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  May 11, 2018   Reviewed by Rachel j.
Fabulous service!
Fabulous service!

  May 10, 2018   Reviewed by Scot R.
Perfectly seamless.
Perfectly seamless.

  May 10, 2018   Reviewed by Trevor B.
It was accurate and very well done
It was accurate and very well done

  May 9, 2018   Reviewed by Tim S.
The turnaround time was unbelievable
The turnaround time was unbelievable! Yes - I would use again and recommend to others.

  May 8, 2018   Reviewed by Thorsten
Very quick turnaround and very good…
Very quick turnaround and very good transcripts. Done quite a few with them.

  May 8, 2018   Reviewed by Nadine S.
Fast turnaround time and accurate…
Fast turnaround time and accurate captions! I'll definitely use this service again.

  May 8, 2018   Reviewed by RL
Very fast and accurate.
Very fast and accurate.

  May 7, 2018   Reviewed by Beverly W.
Transcriptions were great!
The transcriptions from audio files to word documents turned out very nice! The turnaround time was fantastic! I will continue to use them for my transcription needs.

  May 7, 2018   Reviewed by Kevan S.
Very pleased with your service :)
Very pleased with your service :)

  May 7, 2018   Reviewed by S. J.
Excellent. Massive time-savings for our team.

  May 7, 2018   Reviewed by Janice H.
Phenomenal + fast
Phenomenal + fast

  May 7, 2018   Reviewed by Cole
Incredibly fast
Incredibly fast. Very convenient!

  May 4, 2018   Reviewed by Nancy M.
Good Experience Once I Was Able to Get My File Uploaded
Once I was able to upload my file in the right format, it was a fast and smooth process. I did have trouble with my WebEx file format and the Rev support staff were not helpful in giving advice on how to get it into a format their system would accept. I had to do some research myself on that. It would have been helpful to get instructions on how to convert my file. Other than that, I'm pretty happy with the result.

  May 1, 2018   Reviewed by Pam B.
they got the job done quickly and…
they got the job done quickly and accurately as promised for a good price. I had one recording that was too poor quality to transcribe and they tried hard and then promptly informed me and refunded my payment - all within 24 hrs.

  May 1, 2018   Reviewed by Nicholas M.
Excellent. Fast and accurate service for the best price. Very impressed.

  May 1, 2018   Reviewed by BOCK C.
Awesome service
Fast and cost-effective

  April 29, 2018   Reviewed by Elaine G.
Amazingly quick accurate and cost…
Amazingly quick accurate and cost effective Highly recomnended

  April 28, 2018   Reviewed by Katrina
I received my transcript within two…
I received my transcript within two hours of sending it and there was only 1 spelling error! I was super impressed.

  April 27, 2018   Reviewed by Heike Y.
I always get excellent transcriptions…
I always get excellent transcriptions in a timely manner.

  April 27, 2018   Reviewed by Dark and Moody P.
Surprisingly thorough and high-quality
Surprisingly thorough and high-quality! I expected issues when submitting a crazy gonzo pseudo-grindhouse anthology movie to for closed captions to prepare for a VOD release. They said 4 days when I initially ordered and to my absolute surprise, found a file waiting for me in my inbox 12 hours later! Not only that, but after going through the captions myself to make any necessary corrections, due to the film's own specific vocabulary, I found they'd actually done some serious work with it. Character names were matched to actors when the information wasn't readily available in the film (this would've taken actual sleuthing about cast members and character names in the credits) and even some slang terms like "noob" were used appropriately. They even included a joke name spelling of "Coach" after it was made clear in a visual gag in the movie - that's specific detail! It may have been we just got really lucky with one of their staff saying, "oh wow, that sounds weird, I want to try captioning that" or their algorithms are extremely off-the-wall good. I did notice that the quality seemed to dip over time, meaning repeated passes on the content were done (it's an anthology film, so it's easy to break it down into chunks) and less specific work was made on the later segments. But, I got more than my money's worth and will be using them in the future without hesitation when I need subtitles, captions, or otherwise refine what I've created. They are amazing!