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  October 22, 2014   Reviewed by JoseMML
Really fast job turnaround, excellent result
I sent the MP3 40-minute phone recording one day and it was returned, accurately transcribed, the very next day. There were but two errors of little consequence.

  October 21, 2014   Reviewed by Maureen
Very good with very few errors. I would certainly use again.
I found quick and accurate. I wish I had found them earlier it would have saved me a great deal of time.

  October 21, 2014   Reviewed by LRober
perfect time saver and stress reducer
I needed an interview transcribed quickly and accurately and needed to be able to save the audio file as well. Rev worked perfectly, the format is top notch, no spelling errors or typos, couldn't be happier.

  October 13, 2014   Reviewed by Kristen
Rev are life savers.
Here's the scenario: I'm a music journalist who foolishly took on four lengthy interviews with about a week and a half before my deadline. I also have bronchitis. AND I have a high-profile project going live the same week, which is taking up all my time. I found Rev after a bit of research and reluctantly accepted that I needed help getting all my transcription work done. I'm a horrible transcriptionist, even when I'm not stressed out and run ragged from bronchitis. It takes me *hours* to get even a 15 minute interview done. Just the worst. Rev was fast and accurate. Anything that was marked as inaudible, I could quickly fill in with a spot check. Even with specialized language (for example, one interview referenced a lot of Latin American bands, albums, and films), they were extremely accurate. Rev saved me hours, allowed me to focus on my work, allowed me to SLEEP. Certainly a worthy investment for a journalist who has taken on way too much.

  October 10, 2014   Reviewed by Sparkle
Saves time, definitely - but had to go back and correct things.
So this definitely saves you so much time. However, I still had to go back and correct words because they were entered incorrectly, and i had 7 inaudible marks for a 22 minute segment. For the price I paid ($1.25/minute) based on the time it saved me, yes it was worth it. I just was a little bummed there were probably 10 words I caught that were entered incorrectly, and I had to go back and fix so many inaudibles.

  October 9, 2014   Reviewed by Deirdre
Thank you !
Awesome speed, service & quality especially as the interviews concerned were of Irish accents. Thank you

  October 6, 2014   Reviewed by David
Great turnaround time and accuracy - would use this product again.
Quick and easy to use. The turnaround time was quick and the transcription was very accurate with only a few minor issues.

  September 30, 2014   Reviewed by Gary L.
Vouchsafed Dissertation Interviews to Rev Transcribers
Rev transcribers did a masterful job with respect to speed and accuracy concerning my dissertation interviews. I did my homework in choosing a reputable service for the transcription of the interviews and was rewarded with prompt customer service and reliable transcipts. I have already recommended Rev to other doctoral students who are seeking the transcription of interviews that they want handled with the most accurate, sensitive, and professional care available. I highly recommend Rev. Rev raves. Gary L.

  September 29, 2014   Reviewed by Joseph
Fast Accurate and Inexpensive
I'm impressed and that's not easy to do. They exceeded my expectations. No editing needed.

  September 26, 2014   Reviewed by Sean
You guys are lifesavers!
Whoever transcribed the two hour audio I sent in, THANK YOU!!! It was transcribed completely in full, extremely quickly and to the exact specifications. On top of that, it as completed for an extremely reasonable price! Thank you a million times over!

  September 23, 2014   Reviewed by Alexandre
Fast and accurate!
Got my translation super fast and very accurate.

  September 20, 2014   Reviewed by Hunk
Awesome, quick and easy
got my birth certificate accurately translated in about 7 hours! Thanks Rev!

  September 19, 2014   Reviewed by Gary
Prompt, accurate service.
My video was transcribed quickly and with no discernible errors.

  September 15, 2014   Reviewed by Karolina
Fast and accurate
I received my interview transcribed very quickly. There were multiple speakers and everything was transcribed correctly. Great service!

  September 12, 2014   Reviewed by Bryan
Incredible, game changer for publishers
This app is a game changer for publishers and content creators. I used to spend a fortune on paying writers/journalists to spend time producing transcripts but with Rev they can focus on the writing and leave the transcribing to Rev.

  September 8, 2014   Reviewed by Jennifer provides prompt and accurate transcription for a very affordable rate.
This is an amazing transcription service. They are fast, accurate, and offer the best rates I've ever found.

  September 6, 2014   Reviewed by edwin
My local transcriptionist has still not returned my call and you have completed the job and sent it back to me.
I am completely satisfied with this service. The work was completed the same day I submitted it. There were some errors that needed to be corrected but there always is. I think the simplicity of the process is also a great plus as well.

  September 2, 2014   Reviewed by Brogan
Great translation from poor audio quality
I submitted an file for transcription that had fairly poor audio quality. I was quickly contacted by Rev to ensure if I wanted to proceed given the difficulty of the transcription. I said I was willing to take the risk. The resulting transcription was great, very few gaps and very high accuracy, even with the poor audio. A great thanks to talented transcriptionists that Rev uses!

  September 2, 2014   Reviewed by Teresa
The turnaround time was faster than I expected and you can't beat the price.
The turnaround time on my three interviews was much faster than expected - 24 hrs. While the smart transcription was perfect for my needs, I like the option for verbatim transcription and will most likely need it in the future. As an academic researcher, I found the price particularly nice.

  September 1, 2014   Reviewed by Mr. X.
used twice so far.. blazingly fast and darn good
First, I couldn't believe the price. I've paid literally 10x as much for transcriptions. The site said to expect 48 hours for results, but my transcripts were both finished within 15-20 minutes of placing my order! I thought it was a technical glitch... this couldn't be real.. but there they were! My tweaking to the transcripts was very minimal -- actually much less than I've had to tweak any other transcript. I am aware that I'm writing a very positive review, but I was shocked by the quality and speed and amazing ease of Rev's service. They've clearly take transcription to a new level. Will patronize again.