is much appreciated. I recommend Rev to anyone else in my field of Higher Education video producers as a huge time-saver.
  August 14, 2017  
Rebecca D.
There were a few small errors throughout, although most made me laugh rather than grimace! Great, fast service. Will definitely use this service again. Saved me hours of pain.
  August 10, 2017  
Pamela B.
Fast, reliable, accurate (with just a few exceptions). Good customer support.
  August 10, 2017  
Debby W.
Super Fast!! Missed a few (important) words in the translation... but overall, GREAT job!!!
  August 4, 2017  
shoko Y.
very satisfied. completed in a few hours. very easy transaction process. and great customer service. I will definitely use it again.
  August 4, 2017  
It's a great platform. I also wish consistency with time. Sometimes it takes super long for a short video or super short for a long video. Also, I just there was more "real" technical support with people that really knew about resolution and wrapping of files.
  July 31, 2017  
Very fast and better accuracy than expected. Will use again.
  July 18, 2017  
Very good almost perfect. There were a few misspelled words but it was way more efficient than if I would have transcribed it myself. Two thumbs up.
  July 17, 2017  
Linda S. saved my situations. They were very timely and pretty accurate. I am writing my dissertation and needed interviews transcribed. THANK YOU!
  July 14, 2017  
Kate D.
Great job! Love your service. Great results and fast turnaround.
  July 9, 2017  
Angelo V.
Solid Service. Well-formatted transcripts. Good turn-around times. Captures most - if not all - relevant details with few omissions. Only thing I'd like to see improved is more custom options/settings for individual transcripts and orders (Ex. for transcript #3, start transcribing at 00:03:02) vs account-wide settings.