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  December 21, 2015   Reviewed by Daniel
I'm extremely happy
Extremely happy with my experience as the transcriptions have come back quicker than expected and add very high-quality considering how I record Thanks Dan D

  December 16, 2015   Reviewed by Jonathan
Great, super fast service!
Delivery was exactly as promised... only faster!

  December 16, 2015   Reviewed by Greg
Great and reliable
Always solid delivery. Good customer service, straight up pricing too.

  December 16, 2015   Reviewed by Sherif
I had a technical 40 min interview that I needed to be transcribed and they did that perfectly and in under 24 hours. I will be using them all the time.

  December 16, 2015   Reviewed by Stefanie
Quick, reasonably priced service!
This service is saving me so much time (which, let's face it, time is money). The site is super easy to use - I love that I can do everything online. The turnaround times are quick and from the comparative research I've done the pricing is super competetive. Only reason I didn't score a 5, is because: a) I've only had two transcripts done so I'm new to the service and b) in one of the transcripts there were a couple of minor errors - a misspelling of the word "conference" and using "hear" when the word was "here." Nothing that will prevent me from keeping using the service at all! The accuracy is stunning when paired with the speed. It's amazing. Highly recommend!

  December 15, 2015   Reviewed by Susan
This was my first time using and they exceeded my expectations! Exceptional speed and accuracy, very cost-effective! Will definitely recommend to others and will use them again.

  December 14, 2015   Reviewed by JR Transcription
When I submitted an audio file for 24 hour transcription, the price seemed competitive - especially for the turn around time. When I later read the fine print that 'poor audio' or files longer than 1 hour were not covered by the 24 hour policy, I toyed with canceling. But, I figured, how much longer could 20 additional minutes take? Figuring 48 hours still fit my needs, I let it go. When I rechecked my account, the time was updated to FOUR days. I called to find out why and was only told that several people had started and bailed on my file. No reason given for the extreme delay. The service reps were friendly but ultimately offered little sympathy or any alternative workarounds. I doubt I would use the service again.

  December 12, 2015   Reviewed by Ronald
It was done fast and a very professional & certified way

  December 5, 2015   Reviewed by mikkel
Speed and Quality
Very speedy and high quality transcript.

  December 4, 2015   Reviewed by Kareem
Great Work
Fast and accurate service.

  December 3, 2015   Reviewed by Paul
Very Pleased
The only errors were understandable and easily corrected. The turn was quick and saved me six to eight hours of intense labor.

  December 3, 2015   Reviewed by Jenn
The new way to get writing done!
My first time using this app. I've been told about several dictation apps but this one is for me. I have so many moments of inspiration and using the app helps me capture it immigrated and then have it transcribed moments later. It's amazing, easy and my new best friend! Thank you!

  December 1, 2015   Reviewed by Deirdre
I highly recommend
A VERY fast turnaround - and very accurate. I was impressed with the service and you saved me a tremendous amount of time. Thank you!

  November 30, 2015   Reviewed by Samantha
Fast turnover , accurate and impressed with

  November 30, 2015   Reviewed by Bob
First time using
Having transcribed some of my own interviews, I understand that this is a challenging activity, which is why I am using this service. Although having the transcription done for me was a big help, I found that there were places the transcriber indicated difficulty hearing that seemed clear to me. I also found some outright errors that also seemed silly when I compared the transcript with the audio recording.

  November 22, 2015   Reviewed by Karla
Best service
We needed a transcription with a fast turnaround. Rev was the perfect solution. We'll definitely use them again!

  November 20, 2015   Reviewed by TJ
Unbelievable turnaround time and EASY. Great service.

  November 18, 2015   Reviewed by Justin
This app was fantastic. We needed a transcription ASAP. It was very early morning on the 17 of November and the estimated completion time was not till the 18! To our joy, the transcripts were ready by the decent morning hours and they were professionally done. Thanks very much, particularly to Lesley L!

  November 18, 2015   Reviewed by Alex
Excellent service
I use the service regularly for transcribing earnings calls and other business events. Quality definitely differs between transcribers, but is always at a minimum very decent, and turnaround times are great. Highly recommend.

  November 16, 2015   Reviewed by Osilis
Board Meeting November5, 2015
Thank you! First time using Rev. it was easy to send and received within 48 hours. There were 2 hours of transcribing totaling 26 pages.