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  August 29, 2015   Reviewed by Alessandro
Good transcription, high price
I've been trying to use the service to get transcription of emails and other pieces of text that I dictate into my phone during evening walks, or while driving. When I transcribe them myself, by listening to my own voice, I can type the text pretty much in real time, while making a number of corrections. This means that "I am paying Rev $60/h", which for my use case is prohibitively expensive.

  August 28, 2015   Reviewed by Shelby
Dissertation interviews
Very accurate, timely transcription at an affordable price

  August 27, 2015   Reviewed by Sid
They are excatly what they claim to be

  August 24, 2015   Reviewed by Danese
Three hours saved
I heard about your services from a former student of mine. I submitted a file from one of my staffers as a test and he loved it! He says "I just read it -- seems like a word-for-word transcript of the conversation. This saved me about three hours of time." Thank you very much.

  August 21, 2015   Reviewed by Tom
Good Service
When I need something done, it is usually needed quickly. I also expect it done right. Fast, accurate and easy are three ways to describe Rev transcription service. Saves my staff a lot of typing and they can be doing other things with their valuable time.

  August 20, 2015   Reviewed by Kate
Fast, accurate, easy to do
Found the site easy to use. Didn't want to spend a lot of time on this so great.

  August 14, 2015   Reviewed by Victor
A VERY Dependable Transcription Service!!
I don't normally write reviews - but Rev is a transcription service that deserves the accolade. From the first upload interaction to final delivery, my experience w/ Rev has been superb. The entire process is simple, quick and user friendly. The expanded services are great as well. The turnaround time is blazing fast with minimal errors. Here's an example; I uploaded 3, one-hour interviews on mp3 files at 10AM - within two hours I had the first transcription back with a note indicating the other two were being worked on and delivered within the 24 hour guarantee. What transcription service does that? Rev. And made a remarkable impression. The cost is among the best I've found as well. For me, this is an easy recommendation to make!

  August 13, 2015   Reviewed by Jen
Fast and amazing
They said, the translation would be ready in 24 hours. I emailed my papers them at around 8pm, and they were done by 7am next day. Thanks!

  August 13, 2015   Reviewed by josh
Fast, easy to use, accurate
This was a seamless experience. A little pricey but probably worth it.

  August 10, 2015   Reviewed by David
Very good first experience
Easy to use, transcript was accurate, received within 24 hours, pricing very reasonable. Looking forward to my next experience with

  August 9, 2015   Reviewed by Glenn
Efficiency plus is incredibly fast and a great cost effective transcription solution - well done!

  August 9, 2015   Reviewed by stephanie
Couldve been batter
This was the email i sent directly to your company after placing my order. Although my transcript was completed quickly I felt my opinions and questions were not taken into consideration. Nor did the person whom was transcribing it insert the appropriate names therefore I feel as if this couldve been better. Dear Rev, I look forward to receiving my order and I appreciate the discounted orders you have for new customers! I would like to clarify the names Inwhich were noted along with my order, to better help transcribe my recording. With that being said, the first speaker on this audio recording is Stephanie B. (Myself)..  the second speaker on this recording is Joanne R. (Other adult) and the third speaker on this recording is Raelynn B. (Child). Please note,  everything said by the second speaker (Joanne R.) is extremely important as this transcript is being used for court purposes. Also, I am not sure if your company notes in the transcripts emotions (sobbing,Laughing Etc.) If you do not I was hoping you may be able to do so for me? As there are many emotions heard by the third speaker (Raelynn B.) I do look forward to receiving My order as well as continuing to use your services. Thank you for your time.                                     Stephanie Brown

  August 8, 2015   Reviewed by John
Pretty good
Good standard; a few typos, very quick; I was happy.

  August 8, 2015   Reviewed by Ladislav Š.
Smooth process, quality of the transcript can be improved
The overall User Experience was fine. Easy interface to use, notifications. At the moment I am going through the transcript. It is a good ratio (price/speed/quality) but there is a lot of space for improvement. Some sentences doesn't make sense and they are cut at places where it is not appropriate regarding the speech flow and context.

  August 6, 2015   Reviewed by H. M.
This is an excellent service. is easy to use, with a 24-hour turnaround time on transcriptions. When I called to clarify something, the woman who helped me was friendly and very efficient. The online experience is easy to navigate and quick — so much easier than having to mail or messenger a project. The transcriber didn't make one mistake. I was totally pleased and satisfied with my experience.

  August 4, 2015   Reviewed by Rachel
Quick Turnaround but Not Very Accurate
Turnaround was exceptionally quick but unfortunately I had to go over the entire piece because the transcription wasn't very accurate.

  August 4, 2015   Reviewed by Lisa
First Time - Will Definitely Use You Again!
I was very impressed with the quality of work and how fast I got it back. I've used various transcription services before, but was never very impressed with the end result. I can literally just hand the finished document over to my graphic designer to create our e-book. Thanks a ton!

  August 2, 2015   Reviewed by Thompson M.
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  August 2, 2015   Reviewed by Allison
So far, so good!
This was my first time using, but they were fast, professional and accurate. Very pleased!

  July 30, 2015   Reviewed by Richard
Fast accurate work
The transcription-ist called me before starting the job as there was a break in the numbering sequence of the links we provided and was very professional. The transcripts were done accurately and in just an hour or two from when I submitted them. Great experience, will definitely use your service again.