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  December 5, 2017  
Karl D.
Fast, good price vs quality ratio, service provided as expected. But make me big issue with invoice - they had no will to generate full business invoice on the name (company) who paid to them for the service, also they declined possibility to send pdf version of the document confirming payment/deal. Now I have issue with local tax authorithies. Too bad...
  November 28, 2017  
Brendan L.
Was all in all good, but missed a lot of obvious words which were labeled as inaudible.
  October 11, 2017  
Greg B.
The quality was very variable. Some of the transcripts were nearly perfect, and others were very poor.
  October 2, 2017  
chris f.
This was my first Rev experience. I needed a faster response to my questions as I was on deadline. Emails went unanswered for more than 6 hours before I had to take to Twitter to pry a response from Rev customer service. Was happy with the transcripts, but needed a more responsive customer service experience, especially as a first-timer. It worked out, but I could have done without the added stress. All said, I will use the service again as I now have a better idea of what to expect.
  September 11, 2017  
Neyson L.
It was good, quicker than I expected, but the accuracy wasn't that good. It was OK. I will definitely use this again!
  August 5, 2017  
Rhonda P.
I did not have the accuracy that was promised and had to re-do a large portion of the close captioning. I have not gotten a reply from the company on my complaint and request that they honor their promise of money back.
  July 29, 2017  
Olivia K.
I understand that a speaker that had to be transcribed has a German accent, but even for a person like me (an Asian who learned English as a second language) understood some parts that had "inaudible," which makes me think maybe the transcriber did not put too much efforts into transcribing the lecture. Anyhow, I understand that transcribing is not an easy job, so I want to thank you very much!
  July 10, 2017  
fran e.
Hi REV, Apologies for the late reply to your transcribing. I found that the transcription was just OK. It started of alright, but about half way there were more mistakes that require editing. Thanks again fran edmonds
  June 20, 2017  
A lot of the times there are spelling mistakes even after a name, etc. was spelled out. Consistency for all transcripts needs to be implemented more.
  June 16, 2017  
justin r.
  June 11, 2017  
Brian B.
Did not use the reference text I took the time to supply. Had to go in and edit.
  May 10, 2017  
The service works, however, words were missing and instead of writing those words in, [speaks in foreign language] was used instead rather than typing in the words I had written out and added as an attached document. Some words were spelt incorrectly, such as the word connection, which was spelt "connexion". Overall, a fast service that I'd probably use again.
  April 26, 2017  
Michael T.
The transcription was quite accurate, with only 3 small mistakes and the service was very quick. The editor to make adjustments is quite difficult to navigate. I was able to adjust the text, but couldn't figure out how to adjust the start/end points if the captions.
  February 27, 2017  
First, I learned that even if my topics were separate, to send them as one document. Second, I will give spelling/'style' info within the dictation because the info I'd input into the section identified for such was universally ignored. I had to change every single one.
  January 8, 2017  
I paid to have hesitations (ums, uhhs, etc) removed. Didn't happen most of the time. I didn't look into how to contest my bill, as I've already edited the copy.
  December 5, 2016  
If I upload twenty voice mails I should receive twenty transcripts in return. I get a complicated thread of emails each with a transcript in no particular order. So to have each one printed out I have to open up this mess of 20 response emails that are in a continuous overlapping thread and try and create order from the havoc. Can you at least put the conversations back in chronological order and send me them all at once? To try and open each of these files in this way is ridiculous!
  November 19, 2016  
Not used any such service before, took some reworking to get it laid out as I wanted and accurate. A learning experience, I will try you again.
  September 19, 2016  
No problem with the work done by the transcription staff, just not sure it saved time because I needed to summarize the content in the end.
  July 15, 2016  
$1 per minute adds up quickly. . .too quickly
  June 14, 2016  
I think that provide clients a quick turn around time on their projects at a very competitive rate. The quality is satisfactory, however if they could adapt to their client's needs and accept using given templates or style guides, I'm sure that the quality they provide would significantly increase.