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  August 22, 2018  
David H.
there are elements of your service that I like an element so I do not. The last bit of transcription done for me was particularly bad. And the format that I cannot change is not what I need. I asked whether I could change the format so I didn't have to remove who said what and just keep the words in paragraphs, and the answer I was given was it is not possible. I will keep on using the service but spend a good deal of time when I get a transcription back making it suitable for my purposes.
  August 21, 2018  
For the most part, Rev did a good job and captured most of the recorded information. I was a little disappointed, however, because there seemed to be a lot of careless mistakes. I reviewed all of the transcripts and noticed that a lot of things that were written as "inaudible" were hard to hear but definitely something that could have been figured out with a few close listens. Other times "crosstalk" was written but most of the time you could very clearly write out were they were saying. I feel like the transcribers missed some important information by carelessness in writing "inaudible" or "crosstalk" so they could finish the transcript. There were also times when the transcriber wrote the incorrect transcription of the audio recording. It took me a very long time to review the transcripts as a result of these mistakes and, at times, like I was doing the transcription all over again.
  August 21, 2018  
Kyle M.
Quick and affordable. I highly recommend them if you need some video caption work.
  August 21, 2018  
stephen m.
great service
  August 21, 2018  
First time user! Was a very easy process.. no errors and ready to upload! Great offering!
  August 21, 2018  
Excellent transcription. Quick turnaround. Simple interface.
  August 20, 2018  
Vicki D.
So pleased with this service, incredible turnaround time.
  August 20, 2018  
Drew A.
They do exactly what they advertise. Fast, excellent service.
  August 18, 2018  
Ina N.
Very Efficient. Thank you.
  August 18, 2018  
Good: Very fast, accurate and high-quality transcript Bad: Associating with the British accent, some of the words aren't right.
  August 18, 2018  
Mary S.
The turnaround time was excellent. The quality of transcription was excellent, and the price was great too. THANK YOU to the transcribers.
  August 17, 2018  
Kari B.
Amazing service, super fast. I sent in (2) 10 minute videos and had them back in 30 minutes. That may not always happen, but it felt like a miracle. I wish I’d starting using years ago.
  August 17, 2018  
Frank P.
Very quick turnaround; somewhat weird formatting once transcripts are made into PDFs or docx. files; seemingly incapable of deciphering scientific terms of any complexity
  August 17, 2018  
Fast turnaround, efficiently done, thank you. Will use again.
  August 16, 2018  
Solape A.
Great but there is room for more improvement
  August 16, 2018  
Khristal B.
Easy, quick, inexpensive, and accurate- what more could I say??!!
  August 16, 2018  
Deb H.
The transcription was flawless. I didn't have to make any edits and it was done very quickly.
  August 16, 2018  
My very first video that was transcribed was very very poor. However, they came to the party, held up their promise and re-transcribed the video with 99% accuracy. It's not often that you come across a company that will fix their mistakes so easily. So hats off to them. I've since had 7 more videos transcribed with good results.
  August 15, 2018  
Jeff W.
My company recently started utilizing Rev's services for our overflow of transcription work. Their turnaround time is exceptional and the level of accuracy of their transcriptions rivals that of our internal staff. Would definitely recommend others to use their services!
  August 15, 2018  
H D M.
Accurate and prompt. Can’t ask for more than that.