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  May 13, 2013   Reviewed by Elnahas
more than perfect
accurate, fast and best customer service, you can always see the progress done at any point

  May 13, 2013   Reviewed by Robert D.
superb !
I submitted a 55 minute iPhone recorded dialogue that was quickly and flawlessly transcribed. I recommend Rev to anyone needing high quality professional transcription services.

  May 13, 2013   Reviewed by Steven J.
In 2010 I used under their old name to get 2 documents from Colombia translated for my wife's visa. The work was returned to me over a weekend and looked outstanding. In February 2013 I again needed two documents translated from Colombia (birth certificate and death certificate). I submitted them to and the translations were returned to me OVERNIGHT - less then 12 hours. They weren't just translated they were in block format just like the originals. All documents were accepted by USCIS without question. I can't recommend their service enough.

  May 13, 2013   Reviewed by R I.
Rev was there for me when I needed them
I discovered on a Saturday I needed a lengthy transcription of an audio file done quickly. I had it on Tuesday, thanks to Rev, with no errors or omissions, few [inaudibles], and remarkably accurate attributions--to 14 different speakers. Will definitely use Rev again, and am pleased to recommend them to you.

  May 13, 2013   Reviewed by Kathi
Fast and accurate
I was told I would receive the translated document within 24 hours and had it only eight hours after submitting my order and it was very accurately translated. I am very satisfied with the service.

  May 13, 2013   Reviewed by Sherif M.
The best translation services providers i've erver used..Thank You.
The best translation services providers i've erver used..Thank You.

  May 13, 2013   Reviewed by Joe C.
Simple,Convenient,Fast,Accurate and Affordable
I have used other services of this kind,none better than this. I m a private investigator and this App. makes it easy to get my statements transcribed quickly and accurately.

  May 13, 2013   Reviewed by Randy O.
Just what my business needed!
I BLOG and ad text to the BLOG so this is a real time saver. They are accurate and quick to send orders back. They say longer than it takes but I have received transcriptions back in hours. I know this is not their norm but the service bottom line is fantastic.

  May 13, 2013   Reviewed by Stuart B.
From sceptic to evangelist!
Rev provide very accurate transcriptions, very quickly, at a great price. We now use & recommend them exclusively. (but don't tell everyone - I don't want others clogging the system) ;) Usage: we use them to transcribe every episode of the as well as client podcasts & videos. Usually 1 - 2 hosts. English.

  May 13, 2013   Reviewed by Sieglinde P.
great help
I was amazed at how quick they worked on my document.

  May 13, 2013   Reviewed by Dan W.
Excellent work! They did a great job transcribing a video I gave them.
Excellent work! They did a great job transcribing a video I gave them.

  May 13, 2013   Reviewed by Randy M.
Good, fast, and inexpensive. What more do you want?
I have used this service about half a dozen times so far to do transcriptions from audio recordings of lectures. The source audio is good and clear and the content written for general audiences, so just plain simple English. So the jobs have been relatively easy. The thing that impressed me, though, was the speedy service. It was easy to upload the mp3 files, and the transcription was done so fast! And the price is hard to beat.

  May 13, 2013   Reviewed by Jay C.
Fast, reliable, and trustworthy! Enough said!
Since using, I have had no problems, and there customer service is awesome! Their work is fast, reliable, and trustworthy, and I appreciate their ability to produce and satisfy. Thank you!

  May 13, 2013   Reviewed by Patti T.
Words travel fast when you're this good!
My client was totally impressed with how fast their video training session was turned into words on paper. They received an accurate, literal transcript with appropriate punctuation and paragraph breaks - smart people at rev. com! I would definitely recommend their audio transcription service.

  May 13, 2013   Reviewed by Shaha R.
Great turnaround. That's how online services should operate
Very responsive to customer requests and inquiries. I will use these guys again

  May 13, 2013   Reviewed by Adam S.
The best transcription service I've ever used. Period!
When you're hired to write a book as the companion for a hit reality show, and you've got innumerable hours of interviews to cull through in order to get to the heart of the material, a transcription service isn't just necessary, it's vital. With that in mind, really delivered. Easily the best transcription service I've ever used -- and trust me, as a professional writer for nearly two decades I've used plenty. But Rev is by far the best and I will be a client until I hang up my pen (laptop) for good!

  May 13, 2013   Reviewed by JU C.
Easy and very professional
Easy and very professional

  May 13, 2013   Reviewed by Jill D.
They did an excellent job & provided fast service!
Rev returned my transcript in less than 48 hours and it was amazingly accurate, even though it was somewhat technical material.

  May 13, 2013   Reviewed by Edgar M.
It really works, easier than what u think.
I really liked, it was even faster than what they told me it was going to be.

  May 13, 2013   Reviewed by Jim K.
Excellent service. Quick, easy and surprisingly accurate transcription.
I've used several times to dictate longer notes and write-ups. As I've dictated, there have been terms and phrases that I fully expected to be a transcription problem. But the transcripts came back with exactly what I had said, or in a case or two with a note regarding the possible interpretations. It's much more like the old days with my dictation recorder and human secretary who knew my style well rather than what I've come to expect with computer-interpreted voice-to-text.