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  August 3, 2018  
There were 4 people on the phone, and the only real issue seemed to be a handful of misspellings and a few mixups on who was speaking, but meat of what was said was captured, and that was very important. The client said the transcript was fabulous, so three cheers!
  August 2, 2018  
Very fast, with only one typo
  August 1, 2018  
N Q.
Unable to offer transcription of a portion of a video - they wanted to take extra time and money to do the whole thing. You'd think this is a fairly basic expectation of a transcription service. Customer service was friendly but unhelpful and, despite asking for shortened turnaround, twelve hours after the order was placed and a couple of hours after begrudgingly accepting their arguments about needing to do the whole file I still haven't received my transcripts. Also worth noting that their customer service doesn't seem to be 24hr, so bad luck if you're not in the US.
  August 1, 2018  
Denise W.
I'm always impressed by the speed and accuracy of the transcripts I get from I recommend their service to my clients and colleagues since the experience is always excellent.
  August 1, 2018  
Fast, accurate transcription service! I will use again!
  July 31, 2018  
Rebecca B.
Fast turnaround, good value. The transcribing was excellent - just some technical words and words that were inaudible, but these were easily fixed.
  July 30, 2018  
PhD S.
Absolutely fabulous!! Couldn't be better!
  July 30, 2018  
Julie T.
Pleasantly surprised! The transcripts are spot on. I really thought I'd have to do more editing, but nope. They nail it!
  July 30, 2018  
Nicole T.
Excellent service with a very fast turnaround time!
  July 27, 2018  
Marilyn F.
You always do a great job!
  July 27, 2018  
casey w.
Rev has been great. They are very fast and accurate.
  July 27, 2018  
I've used Rev for transcriptions and captions and have been thoroughly impressed time and time again by the speed and accuracy of the work I've received back. Would highly recommend Rev to friends and family!
  July 27, 2018  
Janette W.
Quick turnaround, accurate spelling of Aussie towns.
  July 26, 2018  
Diana A.
Excellent! I have already started recommending to my colleagues. The whole process was seamless, accuracy was wonderful and the the turnaround time was amazingly quick.
  July 26, 2018  
Erin P.
  July 25, 2018  
Remco V.
Excellent service, very quick. And I love the interface that allows you to check the copy with the audio file.
  July 25, 2018  
Jane B.
I love Rev, it's such an easy app to use and is really helpful for anyone who wants to write a book, business article or anything else that requires a transcript from verbal to written applications.
  July 24, 2018  
quick and perfect. I love this service!
  July 24, 2018  
David W.
Excellent website. Worked perfectly.
  July 24, 2018  
Jennifer D.
Never again. I ordered from online, never received the transcript that I paid for. Have no idea where it is or how I might find it if is posted somewhere. Waste of my $18, which isn't a lot, but as a self-employed disabled person who is trying to start earning a living is just something I can't afford.