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  September 5, 2016   Reviewed by Carolyn
Good Job
That was a long podcast interview and was returned so soon!

  September 4, 2016   Reviewed by Brigitte
Quick and Accurate's transcription of my video was perfect and the turn around time was quicker I ever expected. I will definitely be using them again.

  September 3, 2016   Reviewed by Yoga B.
Great service. Great price.
Great service. Great price.

  September 2, 2016   Reviewed by juan
good service
im very happy with the service and it was very easy to use

  September 1, 2016   Reviewed by Mark
Transcript order
Very smooth and completed on time. No problems and very little effort required on my end.

  September 1, 2016   Reviewed by Kirk
Ken Block interview
Timely and accurate. I will use again.

  August 30, 2016   Reviewed by Marc
I HAD TOO MUCH TO GO BACK AND CLEAN UP! I also don't like the fact of having to pay an additional payment of $7.00 for a recording that was only 59 minutes. Your assessment was 66 minutes. After checking several times i still don't find it to be as you assessed me.

  August 30, 2016   Reviewed by Rick
Fast fidelity
In less than three hours, I received a 37 minute podcast transcript that was 98% perfect. Incredible.

  August 30, 2016   Reviewed by Albert
Fast delivery
good quality and fast delivery

  August 29, 2016   Reviewed by Debby
Quck turn around.
I was pleasantly surprised when I received my transcription back within 24 hours. The estimate was 3-4 days. I knew I would have to proofread and fix the spelling of difficult names and locations, but overall I am happy with the service.

  August 29, 2016   Reviewed by Freddy B.
great experience
Super fast and very reliable and accurate!

  August 29, 2016   Reviewed by Matt
Great value
Delivered within 24 hours as promised with a good transcription. A few minor errors due to technical jargon, but very acceptable results.

  August 28, 2016   Reviewed by Eric
Ahead to time and extremely accurate!
I was blown away when my order arrived 24 hours ahead of schedule. The names were carried over from the title and very accurate. I'm impressed and will be back for more!!!

  August 28, 2016   Reviewed by Chris
Fast, efficient and cost effective
Had my video back within 35 minutes - awesome job!

  August 28, 2016   Reviewed by Pia
very good
fast delivery and perfect result

  August 28, 2016   Reviewed by Drac Von S.
Rev is a company you can trust a hundred percent to do as promised. I would highly recommend this company to anyone that needs captions for their films.

  August 27, 2016   Reviewed by Sarah
Good job. Very accurate and quick

  August 26, 2016   Reviewed by Patrick
Good job
First time I've used them for a transcription job. Overall I was pretty satisfied. There was one spot where they said it was unintelligible and another spot where I wasn't quite sure they got what she said but overall I think it was pretty dang good.

  August 26, 2016   Reviewed by Andrew
Amazingly Accurate and Affordable
I gave this company a very difficult film to create captions for. (It was a feature-length musical, with lots of singing, and I did not have a script to send them.) Frankly, I was astonished at how good the transcription was. There were very few errors, and the work was finished in less than 4 days. I would definitely recommend this service.

  August 25, 2016   Reviewed by Scott
Fast and accurate!
I was nothing short of amazed when I got my first transcription back within an hour of ordering it!