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  June 27, 2015   Reviewed by Kerstin
huge time saver
Took a boatload of stress off my shoulders in transcribing a video portion of my class exercise. Was fast and accurate, and the price was well worth it. Thanks!

  June 26, 2015   Reviewed by Barbara
Excellent job,!
Transcribers did an excellent job with very difficult material--the sound quality was poor in many places, and cross-conversations further complicated their task. If they'd been given decent tapes this review probably would be five stars. Turnaround was even faster than promised.

  June 15, 2015   Reviewed by Daniela
Very fast return. Objective translation.
Would always recommend as your trusted translation service. Thank you!

  June 15, 2015   Reviewed by Dominik
Great service, great prices! saved me hours, and the price/performance ratio was very good.

  June 12, 2015   Reviewed by Rick
Very, very fast and efficient. Had a little trouble uploading mp4 file so I had to end up sending audio file. Other than that , good job.

  June 11, 2015   Reviewed by Satisfied C.
Fast and very accurate!
Very satisfied with Rev. Will definitely use this for future projects

  June 9, 2015   Reviewed by ES
Low quality, poor spelling and grammar -- will not use again.
We have placed several orders with -- this is not based on minimal experience with their work. At one point, the transcriptions were up to par. However, lately the quality of work has been extremely subpar (we are talking no use of MS Word spell check, etc.). We generally order transcriptions -- around the 30 minute mark -- and they are recorded with high clarity via a Yeti microphone and edited with Adobe Audition. So, there's really no excuse. The recording quality is superior. From numerous spelling mistakes, to a lack of basic grammar skills -- the transcriptions we've paid for lately have been hideous (forcing us to re-edit independently). When you explain that the quality level is substandard they reply with a canned autoresponder that says it meets their "internal accuracy" standards and hence they do not remedy the situation. They prefer to send emails back and forth about why they couldn't perform a simple task a 5th grader could achieve. Had they owned up to their errors -- and lack of basic Microsoft Word spell check -- I could be somewhat forgiving. However, we've decided that is no longer worth the investment for the quality of work provided. If you have 5 minutes of audio, I'm sure they can handle that with some proficiency. However, if you have anything longer, that requires accuracy, take your business elsewhere. The only upside to is that the turnaround is quick, but I'm sure you can find the exact same offering with other online transcription services.

  June 9, 2015   Reviewed by David
Another great job
I love working with Rev

  June 9, 2015   Reviewed by Wayne
Fast and reliable
I've used several times now. They have a 24 hour turnaround but my transcripts are being returned within a few hours. The accuracy is excellent. Really pleased with them.

  June 5, 2015   Reviewed by Ali Datardina, Heroes Health F. Transcription
Excellent work! This was our first use of's transcription service. The product was received the very next day and we are very pleased with the result. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  May 30, 2015   Reviewed by Rich
Cheap, but not as accurate as I’d like…
I got a good, quick turnaround of an audio interview transcript. I was impressed with the cost and the fast turnaround time, but, unfortunately, I was disappointed with the accuracy of the transcription. There were whole phrases missing, some transitions glossed over, whole statements that were misheard and, in context, made no sense in the transcript. This is a very important transcript for us, so accuracy was vital. I had to take as much time making corrections as I feel I would have just using voice recognition, or repeating the audio into my iPhone for voice recognition. We’ll give it another try,

  May 26, 2015   Reviewed by Steven
Excellent and Accurate Service
I have been using Rev (Formerly Fox) translating services for all of my documentation translating. They are quick and I have never had any issues with the translated version of the documentation provided. I will continue to use Rev for all translation needs.

  May 21, 2015   Reviewed by Shaun
It was cheap and it saved me time, but there were alot of little things missed.
So I submitted 33 minutes of audio between two parties to be transcribed into text. Granted, there were a few places where some of the audio was a little difficult to understand, but there were some 50-60 places where the transcriber could not understand what was being said. In some, they typed the wring thing, and in others, they just stated that it was "inaudible". Interestingly, I went through and was able to clearly understand the speaker and I fixed 90% of the issues myself. Considering I only paid $22 for the transcription, I can't complain. It save me an enormous amount of time doing it myself. But I spent about an extra 90 minutes fixing the parts that were either wrong, or too difficult for the transcriber to understand.

  May 14, 2015   Reviewed by Jonathan
Fantastic and quick
I needed a couple of transcriptions done asap and these guys delivered. I think i had both of my transcriptions (1 1/2 hours) of audio back with me in under 12 hours with only a couple of typos. I could not fault it. Would definitely use them again.

  May 14, 2015   Reviewed by Rohit
Great. Happy with the work.

  May 12, 2015   Reviewed by Jeff
Rev Rocks
Extremely pleased with the promptness and accuracy of a 6-hour transcription. Well done, Rev!

  May 9, 2015   Reviewed by Stephen
Fast transcription of accented original
Continue to be pleased with the speed and accuracy of I used to transcribe my interviews with WWII veterans. Rev has made my research much easier my relieving me of the burden of doing transcriptions myself for a very reasonable price.

  April 30, 2015   Reviewed by Dartanian
Recent of first interviews from
The experience has been extremely positive so far. I didn't realize that you had a firm cut off of 59:59 to determine if I would receive a transcript back within 24 hours versus 48 hours. It seems I am taking good audio tapes because I only received a few inaudible comments. Other than that one surprise, I am satisfied with this process.

  April 30, 2015   Reviewed by Kathleen
Amazing quality and speed for an amazing price!
I tested a least one other transcription service. They were twice the price, and I still haven't received their work. Rev has done three interviews in that time for a great price. Also, the quality of the work is great--I don't see any errors! This will be the service I recommend to all of my colleagues especially the graduate students with tight budgets.

  April 30, 2015   Reviewed by paria
Best team.. Great job.. Respond quickly ( within 24 hours).