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  June 29, 2016   Reviewed by Kate
Super pleased!
Transcription was accurate and done quickly. Very pleased!

  June 28, 2016   Reviewed by Trevor L.
I think I just found my writing partner.
I'm writing a novel. I've learned to write out the first draft by hand to avoid distractions and spell check and grammar lines. But it's not a small feat to write a novel : reading my own writing, typing it in and then checking for spelling and grammar and all that good stuff. Then I found The price was so reasonable, I thought I'd give it a go. I was unsure how they'd handle dialogue, and my novel is set between two worlds. I was glad to see they asked for tricky spellings. I got a few but missed a few as well (my bad). They turned the work around in a couple of hours. I'm so pumped I downloaded the app and am going to be testing that next. You've taken me from first draft to third draft. It's awesome!

  June 27, 2016   Reviewed by Matthew
Accurate and Affordable
I had four interviews I needed transcribed. All four were in my hands in less than 18 hours, with the first arriving just about two hours after submission. Straightforward, affordable pricing, with the option for timestamping and verbatim transcription (catches the ums, ers, uhs). I'm a new customer, and intend to go nowhere else.

  June 26, 2016   Reviewed by Tom
The transcript provided by Rev was super quick with great quality and a very good price. It was a life saver. I'm absolutely amazed and highly recommend Rev!

  June 24, 2016   Reviewed by Kate
Garbage removal
Very friendly, trustworthy service from the provider i chose.

  June 24, 2016   Reviewed by Craig
Great job and fast turnaround...thank you
Excellent job

  June 23, 2016   Reviewed by Aimee better than expected
Turnaround time was a matter of hours. The whole process was easy and cost effective. I wouldn't hesitate to use again. Highly recommended.

  June 22, 2016   Reviewed by Carey
I was impressed with the speed and accuracy.

  June 22, 2016   Reviewed by Timothy
Don't use tables
Why did all the text get put into tables? Its a distraction and pain to reformat. Thanks.

  June 21, 2016   Reviewed by Neil L.
Lost for words
Quite amazing. Uploaded 24 files expecting a 24 hour turn around (actually expected a fist full of questions about the poor audio, or words I could not get or rotten accent). What I got was files fully transcribed almost 100% perfect that started to arrive FIVE minutes later. Then they just kept coming quicker than I could cut and paste the content, the whole job finished in about 90 minutes. WOW! I will be back.... never going to do it myself again.

  June 21, 2016   Reviewed by Grad S.
So quick and seamless!
I was hesitant about using Rev because of the mixed reviews, but after shopping around quite a bit, I decided this was my best bet. Other transcription services gave me quotes that would have been almost double the price! I sent off 8 audio recordings of 2-person interviews each about 20-45 mins long, and received all transcripts in only 8 hours (same day!!). It was so quick and easy to use. I would definitely recommend Rev to anyone else looking for transcription services.

  June 20, 2016   Reviewed by Kavi
Fast and reliable
Rev transcribers quickly turn around audio files into text documents. Attention to detail is pretty good. Saves me loads of time as a writer to focus on the dialogue instead of time wasted transcribing and replaying.

  June 19, 2016   Reviewed by Donzilla
Very easy
Very fast and very easy to get this done.

  June 17, 2016   Reviewed by Steve
Great Work Done Fast
Very excited about this service... They turned my projects much faster than I expected and the accuracy was 99%. Thanks!

  June 17, 2016   Reviewed by Marijke
Excellent service!
I was hesitant to send my sensitive transcript in, but the service was outstanding! Turnaround was very fast, quality and formatting were excellent. File was delivered in an editable Microsoft Word document, I have had no problems working with it. I really liked that the site allows you to put in your own glossary of terms (names, etc) so that they are already entered into the transcript properly. It was absolutely fantastic and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Thank you for the prompt, professional service!

  June 17, 2016   Reviewed by Paul
Piece of cake
Establishing an account was easy. The process of establishing a project and uploading digital files was seamless. I received very good transcripts of oral history interviews in less than 24 hours. The transcripts are fully usable and acceptable for my purposes. Fully satisfied with service and value.

  June 16, 2016   Reviewed by 秦宇宙
An Excellent Service
Rev offers a great service at a very reasonable price. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to streamline their subtitle needs.

  June 16, 2016   Reviewed by Michelle
Quick and profesional
I was promised the translation would take up to 48 hours. Maybe they meant 4.8 hours. That's after a minor correction. I was very happy with the service. Will probably use Rev again and recommend to others.

  June 15, 2016   Reviewed by Dr. B.
Very pleased with my first set of transcripts.
Thank you for helping to make a long and cumbersome process short and enjoyable!

  June 15, 2016   Reviewed by N/A
It was convenient and provide an opportunity for me to focus on other things.