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  March 1, 2014  
Quite simple, not much trouble and very easy is exactly how I would rate's translation service. However, it is a bit pricey at $27 USD per page.
  February 26, 2014  
I've worked with Fox Translation to translate several documents for me but when I saw that it is new company now, I wasn't sure what to expect. I have to say they were very responsive to my needs and fixed the minor error that I brought to their attention in very quickly. I'll continue to use Rev for all my translation needs.
  February 26, 2014  
I was pleasantly surprised and happy with the same day return and the accuracy of the translation. I was initially very upset when I did some more research and found that the 24 hr guarantee they advertise is only for certain languages within a page limit (and this isn't publicized anywhere except if you bother to go look at the FAQ). Just a reminder that everyone should do research before spending money on anything. But the quality of the service ameliorates this complaint and I would highly recommend this translation service. A clarification on their front page for their guarantees would also be nice, although considering that mine was not a language on the guarantee and still came back in less than 12 hrs, I wonder if they should even bother making the distinction that some languages will take longer on their FAQ.
  February 23, 2014  
I use a lot of translating services and found your speed in getting the translated documents back to me very efficient
  February 23, 2014  
The last transcription I had was really fast and very accurate for a one-hour interview on a specialist topic. Thanks to the transcriptionist!
  February 22, 2014  
Very very fast, quality is high but not perfect
  February 21, 2014  
This site provides very fast transcription service at a low cost, with no additional charge for additional speaker. I would recommend this site, though there are a number of inaudible words which was quite clear to me and friends, nevertheless, a good service.
  February 21, 2014  
Ordered certified translations of 5 Russian certificates for USCIS. Everything was done within 12 hours with high quality. Good job! The only problem that it is not clear how to wipe out PII data if I don't want to trust it to anymore. Otherwise 5 stars.
  February 20, 2014  
Jon T.
Rev's turnaround time was very good and the quality was good. I was very happy with the reasonable price for the amount of work involved! This saved me so much time.
  February 20, 2014  
I got my document back in a few hours. I found a little mistake and ask if they could fix it. And again they answered me quickly and I got the document back with the changes. Thank for the great work.
  February 19, 2014  
I used this website first time. Everything was ready literally next day. Very nice customer support over the phone. I recommend!! Thank you
  February 17, 2014  
Your service is overall good; I did find numerous errors during my proof reading of the transcripts. nothing major, just some issues that would have changed the meaning of the answer in some cases. they were easily corrected and not fatal. I will continue to use your service for its convenience, efficiency, and good value.
  February 14, 2014  
Washington Youth G.
We're a small nonprofit and can't afford expensive translations services. I speak Spanish, but am not confident translating a waiver form. Rev helped solve that issue by being low-cost and quality (I can tell it wasn't run through google translator!). One helpful aspect would be to clarify exactly what a certified copy means. Does it mean that Rev is liable for a bad translation? I am fine with paying extra for it, but am not really sure who is certifying it...
  February 13, 2014  
Juan R.
Hi, I would like you to do one correction on the translation . Mother Maternal last Name Is: Haeussler (is not Hacussler)
  February 10, 2014  
My document got translated in one day as promised. Thank you!
  February 7, 2014  
I thought the service weny well. Although there was sime delay while speaking on the phone. That was a bit frustrating. Received my transcript back quickly. Pruces are very reasonable. I will definayely ise this service again! Thank you!
  February 7, 2014  
Would it be possible to rate the translators? Not sure if you are familiar with Uber (the car service company) but at the end of a ride you are allowed to rate the service. It would be great if we could rate the translators. Some translations are awesome, others need some rework. Overall though, we are very happy! Thank you for what you do.
  February 6, 2014  
I've used REV 15 times and so far i've been very impressed. The quality has been excellent. The only thing I could ask for it that they were a little faster. Mind you all of my transcription have come back in 72 hours or less. Most in 24 hours or less. Guess I'd be willing to pay a "rush" charge if that got it back in 12 hours.
  February 5, 2014  
Five stars for speed! Five stars for accurate and culturally sensitive translation! (I say this because I am already fluent in Chinese and only used the service because I needed an "official" translation.) Lower marks for word limits. One document was more than 250 characters and thus considered "two pages". The original document was one page as was the translation I did myself using standard margins and typesettings. If it's one page, it's one page. Lower mark for additional physical costs. An extra $20 if I want physical copies? Really? It can't cost more than $5.00 to print a few pages and us the USPS to send in the regular mail. I just sent several documents across the country this morning for $3.01 (cost of USPS envelope included).
  February 5, 2014  
There was a question had about a case number. I answered the email the next day, but the translation was already done and ready for me to download! I wish they would have waited on my answer confirming the number, but I don't forsee a problem with the comment of ' not legible' on the translated document.