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  July 23, 2014   Reviewed by GL1234
the 24 hour turnaround is not honored
I recently purchased a certified translation (2 pages), but it's taking longer to receive back. the site states it takes only 24 hours and more than 48 hours have passed.

  July 16, 2014   Reviewed by Michael
Fast, great customer service, but poor quality overall
I sent 6 files to the company. They were transcribed incredibly fast. However, large chunks were labelled "inaudible" and many of the words were not corresponding to the actual audio. When I enquired, customer service did their best to have the scripts changed. However, more and more mistakes became apparent. In addition to this, I asked for specific labels on all scripts, which hadn't been done on several. Customer service changed this, but still, it was hard work getting formats the same. The margins are different on each script and like I said, half seemed like guess work. The accents were not difficult (English), one Scottish (not strong). I seriously cannot see why it was so hard for the transcribers. I also think each script was done by a different person. The most positive part was Amity. This person did their best to help me and went the extra mile to fix things. It is a shame this person wasn't the person transcribing! it would of been much better. Thanks to Amity, but I won't be using the service again.

  July 1, 2014   Reviewed by Kristin
Turnaround time A+, dictation to transcription accuracy D-
I was very excited to see that the typed transcript was returned to me in record time. I submitted the audio recording Friday afternoon and received the typed transcript on Saturday early afternoon. BUT, when I compared the audio with the typed transcript, I found several mistakes on each page. Some of the mistakes changed the entire meaning of the dialogue. With the sheer number of typed errors I have to assume a live person did not transcribe the audio files. I now have to take time out of my day to sit through the entire audio recording to correct the typed transcript line-by-line. For that I am very disappointed and unless you can guarantee better results, I will not likely use your services again nor will I recommend your services to anyone I know.

  July 1, 2014   Reviewed by Thorin
Hard transcription rushed w/ lots of errors, no speaker names, useless
We submitted a 90-minute roundtable panel with roughly a dozen speakers. Obviously that's a difficult assignment. Audio quality was not great (1 H4N recorder for the whole room). We provided speaker names, and the audio starts off with each speaker introducing themselves. The transcribed text only includes speaker names on the actual audio where the speakers introduce themselves, the rest of the recording only has Voice #20, etc. No effort was made to matchback to their introduction. In addition, many of the comments were transcribed incorrectly and much of it was deemed "inaudible." This transcription is nearly useless, we'll have to go back and re-listen to everything before we use it. I know this was difficult audio to transcribe, I would have certainly accepted some mistakes if it was mostly a usable transcription. But the end result is not usable. Based on this experience, I could not recommend Rev for this type of audio transcription.

  June 18, 2014   Reviewed by Lou b.
Not good
It seemed pretty efficient initially. I received the translated document within hours. However , it came with many typos. I requested a corrected document and I'm still waiting over 24hrs later for a response.

  June 9, 2014   Reviewed by Renee
Very disappointed
Was looking for translation for marriage license. Town hall did not accept document. One pro was document was translated quickly.

  June 8, 2014   Reviewed by Teresa
I was very dissatisfied with the translation.
The document was not translated properly and it was really a one page document and not two. I would have thought that someone would have called upon seeing it was only one page and not two. But if course I paid for two pages. Also, if you didn't understand the wording, again , someone should have called to ask. This was for immigration services and the word for immigration was misspelled, not once, but twice. The person you had translate this document obviously does not know how to translate. I knew I should have used Certitrans instead and they are cheaper.

  May 28, 2014   Reviewed by Yasir
Fast service, mediocre quality, greedy pricing.
I submitted one page to be translated into Chinese. The word count was less than 180 words in total. But I was told to pay for 2 pages!!!!!!! The excuse being the a small table with a few numbers and no text had to be typed up, and the translator must be compensated for those few additional key strokes!! Frustrating. The biggest issue I have with Rev is that the quality turned out to be sub-standard. An official document was translated into something closer to spoken Chinese than official Chinese. Overall, if just want to get the gist of something then consider Rev. For an official translation look elsewhere.

  May 11, 2014   Reviewed by reed
7 days with no response
i paid us 39 for transcriptions a week ago. my money is gone, but i have no news of any work being done on the transcription.

  May 9, 2014   Reviewed by David D.
Did not represent service correctly
While certain aspects of were satisfactory, such as the return time, two of the four hour long interviews I submitted for transcription were full of errors and [inaudible] notations and the other two were certainly not 98% accurate as advertised either. I had to correct these interviews myself, which invalidated my spending nearly three hundred dollars on these transcriptions and took several hours.

  May 4, 2014   Reviewed by David
Quick service, sketchy quality
Hey Rev. I'm a master's student with a full-time job who needed more than 10 hours of thesis interviews transcribed quickly so I could get started on my data analysis and writing. After giving you $500 to make 11 hour-long transcriptions happen, you guys delivered on the "quickly" part, but not so much on the "quality" part. I should be able to blow through these transcripts and code my data, but I'm finding parts of the transcripts don't make any sense at all. Which means I have to stop coding, and go back and re-listen to the interviews to figure out what's going on. This is a huge time suck. Sure, some of the transcriptions are perfect, but the one's that are of poor quality cause major delays in the writing of my thesis, which is why I spent the $500 for the "professionals" to do it. In my opinion, every transcription should be perfect. And no transcription should include unintelligible paragraphs.

  May 2, 2014   Reviewed by Leon
Excellent service with questionable accounting practice for determining fees
To Whom It May Concern, I think the appearance of your product is both official and professional with an excellent turn-around time between submission of the request and delivery of the documents. However, like most Americans I do not speak or read Chinese and I did not know that I had submitted one of the pages to you in duplicate and that it was not necessary to translate the same page twice and charge me accordingly. In all fairness your translator should have flagged that error and contacted me before proceeding to translate the same document twice. I addition, if you have been in this business for more than a few days then you have translated many documents identical to those of my request and have a treasure trove of forms, already translated into English, for each of the many countries that you provide your service. These many forms are readily available as a cut and paste item in which your translator fills in the blanks. For example, of the 124 words on page 2 of 3 for the Divorce Certificate only sixteen words actually have to be translated and entered onto the page. On page 3 of 3 of the Divorce Certificate only 33 words have to be translated and entered onto the page. A similar relationship exists for the Certificate of No Marriage Registration Records. In the one case there is a total of 120 words in the entire document and only nineteen words had to be translated and entered into the form and in the other case of the 127 words contained in the whole document only nineteen words had to be translated and entered into the document. In other words I think you provide an excellent service but feel that I have been overcharged for translating a total of only about 87 words and for too many pages. Sincerely, Leon Jostad 2769 Stone Brook Circle Paso Robles, CA 93446 Telephone: 805-237-0840 Email:

  April 20, 2014   Reviewed by Noah
It would be cheaper and of better quality to hire a chimpanzee at the zoo.
So, I saw had these rave reviews and I thought I would see if they offered certified transcription. They do not. With that in mind I thought I would try them out anyway because their credentials seemed legitimate. I sent two audio .wav files and had the transcripts back within a day.. That's great they were done so quickly, but they were absolutely worthless transcriptions. Every other word was not even remotely close to what was said in the conversations. Now I try to be understanding and acknowledge that one of the files had background noise, but the conversations in both files could be heard clearly and transcribed efficiently. I contacted and received a whopping 25% of the total cost as a refund. I will never use them again and strongly discourage anyone else from using them.

  April 6, 2014   Reviewed by Sele
English to Japanese resume translation was bad
To my disappointment translated resume could not be used as received. Mistakes showed that the translator lacked experience with concepts from IT and words fitting for a resume.

  March 26, 2014   Reviewed by Brennan
Fast turnaround, disappointing results
My experience with Rev was disappointing - the sole advantage to the output file I was given was in my not having to start completely from scratch when redoing the transcription. There are enough mistakes (not malicious ones, just the sort of thing that results from working too quickly and not properly connecting words with context) to render the document unreadable and I am now having to go back over the entire 13 page document and reconstruct large sections. I will not be using Rev again.

  March 14, 2014   Reviewed by Helen
Quite disappointed
A friend recommended and I felt relieved that I finally found a reliable company to translate my birth certificate. The turnaround was very quick, as promised. However, there were multiple mistakes, some grammatical, and some were just careless (translated two different cities when the seals were exactly the same). A lot of the handwritten parts were marked "illegible" that I ended up having to translate myself...very very disappointed... When I emailed support with comments and asked for revision, I did not get an apology at all. But instead, the email said, "Please be aware that if your correction request asks that we change, add or omit anything that is not on your original document, the request will be denied."

  March 11, 2014   Reviewed by Jeffrey
Not professional enough
Translation was too much google-like, using the same words repeatively.

  March 10, 2014   Reviewed by Marilyn
not good
some names on my marriage certificate are misspelled,great translation but i also missing the original stamps,this is for immigration services.

  February 25, 2014   Reviewed by Susanna
Translated documents are sloppy and full of mistakes.
I was impressed how fast they translated documents. But I had to ask them revise their translated documents several times because they could not even copy what is on the original document. Many misspellings of city names and street names in ENGLISH. On my marriage certificate, they simply had no time to check if my birthday and my husband's birthday are the same before they sent us "the completed translated document."

  February 24, 2014   Reviewed by Nina A.
poorly translated
The translation was poorly translated, included spelling mistakes and incorrect wording. When I sent a request to have the document reviewed and redone by a different translator I was met by a wall of silence. The translation was unprofessional. I must now have it redone as it is not presentable at an extra cost. Waste of valuable time and money.