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  November 15, 2015   Reviewed by Renee
Complete satisfaction!
I am a graduate student at university who needed verbatim transcription of an audio recording. exceeded my expectations and saved me 10 hrs of my time!!! The price was so reasonable as well. A+++ Thank you! Will definitely use them again and again.

  November 11, 2015   Reviewed by Nataly
Certified transcript.
Excellent work.

  November 10, 2015   Reviewed by Anna
Accurate and Quick
Thanks for the transcription! Got mine the next day and everything was pretty accurate! Can't go wrong with useful and quick service!

  November 10, 2015   Reviewed by Paul
It was fast and efficient
I submitted my order and in about 30 minutes I had them completed. The price is right. The service is fast. Errors are minimal. I Am happy with the work.

  November 9, 2015   Reviewed by Victoria C.
On every level, your performance worked: timeliness, thoroughness, accuracy, customer service.
Your website is easy to navigate, your gatekeepers are helpful and courteous (and patient), and your transcriber worked with a difficult digital file (the speaker had a very soft voice) with grace. I'm impressed! And we will be using you again and again during the 6-month period of our research project.

  November 5, 2015   Reviewed by Robert
Very Good - but missing on spelling.
Some of the misses were important. And they should not have been missed - they were simple. In the main, good work. Whoever reads critically and needs each word will be frustrated - as was I on occasion.

  November 2, 2015   Reviewed by JESSICA
Timely, accurate, and reasonably priced.
My 51 min transcript was returned to me about 3 or 4 hours after I sent it in. It was extremely well done and saved me tons of time!

  October 30, 2015   Reviewed by Chris
First try with Rev - amazing!
I think rev is awesome. Simple interface, easy to upload audio for transcription, great low price. It makes me way more productive!

  October 29, 2015   Reviewed by Cassandra
REV Rocks!
REV's transcription service saved me hours of overtime, and was fast and accurate to boot. Thanks REV! Can't wait to work with you again.

  October 20, 2015   Reviewed by Anizizo
Excellent and timely reviews
I just got introduced to the service via tapeacall app and have had phone interviews transcribed. The service was excellent!

  October 15, 2015   Reviewed by Jim
Excellent service, excellent product
My first attempt at using a service like this. It was extremely easy to navigate and understand their website. Amazingly simple to upload the document and it was back to me in less than 24 hours. The transcription was excellent especially considering there was a good deal of background noise that had to be dealt with. I will be using this for another major project I have soon.

  October 14, 2015   Reviewed by Randy
Very very good first time experience with this company. We will use you regularly. Good work at a fair price. Thank you.

  October 8, 2015   Reviewed by Roger
Pleasantly Surpised!
The accuracy and speed really surprised me! I HIGHLY recommend this service!!!

  October 7, 2015   Reviewed by Kerry
Kerry- Trial Document
We sent in one document to see how the services would be and we only found 2 minor errors! We are very happy with the outcome and have sent additional audio to be transcribed.

  October 5, 2015   Reviewed by Georgia
Affordable easy transcription
I'm a freelance writer and conduct a lot of interviews. Transcribing them so I can get quotes and review the material takes a lot of time. Rev can get the transcription done for me quicker, thus allowing me to get more work done and spend time on the part I like -- writing! My first experience with them was good and I plan to continue using them.

  October 5, 2015   Reviewed by Marcy
Awesome transcription
Quick, fast, and very well done.

  October 5, 2015   Reviewed by Sarah
Quick, accurate and effortless
I was pleased with the results. The recording was short so that i could test out the service and ability to track different speakers. The results were great. I see myself being a regular use of

  October 4, 2015   Reviewed by Daniela C.
Fast, convenient and reliable!
It was my third time using for certified translations and I can't be more satisfied! Thank you!

  October 3, 2015   Reviewed by Brad
Didn't finish
They only typed half of the audio. They have promised to complete it, but now I'm getting emails about widespread delays. We'll wait so see if they do the job.

  October 2, 2015   Reviewed by Crystal
Good transcript, excellent turnaround, a few mistakes
It was a fast turnaround and a more or less accurate transcription. However, there were several mistakes. Overall, we are quite happy with the service.