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  February 1, 2017   Reviewed by David
Transcript Service
Simply Excellent.

  February 1, 2017   Reviewed by Jasmir B.
3 Transcripts - 3 WINS!!
I have requested transcription of audio for three different files, raging from 38 minutes to 73 minutes, in the past two week. I would say that 98% of the audio was accurately translated. Inaudible portions were identified which allowed me to return to the recording and supplement the information based upon my understanding of the context of the interview in the moment.

  February 1, 2017   Reviewed by Ron
Fast and Efficient
They were quick and easily accessible.

  February 1, 2017   Reviewed by Kris
Fast, very accurate, very affordable transcription
I'm really impressed with this service. The cost is $1 per minute of a recorded interview. I usually get a transcription back within 24 hours. Accuracy is high. You are able to add names and terms to the order, which means they are correct in the document you get back. The website is very easy and clear to use. Great service!

  February 1, 2017   Reviewed by Lucy
Transcript of a presentation
Great and fast service

  January 31, 2017   Reviewed by Arjuna
thanks alot. great work on my video captioning
delivered fast and performed with excellence. thanks

  January 30, 2017   Reviewed by Anne
Great service
Fast turn around time. Accurate transcription. Great customer service.

  January 29, 2017   Reviewed by Bob S.
Transcription Review
I was impressed with the turnaround speed and accuracy of the transcription services provided. Kudos!

  January 29, 2017   Reviewed by Amie
First use - easy and accurate
A few missed words from a tape quality that would predict difficulty. Transcript is very accurate. Turnaround time matched expectation. Price is fair. Will use again.

  January 29, 2017   Reviewed by Dr. I.
Keep up the good work
Same as the title

  January 26, 2017   Reviewed by Liz
Saved me a day's worth of work!
This was so efficient and well done. There were only a couple inaudible words I had to fix afterward. Now that I know how well this works, I will use it again and again.

  January 26, 2017   Reviewed by Charlene
CCW Review
Very quick turnaround of a great product! Very helpful! Thank you so much!

  January 26, 2017   Reviewed by John
Good & Timely

  January 26, 2017   Reviewed by April
Great, efficient service!
I am very pleased with the quality of this service. I will most certainly be using it again.

  January 26, 2017   Reviewed by Kevin
Wow! Quick transcript delivery
I compared Transcription Puppy with Rev by giving the two companies the same 2 documents and something very technical. I got one of them back within 12 hours, and the rest under 14 hours. It's been over 24 hours and still nothing back from the other service. Rev cost a little more per minute but the speed of delivery and accuracy is more valuable to me.

  January 25, 2017   Reviewed by Jill
Awesome turnaround time and solid …
Awesome turnaround time and solid accuracy.

  January 25, 2017   Reviewed by Daniel
Accurate and fast enough
All orders took around 24 hours and had errors. Generally fast and accurate enough but would be happier if under 12 hours and completely accurate

  January 25, 2017   Reviewed by Caren
Quick Turnaround!
I needed a trailer video transcribed ASAP! The process was super simple, very affordable, and they turned it around and got it back to me within the hour! I will definitely use this service again!

  January 24, 2017   Reviewed by Erin
Quick and accurate!
Quick and accurate!

  January 20, 2017   Reviewed by marilyn
Love Love Love!!!
I love So accurate and such a time-saver!!!