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  April 12, 2013   Reviewed by tnnk
Great transcripting
This is a great transcript service that I use often. Sometimes they require a little guidance with jargon but it's picked up quickly. Good turn around time and affordable.

  April 12, 2013   Reviewed by Daniella Z.
Great service and time delivary was as expected.
Excellent service.

  April 12, 2013   Reviewed by Garrick C.
A very efficient and helpful service..
I was completely surprised with the speed with which my recording was transcribed. Accuracy could be a little better, and the differences among the transcriptionists is noticeable. A sngle proofreader could ensure that the separate tapes follow the same style, identify the same speakers, and so forth. The price is a great bargain.

  April 11, 2013   Reviewed by Emmanouil S.
Great and speedy service
A very convenient service. Fast and accurate and with great customer service. The price is a bit on the high side but I guess we pay for the convenience of doing everything on line...