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  August 15, 2018  
H D M.
Accurate and prompt. Can’t ask for more than that.
  August 15, 2018  
Kimia' W.
Great work, super fast and someone is always available. If they don't respond right away, they still respond the same day no matter the time.
  August 14, 2018  
Very helpful and accurate for us. The price was very reasonable and the service was even faster than promised.
  August 14, 2018  
David N.
I was impressed with the turn around time and accuracy of the transcripts; delighted with the price.
  August 13, 2018  
Jeremiah T.
Wow so fast!! I needed a foreign birth certificate translate for the USCIS. Got it back in less than 24 hours. Super easy too. Thanks!!
  August 11, 2018  
Randall B.
Great turnaround time; very easy process.
  August 11, 2018  
Marcia D.
I was very impressed with how easy it was to upload my audio, as well as the accuracy of the transcripts and the quick turnaround! It was well worth it for me to use this service for my transcription needs for my masters degree research! I’ve already highly recommended this to my colleagues
  August 10, 2018  
Thomas M.
Very quick and easy to use.
  August 10, 2018  
Alexandra V.
The transcription of the submitted audio files was very fast - as promised. However, the quality of the transcription is not satisfing. For example, in one of the audio files one person talked about maps and globes - the transcription uses the term glove - which doesn't make any sense in the given context.
  August 9, 2018  
quick and accurate!
  August 8, 2018  
Morgan G.
Never said English was only language. Got charged for nothing useful.
  August 8, 2018  
Deanna T.
Very fast and the transcription was right on! We will definitely use it again!
  August 7, 2018  
kelly p.
  August 7, 2018  
K L.
Great value for money and excellent quality beats AI systems hands down. We know because we used one as well and the results were not half as good. We are definately going to incorporate this service into how we do things. Only reason its not 5 stars is that there were a few errors or gaps but note highly technical and some very nad recordings with foruegn accents.
  August 7, 2018  
Luke G.
fast service!
  August 6, 2018  
C N.
I would recommend this sight any time, their transcript review and turnaround is awesome!
  August 6, 2018  
Judy M.
Fast and accurate!
  August 5, 2018  
Sara N.
I am pleased with the service
  August 5, 2018  
Nicole H.
Quick, accurate and spot on transcription service! Would defintaely recommend this company...especially to doctoral students seeking a fast turnaround on transcribed interviews.
  August 4, 2018  
Linda S.
Very clear & easy instructions.