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  August 28, 2013   Reviewed by Ron O.
Fast Turn Around
I made the recording and submitted it at night when I woke up it was in the inbox on my computer with no errors highly recommend for their fast and accurate service will definitely use them on future projects

  August 27, 2013   Reviewed by chayden
The turn around time is awesome. I cannot speak to the accuracy at this time because I have not reviewed the transcripts, but I feel there will not be an issue. I will be more thank happy to provide another review after I review the transcripts in about a month.

  August 26, 2013   Reviewed by Tyler
Just what I needed
Fast, professional, accurate and super-simple to use. This service is going to save me lots of time in the future!

  August 23, 2013   Reviewed by Dominique
Good service
I have been using their service for several translation in the past. These are always well done, accurate, fast. I still recommend to check it, the only issue I had is the the cover letter certifying their translation was for someone else's documents. I'm glad I caught it as I need this for a lawyer. I would recommend them without a doubt, and keep using them in the future. We are all humans and a mistake is possible and they do recommend you check the translated document.

  August 23, 2013   Reviewed by Luisana
Irá a very Good Services but a litle spencive
Irá a very Good service.

  August 23, 2013   Reviewed by Jose
I like this service and I will use it again, but the restrictions about pricing should be more clear.
I am satisfied with the professionalism showed by Rev associates on the phone and through email. My only observation is that when I saw the prices per page and I place the order online it wasn't clear to me the restrictions about the density of the text and the amount of word and numbers covered by the offered price. It is an unpleasant experience receiving an email telling you that your order has a remaining balance and that the service you already contracted is actually more expensive. I would recommend to make that possibility more clear from the beginning in order to improve the customer experience. Other than that, I find very helpful.

  August 22, 2013   Reviewed by Feng
The translation service is good and fast
The translation is very fast and the documents looks very formal.

  August 18, 2013   Reviewed by Emilie G.
Very reliable service
Very reliable service, good prices, good customer contact - all good except for one glitch: the translator had included in my translation package a document which was not mine. A pretty bad infringement on privacy of a client's documents.

  August 18, 2013   Reviewed by Emily
Prompt, accurate
I turned my 1 hour audio recording in on Thursday morning and received the full transcript by Friday afternoon. It was easily readable and mostly accurate. Will definitely be coming back when I need more audio transcriptions.

  August 18, 2013   Reviewed by Discover
Nervous First Time Customer, Happy with the Outcome.
This was my first time using the transcription service, and I didn't have a colleague who had used your company as a referral, so I was a little nervous. I had originally selected another company as their rates were more compatible with what I had been paying, but they only accepted credit card, not PayPal so I went with your company instead as I trust Pay Pal. Having my first transcript returned in less than the quoted 48 hours and of a high quality, I was extremely happy with the end product. I submitted two more. The rating is a 4 rather than a 5 only because of the price. The service/quality was just fine.

  August 15, 2013   Reviewed by A frequent u.
Excellent job, delivered much earlier than expected (grateful!)
Well done. I use this service to transcribe interviews that I use to write short articles for trade publications. They do a good job. I asked if I could pay extra to expedite this particular interview. They don't offer such service now, but they were aware of my request and turned it around in under 24 hours. Good quality work as well.

  August 14, 2013   Reviewed by Eric
Great price for the service
I needed a certified translation of a brazilian birth certificate for USCIS. I loved the fact that I could just upload a photograph and they would do the rest. Their price was 1/4 of the one I got through another well-known website. I work at a startup as well, so I decided to give a shot. Exactly 1 hour and 9 minutes after I place the order, the tranlation was ready!! Very quick! I went through all of the doc just to make sure. They went into high details of the document, including the holographic stamps and all, which was great. Still, they forgot to add some basic information regarding the text itself, not the stamps. I was a little surprised when I found out about that. I mean, considering their level of detail, I wasn't expecting them to miss out those words. Also, this was kind of big: the name was typed wrong. They skipped a letter on the first name, so the whole document was invalid because it was for, let's say, another person. I wrote down all the mistakes and explained everything in detail to them on an e-mail. I called them just to see if they received the e-mail. I spoke with Brianna, who was very kind. She e-mailed me a couple of minutes later with a reply from the team of translators. I got the doc back a couple of hours later. Some of the mistakes consisted in missing lines and missing info. Hence, the second surprise: when they corrected and added the missing lines, the doc lost some of its formatting, since some content from the second page was pushed into a third one. I was hoping they would correct that formatting after fixing the missing lines issue. It's bad when you see someone fix something but break another because of the fix. That shouldn't happen. Still, for the price and the time, they deserve 4 stars.

  August 11, 2013   Reviewed by Sheena
Great site to use but the only thing i dont like is you charge a full dollar if a video is 1 second over.
Great service, very fast and great transcription the only thing i dont like is if my video is 2 minutes and 1 second long, you immediately charge $3 which i think is not fair other than that you guys are great

  August 8, 2013   Reviewed by Thomas
Very happy with accuracy and speed of service!
Quick turnaround and really easy to work with the site and upload media. Also when I have had questions they are very quick to respond.

  August 5, 2013   Reviewed by Gloria
Excellent customer service! Had some technical issues.
The customer service was excellent, but there were some technical issues that arose during the uploading process. Everything was handled quickly and professionally though, but the technical side of things could have gone a bit smoother.

  August 4, 2013   Reviewed by Philip
Speedy translation service offering desired quality and certification is easy to use and transparent on its pricing policy. Very responsive to questions/challenges and ultimately able to turn around a quick translation at the desired level of quality. I definitely recommend them for quick turn-around translation of visa or other governmental related documents.

  August 3, 2013   Reviewed by Will
Positive experience overall
Quick turnaround time, and easy to use Translators made a spelling error on a person's name, and it required some extra effort on my part for it to be corrected

  August 3, 2013   Reviewed by Kate
So fast!
I will definitely use this service -- what a find

  August 3, 2013   Reviewed by Troy
First of two transcripts on order stellar, second not quite as stellar but very nearly so
Really excellent service, especially turn-around! Less than 48 hours for two interviews totalling over 2 hours 10 mins. I was shocked after uploading reference videos late in the day to find the first transcript completed and waiting early the next morning. The only thing that prevents me from awarding 5 stars this time is a need for a few more corrections on the second of the two scripts completed (Ken) that I didn't think should have slipped by with such frequency as they did. Mostly it was still stellar, but just a few more 'misses' than normal. There were some misses that were due to either strange location names or trade names pertaining to the industry, but I'm not considering those. What I am referring to are the general, 'everyday vocabulary' misses. Still excellent by all means, and we'll be back for sure.

  July 31, 2013   Reviewed by Xiaojing
quick and good follow up
I received quick feedback and follow up to update the description. It is Easy to use the website.