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  September 20, 2013   Reviewed by Bernardo S.
Don't event think use @rev translation services. What a incompetent people. hideous support. 2 calls, 4 emails, and nobody fixed the errors in the translation.

  September 17, 2013   Reviewed by Melissa
I uploaded 12 files and after 5 days still had not received all of them. They were only 45 minutes long. I should have received them after 3 days. I called support and they were sent right away. But still late.

  September 16, 2013   Reviewed by Unknown
Unable to use this as a Certified Translation for the Government!
A few good things to mention. The process to translate was very simple. The turnaround time was on par. However, the cost was three times as much as I had anticipated AND after taking the "certified" translation documents to the government officials, I learned that I was unable to use them as they are not truly certified! Wasted: Time and $378.00

  August 22, 2013   Reviewed by Angelico
most ridiculous translation
I agree with the reviewer below. The most ridiculous translation I have ever seen. It was definitely done by a machine. Do yourself a favor and avoid this "company" at all costs.

  August 21, 2013   Reviewed by Plato
Machine-based translation, despite of what their claims - be careful!
I used and recieved a nice certificate that says how accurate their trnalsation is, signed by their Vice president, along with the most ridiculous translation of a very simple certificate. It didn't make any sense and was obvious that a human didn't do it, but a machine (a dumb one). I asked to correct it and after 3 days I got 2 versions of the certificate in English, one was correct and one was not. Obviously, whoever is doing this is an amature and ignorant. Find yourself a different company.