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  January 10, 2014  
When I contacted REV, the person at the other end was not very helpful and somewhat abrasive. Turn around time was great Competitive costs Transcription was not accurate; mismatch between speaker and quote In the past, I used REV and I was very pleased. In view that this experience might be an anomaly, I do plan to use REV again
  January 10, 2014  
Jay I.
So the turnaround was super quick (had my 30 min interview transcribed in less than a day) but not without problems. First it says less than 48 hour turnaround when you place the order but then when I got the confirmation it said estimated delivery was 5 days later. That caused a bit of unneeded stress. And then the transcription, while mostly right had some glaring holes. A bunch of "inaudible" notations that I could hear fine and a bunch of misquoted moments that were also quite clear. The 98% accuracy rating seemed a bit overestimated.
  January 10, 2014  
I requested a certified translation of a one page death certificate in French into English. Work was done in 2 days but needed two revisions to be finalized, and a typo had still not been corrected. Revisions were for a couple of typos and one line that was missing. Follow up service was good. Disappointed that accuracy was mediocre, and I had to spend time to follow up, but appreciate the service and would use again if needed.
  January 2, 2014  
Rev did a good job of transcribing the words of my dictation from an iPod device. The few flubs were understandable: government for governance, for example. Unfortunately, Rev's ability to handle formatting was disappointing. My resulting transcription had commas and periods in the right places, but also the words "comma", "period", "new paragraph", "quote", "parentheses" and so forth. This took a lot of clean-up work. It seemed odd that this was needed since Rev inserted the actual quote mark where it was spoken as well as the word "quote". It seems like a system that was smart enough to put in the symbol would have been smart enough to remove the verbalization of the symbol. In addition, Rev formatted everything with an indent and paragraphs with tabs. Even though there was only one speaker, everything was indented so "Speaker 1" could be out-dented. This required additional effort to cleanup.
  January 2, 2014  
Very quick service, BUT not everything got translated, had to make the changes myself, then sent it to them, but at the end I just got an email sending me to this review page.
  December 11, 2013  
The transcription turn around was really fast, all most too fast. There were more than 2% errors, although in fairness, most of the errors were on words that are unique to my setting. However, I do that that had it been run through again, someone could have picked up on the words. I was also frustrated by the liberty that was taken since I did not order a verbatim transcription. I was expecting the "ums" and "ahs" to be removed but sometimes a whole sentence or two was removed. That's annoying when I want to capture if my participant went back and corrected themselves or was hesitant.
  December 5, 2013  
I provided the names of all involved in the meeting, many times we refer to each by name, but the transcriber identified everyone as "male and female" makes it difficult to track.
  December 3, 2013  
Very efficient, right on time. The translator did a good job but they missed grammar on occasions
  December 1, 2013  
I am happy with the translation however it might be better if you use the original document as template and then just translate.
  November 28, 2013  
The transcription was okay, but the formatting was wrong - It should have been in standard manuscript format (12pt type, 1 inch margin, double spaced) with returns after the dialogue. Instead it was transcribed as one long file.
  November 25, 2013  
We are an educational research company that depends on qualitative data (interviews) and so accurate transcriptions are really important. We do A LOT of interviews and were hoping to use REV recorder for them all. I first sampled a short 34 min interview to see how good REV is (interview between 2 people) and really disappointed by the quality! Some sentences didn't even make sense. I get the sense that REV uses some computer software - it is not a person doing it - and since the reliability is so off (for example "annas" was translated as "guys") that I don't trust the entire translation as I don';t know what else was missed. Large swaths of conversation was labeled "cross talk." but clearly if a person did the translation vs software it would have been clear.
  November 23, 2013  
Harmonie is Harmony and not wind ensemble. Wind ensemble in french is "orchestre d'harmonie"
  November 22, 2013  
I got my transcription back in a very fast turnaround time of one day and was very impressed! Unfortunately there were lots of errors with words and whole sentences transcribed incorrectly. I thus had to do a substantial amount of editing.
  November 21, 2013  
Document was sent back to me without revision. There were spelling and grammatical errors, as well as missing information. I was not happy about this but overall experience was good and fast.
  November 21, 2013  
Very dissapointed in the communication process. I never received an email that my document was ready. The first time you couldn't even read the document. I am happy with getting it done but really thought they would let me know when I could get the document from their website.
  November 20, 2013  
This transcription was for video, so I needed it to be more complete than it was - don't need every 'um', but do need to know exactly what they say without dropping words or paraphrasing. There were a LOT of dropped words ('and' at the beginning of sentences, etc.), and also a number of typos. I spent over an hour reviewing and correcting things after I received the transcript.
  November 19, 2013  
Cecelia J.
I was excited to get the first interviews back in less than 48 hours. But the other portions - the most important ones have not arrived yet. Help! What to do? Are they coming today??
  November 15, 2013  
The latest transcript I had done had many errors and I had to proof read it significantly. It also seems like there was nowhere to write notes so I couldn't say to use UK English and the transcriber used US English. Disappointed.
  November 9, 2013  
I received my translation in a short time (2 days). However, they considered my transcript to be 10 pages long because of their 250 word rule. Most of the words in my transcript were numbers! A number in italian is still a number in english!!
  November 6, 2013  
Once I sent the link for my 6 minute video in, the process was really quick. Even though they promised 48 hr turnaround, the transcript came back almost perfect in less than 6 hours for a 6 minute video. my complaint is that they charged me for a full 7 minutes even though the video was only 6:06 long. Not a big deal, but it should round down if less than 10 seconds over the minute mark.