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  September 21, 2016   Reviewed by kelson
test run 5 stars
I especially appreciate Shahaunna Johnson efforts with me for my test run with you guys. I will definitely be using you for my study in a few months for all of my transcription services needed for my PhD! Kelson

  September 21, 2016   Reviewed by Dennis
Excellent job on the captions.
Did a great job on the closed captions I needed done and the turn around was really fast.

  September 21, 2016   Reviewed by Gordon
Very quick. Very nice customer service. Near perfect captioning
This company was a no hassle joy to work with and a huge help.

  September 21, 2016   Reviewed by Peter
Turn-around time
The document turn-around time was amazing. Only small errors but understandable if there are audio issues in the track.

  September 20, 2016   Reviewed by gdc
Fast and Accurate!
I don't know what else I could add. I received my transcription very fast, and not a single error.

  September 19, 2016   Reviewed by Mary
Satisfactory first experience
No problem with the work done by the transcription staff, just not sure it saved time because I needed to summarize the content in the end.

  September 19, 2016   Reviewed by Melisa
Excellent service
I had and excellent experience, really good service and fast

  September 19, 2016   Reviewed by RC
I love this service...
Fast with great clarity...

  September 18, 2016   Reviewed by Jason
Excellent Transcription
99.9% accurate. I will use this again. Great service, and super FAST.

  September 18, 2016   Reviewed by Joel D.
Excellent work
This was a completely new experience - my long time transcriber was at a wedding and I did not want her to worry about returning tomorrow to face that transcription obligation. REV was first on Google search and here I am, very satisfied with your work!

  September 17, 2016   Reviewed by Oscar Gil (look me up on Y.
Amazingly fast- SUPER great service!
Completely blown away at the turnaround time. I ordered my first ever service at 4:30am and around 7am they were done. I then ordered another 6 transcriptions around 8:20am and they were done by 10am. FAST! I recommend them 100%

  September 16, 2016   Reviewed by Michelle
I'd use Rev again
The turn-around time was great and impressive. The transcription wasn't 100% accurate, but it wasn't horrible. There were only a couple words missed but it wasn't that big of a deal to me. I still would use this company for transcription services again if I needed it.

  September 16, 2016   Reviewed by Lawrence M.
Awesome and expeditiously on time. is the best place to make sure that you can get a good service.i have a good experience with them.

  September 16, 2016   Reviewed by Garlan P.
Thank you for making my life easier.

  September 15, 2016   Reviewed by Customer
Website unclear as to who will accept their translation. NOT "100% Guaranteed Acceptance" by all.
I needed a marriage certificate translated in order to get a driver's license in a new state. After searching many online sites, I found and because of their advertised 100% guaranteed acceptance, I used their service. The turnaround time was quick and I thought all went well. Until I tried to use the certified, translated copy at the BMV in Indiana to get my license. The BMV requires that the certification letter state that the translation was not done by a friend or relative. (This is not the fault of, obviously.) So, I called their 800 number and spoke to a very nice woman to ask if they could add that verbiage to their letter for me. I was informed that they could not and that their translations are not typically accepted by DMV offices. She said if I had indicated on my request that that is what I was using it for they would have advised me against using their service. I asked for a refund since I could not use the translation they gave me and I felt that their website was misleading or at the very least unclear about who would accept their translations. Especially if this is something they are aware of. I was denied a refund. I am very unhappy with the fact that they, the translation experts, did not make it clear on their website that their services are not accepted by a very specific government office.

  September 15, 2016   Reviewed by RS
Nice Job!
Everything was great! Thanks for your help.

  September 12, 2016   Reviewed by Hanh
Accurate and speedy!
This was a somewhat confusing transcript because I interviewed one person and then a second person joined in. Also, I listed my name and the two interviewees' names, but forgot to list the publicist's name. Fortunately, the transcriber was able to tell apart who was who and labeled the publicist Speaker #4. In addition, it was clear that the transcriber did due diligence with research and was able to spell all the names of Star Trek references correctly. Thank you!

  September 12, 2016   Reviewed by EM
Very good job overall
I was very impressed with how fast the work was done and the general quality. Just a few small glitches -- a couple of words left out and a few minor misspellings.

  September 11, 2016   Reviewed by Anonymous
Very Happy With Service
Very happy with the service.

  September 11, 2016   Reviewed by Craig
Rev does a fantastic job. Quick and accurate.
I am very happy with the service from Rev for my transcriptions. I will definitely use them again. Fast and accurate.