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  March 19, 2018   Reviewed by Jim H.
First time user - Delighted!
This was my first use of Rev for transcriptions. The project was a 30 minute interview on a conference call with 3 other people. The discussion was fairly technical. My expectations of the transcript were fairly low, but thought it would still be worth the cost. What a surprise. The transcript was nearly perfect! It had two "undescribable" notations. I was able to figure one of them out, the other was undescribably to me too! Very pleased with Rev and will be a repeat customer. Thank you!

  March 18, 2018   Reviewed by Colette K.
Terrific - quick and accurate.

  March 17, 2018   Reviewed by David K.
If I called Rev Transcription to tell…
If I called Rev Transcription to tell them how perfect their work is, and got the call transcribed, this is how it would appear.

  March 17, 2018   Reviewed by Richard K.
A while ago I submitted a survey of Rev…
A while ago I submitted a survey of Rev and said it was very cost-effective, very good but not exactly client-facing. I'm certainly not saying my review alone created a major change, but everything changed and Rev became so much different (for the better). I'd be more than comfortable sharing any of the Rev transcription with a client and we are more than happy with the product and would not leave Rev for a competitor.

  March 16, 2018   Reviewed by Lisa
I was really impressed with the quick…
I was really impressed with the quick turnaround and accuracy of the transcript. I will be using this company for all my interviews from now on! The money spent is well worth the time saved. Thank you!

  March 15, 2018   Reviewed by B.Renaud
Rev never disappoints
Rev never disappoints. My last interview transcript was difficult. Not only does the interviewee have a speech impediment, but there were many technical and industry-specific terms throughout. The transcript came back clean and with the technical and industry terms correct! I could hardly believe it. I shouldn't be surprised based on past experience with Rev, but this really showed me that they don't miss a beat.

  March 14, 2018   Reviewed by David W.
Awesome transcription.
Awesome transcription.

  March 14, 2018   Reviewed by Seliat A.
Unnacceptable experience
Unnacceptable experience. Transcription was wholly inaccurate with incorrect words inserted and some aspects not even transcribed when they were clearly audible. I had to redo these files myself which went against the point of paying for transcription. Granted, some of the transcribed files were much better than others, very pleasing in fact, but if I remember correctly I had to make edits to every single file transcribed by Rev, which isn't reflective of the 99% accuracy they guarantee. Their money back guarantee isn't as they state- they refuse to refund your money, they say they will get things transcribed again, which defeats the purpose when trust is lost. They also state that a review of below three stars results in the Quality Assurance team getting in touch in an attempt to improve the transcription. Unfortunately, that didn't occur when I reviewed one of my files, I had to personally get in contact with the organisation to raise awareness of the situation. Nevertheless, they did reply to this.

  March 14, 2018   Reviewed by Valerie C.
Excellent accuracy turn around times!
Excellent accuracy turn around times!

  March 14, 2018   Reviewed by eric p.
Great company and if the quality of…
Great company and if the quality of your audio is no good they refund you and don't give you back rubbish.

  March 13, 2018   Reviewed by Hotrod P.
The Ultimate Rally
As a first time filmmaker I found the program to revise everything superb. My indie film was difficult since it had 4 languages, but Julia did ok. Genelle & Tasha are great at customer service. Our film is very unique and Rev helped us get the captions done. Looking to do translations services later on.

  March 13, 2018   Reviewed by Lauren N.
5 Stars!
Speedy, affordable and accurate!

  March 13, 2018   Reviewed by Penny
Such a time saver
Such a time saver! Also love it when the transcripter gets the names correct!

  March 13, 2018   Reviewed by Melvin S.
Good price and turnaround time
Good price and turnaround time, but the quality of the transcription was just okay.

  March 13, 2018   Reviewed by Mark W.
Good transcription but...
Some parts of my transcription were duplicated but otherwise it was very accurate. Wish they would have timestamped it according to the timecode burn on the footage because that's the only reason I put it there. I wish there were more options like "don't transcribe questions" because I think that would save time for the transcriber and save money for the customer. I'd probably use this service again if I needed more scripts pumped out. Good work overall.

  March 13, 2018   Reviewed by Thanh N.
Quick and reliable
Quick and reliable

  March 12, 2018   Reviewed by Shawn
Great service!
Great service! Their system works great. Reasonable time on longer videos and fast captions on short videos.

  March 12, 2018   Reviewed by Trevor L.
Amazing service!
Amazing service! I couldn't believe that they did so much in so short of time for such a reasonable price! They said the turnaround time was 12 hours, and it was only 4! They definitely overdelivered on their promises. Thank you Rev!

  March 11, 2018   Reviewed by Rogerio J.
Fast and high quality service
Fast and high quality service. I've never seen anything like this before.

  March 11, 2018   Reviewed by D O.
Quick turn around and accurate.
Quick turn around and accurate.