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  September 15, 2013  
Thanks for this service! I was impressed with the turnaround and will definitely use it again. My transcription had some errors in it and I had to listen back to the tape myself to correct them, but it still saved me a great deal of time so thanks for that!
  September 12, 2013  
The Kiwi accent is a tricky one if you are not familiar with it so I was very pleased how accurate the transcription was. Turnaround was 24 hours too which was faster than I had expected. Definitely using them again.
  September 12, 2013  
Thank you for the translation, work was excellent. The idea of ​​fast translation using Web sites beautiful ,but the cost of translating the paper to expensive.
  September 9, 2013  
it's transcribing - how hard could it be? Well, after using another less savvy company, I learned it can be. under promised, and over delivered. One star off for not being able to add burned in time code to transcription.
  September 8, 2013  
I like working with rev translation... your order is done fast..and the translation is accurate and reliable...
  September 7, 2013  
I Will recommende rev to a friend
  September 5, 2013  
Turnaround time was great and the website is very easy to use. The price is quite competitive as well -- though I do wonder if that slightly decreases the quality -- according to a fluent speaker within the organization, edits to elevate the level from familiar to professional/formal were necessary. Given the price, it seems that we certainly got a good deal but I wouldn't use this service without having a native/fluent staff member to check the work.
  September 4, 2013  
The transcription was complete and fairly accurate even thiugh there were several places noted as insudible. Not sure if was my speaking, the use of unusual words and technical words, and/or the transcriber was not a native english speaker. I am satisfied with the transcription effort and will continue to use this service. It is a cost effective savings to both time and money.
  September 2, 2013  
The only inconvenience was that they took more time that I expected in the beginning because the document that I provided them wasn't clear, They did not notify me, they did it just when I asked them. After I provided a high resolution copy they were really fast and the quality of the translation was pretty good.
  August 31, 2013  
One happy researcher :)
  August 29, 2013  
The website is easy to use. The wait time is minimum. No mistakes. I will use them again.
  August 29, 2013  
For the most part the transcription was accurate. The turn around time was delivered as promised. I plan to use the services for my next project.
  August 28, 2013  
Ron O.
I made the recording and submitted it at night when I woke up it was in the inbox on my computer with no errors highly recommend for their fast and accurate service will definitely use them on future projects
  August 27, 2013  
The turn around time is awesome. I cannot speak to the accuracy at this time because I have not reviewed the transcripts, but I feel there will not be an issue. I will be more thank happy to provide another review after I review the transcripts in about a month.
  August 26, 2013  
Fast, professional, accurate and super-simple to use. This service is going to save me lots of time in the future!
  August 23, 2013  
I have been using their service for several translation in the past. These are always well done, accurate, fast. I still recommend to check it, the only issue I had is the the cover letter certifying their translation was for someone else's documents. I'm glad I caught it as I need this for a lawyer. I would recommend them without a doubt, and keep using them in the future. We are all humans and a mistake is possible and they do recommend you check the translated document.
  August 23, 2013  
Irá a very Good service.
  August 23, 2013  
I am satisfied with the professionalism showed by Rev associates on the phone and through email. My only observation is that when I saw the prices per page and I place the order online it wasn't clear to me the restrictions about the density of the text and the amount of word and numbers covered by the offered price. It is an unpleasant experience receiving an email telling you that your order has a remaining balance and that the service you already contracted is actually more expensive. I would recommend to make that possibility more clear from the beginning in order to improve the customer experience. Other than that, I find very helpful.
  August 22, 2013  
The translation is very fast and the documents looks very formal.
  August 18, 2013  
Emilie G.
Very reliable service, good prices, good customer contact - all good except for one glitch: the translator had included in my translation package a document which was not mine. A pretty bad infringement on privacy of a client's documents.