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  November 23, 2013   Reviewed by Jean-Patrick
An important mistake in a course description
Harmonie is Harmony and not wind ensemble. Wind ensemble in french is "orchestre d'harmonie"

  November 22, 2013   Reviewed by Cobus
Fast turnaround, but quality not great
I got my transcription back in a very fast turnaround time of one day and was very impressed! Unfortunately there were lots of errors with words and whole sentences transcribed incorrectly. I thus had to do a substantial amount of editing.

  November 21, 2013   Reviewed by Muna
Not very professionally executed job
Document was sent back to me without revision. There were spelling and grammatical errors, as well as missing information. I was not happy about this but overall experience was good and fast.

  November 21, 2013   Reviewed by David
You should really communicate with your customers.
Very dissapointed in the communication process. I never received an email that my document was ready. The first time you couldn't even read the document. I am happy with getting it done but really thought they would let me know when I could get the document from their website.

  November 20, 2013   Reviewed by Jessica
Fast, but not as accurate as I needed it to be.
This transcription was for video, so I needed it to be more complete than it was - don't need every 'um', but do need to know exactly what they say without dropping words or paraphrasing. There were a LOT of dropped words ('and' at the beginning of sentences, etc.), and also a number of typos. I spent over an hour reviewing and correcting things after I received the transcript.

  November 19, 2013   Reviewed by Cecelia J.
48 hours plus a few...maybe more...??
I was excited to get the first interviews back in less than 48 hours. But the other portions - the most important ones have not arrived yet. Help! What to do? Are they coming today??

  November 15, 2013   Reviewed by Clinton
Standard has dropped
The latest transcript I had done had many errors and I had to proof read it significantly. It also seems like there was nowhere to write notes so I couldn't say to use UK English and the transcriber used US English. Disappointed.

  November 9, 2013   Reviewed by Giacomo
Fast but expensive - 250 word rule should be applied only to words translated
I received my translation in a short time (2 days). However, they considered my transcript to be 10 pages long because of their 250 word rule. Most of the words in my transcript were numbers! A number in italian is still a number in english!!

  November 6, 2013   Reviewed by Alex
Faster than expected.
Once I sent the link for my 6 minute video in, the process was really quick. Even though they promised 48 hr turnaround, the transcript came back almost perfect in less than 6 hours for a 6 minute video. my complaint is that they charged me for a full 7 minutes even though the video was only 6:06 long. Not a big deal, but it should round down if less than 10 seconds over the minute mark.

  November 4, 2013   Reviewed by Eileen
not good missing a lot
this time the person who did the work seemed to miss a lot of the conversation - it says inauditiable however you can hear it perfectly fine. Very disappointed this time has been very good in the past - can this be reviewed and corrected without another charge please. thanks

  November 4, 2013   Reviewed by Maria
Acceptable but with friction
The translate in general was ok . However there was 3 simple words tha was not translated and I ask to correct it 3 times. The word was very very simple. The price was to much spensive for this result.

  October 25, 2013   Reviewed by Bruce
The work was done quickly
Took only about 30 hours before I had my translated documents back. Felt I got ripped off on the cost. Had one page with 253 words and one with 280. Since they were over the 250 word maximum got charged an extra $54 for two more pages even though they were pages from the same document. Felt I should have only been charged for one more page. Called them about it but received no satisfaction.

  October 24, 2013   Reviewed by Friend
Only so so...
The customer service and turn around we're great, but I could have done better transcriptions myself.

  October 22, 2013   Reviewed by Charles
Buyer Beware
Rev is NOT a translation company. Rev is an electronic platform for clients and translators to post jobs and files. Their electronic system automatically makes changes (headers and footers) to the translators posted document that can not be removed before the final product reaches the client. Rev does NOT guarantee that the translation will NOT contain omissions -- which mine did, along with deletions, and also included headers/footers that were not in the original source document. All of these issues were left for me to repair on my end. Rev's project manager actually told me that they have trouble with any project over two-pages long. Their website's staff page does not contain one editor or proofer, rather, it shows several software engineers instead. This begs the question: With so many software engineers working for Rev, why can't their system be any better/useful in this industry?

  October 17, 2013   Reviewed by Michael
Good formatting, spacing, but with errors in translation
The translation I ordered was from Thai to English. I made sure to indicate that spacing and formatting were important. This request was respected. However, there were several errors in the translation of the text. Specifically, the identities of "Mr." v. "Mrs." and "son" v. "daughter." These were key part of the text that needed to be properly identified. I will need to make corrections, although I am still unsure if offers a guarantee on their work or will they charge me extra to make these edits.

  October 15, 2013   Reviewed by Barbara provides extremely fast turnaround but uneven quality of deliverable.
I've used for two different projects now, and while overall I am happy with them, especially with speed of turnaround and friendly customer service, my latest batch of transcripts received poor marks from the researchers who had to use them. Poor transcription, lots of errors and misspelled words, etc. forced the researchers to have to listen to the original videos again. This made for a costly analysis phase because we found we couldn't rely on the quality of the transcripts.

  October 14, 2013   Reviewed by Momoko
Revision was OK.
I am satisfied with "revised" version, although expected to have one like that at first try. I provided English spelling of names (place, person) I use for other documents, as there are multiple possible spelling. Unfortunately, those were not refereed by initial translator/reviewer and first translation came back using the spelling different from the ones I requested. Second one used the requested spelling. Turn-around was great (less than 48 hours) and price was good.

  October 13, 2013   Reviewed by Sarah
Unfortunately, I was disappointed.
Normally, I am always very pleased with the transcripts but in this last one there were several lines that were deemed "inaudible" that I had to go back myself and fill in the blanks. I haven't run into this problem before, and I was pretty disappointed.

  October 13, 2013   Reviewed by Richard
Two experiences so far, with one terrific and one disappointing, though I intend to give Rev one more chance to be see if I can find a work around the disappointment.
My first try was simply terrific -- with all work done very fast, accurate, and inexpensive. The second try was also fast and inexpensive but the accuracy was terrible, requiring a lot of work from me to fix. I suspect that the cause of the inaccuracy was partly my fault -- for electing the less expensive, rougher transcription (which was exactly as hoped for the first round) and submitting one, longer recording rather than a series of short ones. Obviously the length of the recording made a difference, because the transcription got worse and worse as the minutes past. There we 138 "inaudible" sections (which I found quite audible) in less than 90 minutes, with about half of them in the last quarter of the recording . . .signaling fatigue or haste to me, as much as anything. Next time, I'll try breaking up the recording into smaller pieces and see if I get back to the quality nof the first try

  October 11, 2013   Reviewed by Gael
Turnaround time is excellent- extremely fast and good pricing. However, the quality varies.
Turnaround time is excellent- extremely fast and good pricing. However, the quality varies. I've had three jobs done and the first one was so full of mistakes (not spelling, but just tense and grammatical ones that should have been common sense because of the context of the speaker's words). The second and third were near-perfect. So I ended up spending over three hours making corrections to the first one on every paragraph, where the second and third I really had no work to do but proofread.