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  February 1, 2014  
Pierre M.
well done!!! but for a 5 stars rate, i would appreciated if i had the whole price of my order feom the beginning. Because you reevaluate my order (for his size in term of words). But it would have been better if i knew from the beginning how much exactly i was supposed to pay.
  January 31, 2014  
Ben C.
I had two 1.3 hour interviews that I needed transcribed. I submitted them on Sunday and received the transcriptions on Monday. I was incredibly pleased with the turn-around time. I went through and read the transcriptions while listening to the recordings. The first transcription was almost perfect. I'd say 99% accurate. The second transcription was a less perfect. I'd say it was around 94% accurate. In both cases the mistakes were minor, there were just more of them in the second transcription. Overall, I was very happy and would use them again.
  January 28, 2014  
Rev produced a surprisingly accurate transcription of my 5 party meeting, despite pretty poor quality, low volume audio. There were occasional mistakes with homophones eg "Motion was past", but great identification of speakers and good contextual inference for many business terms.
  January 27, 2014  
Transcribing is never an easy endeavor. For the price, I was pleased. With greater familiarity with the project, I think the contextual framework that the transcriber had would be stronger. I mean let's face it, they're thrown the audio out of nowhere and the subject matter could deal with anything. There were a couple of mis-hears, but nothing major.
  January 21, 2014  
Fast and easy, the website is well done. I had no issue to download my files. Good job to REV
  January 19, 2014  
S. B.
I'm happy to find the services of I was a first-time user of such a service. It saved me a lot of time transcribing some videos. The transcription for the most part was great. There were a couple spots in the some of the videos were I felt there could have been more attention to the transcription - It's not perfect. For my needs it was sufficient.
  January 17, 2014  
Quickly, professional and affordable service.
  January 16, 2014  
Great service, quick and precise service. However, missed 1 line and 1 number in my translation. I recommend the service but with precaution. Definitely would use them again.
  January 15, 2014  
Good service. Translators need to review the text before sending back to customers. There were some minor typos that could be avoided. Very fast service ! Recommended !
  January 15, 2014  
I recommend highly for American English conversation, but not for English conversation with the speaker having heavy European and Chinese accent. Would be better if there were options to rate each transcriber, since quality is not consistent and I would like to send applause to those who did VERY well.
  January 14, 2014  
They had some small issues with my audio - they let me know really quickly, and when I worked that out with them they turned around the transcriptions in a great timeframe. I use them for all this type of stuff.
  January 13, 2014  
Marie N.
Rev services are very fast. I got my translated document in less than 24 hours.
  January 11, 2014  
When I saw on my email that you sent it a few hours I really unbelievable. So great! In other hand when I read unfortunately have one problem. In Brazil use the name "Servico Social" but here use "Social Work" not Social Service like sent me. I don't have problem with it in the time because it's only for my school, but I can't use for example for apply to work or license. However I like the facility and faster than you. Thank you.
  January 10, 2014  
Translations are done fast and accurate. Process to request and get translations is very simple only setback is that after i rquest a translation an additional payment is requested because it is not amount of pages but amount of words so i end up paying 1 or 2 additional pages.
  January 10, 2014  
A job done quickly and efficiently at a good price.
  January 10, 2014  
I'm a publicist and needed to have a Vanity Fair article translated from spanish to english. The translation was perfect and completed within 24 hours. Will use again.Thanks
  January 9, 2014  
Great service, double checking, and very quick transcription after solving tech problems. Affordable and will definitnely use them again.
  January 9, 2014  
a bit pricy but quick
  January 8, 2014  
I've just tried out to see how the service would work for us. We generate 5 minute videos every week and need them transcribed. The 1st 4 transcription I tried out came back promptly. I checked them for accuracy and found that they were 95% accurate. With a tiny little bit more attention they could be 100%! I'm very happy with the service and will start using it regularly.
  January 7, 2014  
Randy Farmer, cohost of the Social Media Clarity P. is quick, inexpensive, and very high quality. The one occasion I had a problem, it was immediately resolved to my satisfaction. I plan to continue using this service to transcribe my podcast as long as we keep producing episodes.