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  August 27, 2013   Reviewed by Zeinab
Very fast and convenient
I highly recommend this company , it's very fast and convenient

  August 27, 2013   Reviewed by Jason
Fast, Affortable & Excellent customer service!
Fast, Affortable & Excellent customer service! This is the best translating service I ever found. Quick responses, and they'll contact and work with you to work on exactly what you need at an affordable price. Thank you REV!!!

  August 27, 2013   Reviewed by Brice
the job was perfect
I was looking for a quick service to translate my birth certificate with a certification. This site gave me a quick and professional service in less than 24 hours. The job was well done and i'm a very satisfy customer. I highly recommend this site.

  August 27, 2013   Reviewed by chayden
The turn around time is awesome. I cannot speak to the accuracy at this time because I have not reviewed the transcripts, but I feel there will not be an issue. I will be more thank happy to provide another review after I review the transcripts in about a month.

  August 26, 2013   Reviewed by Tyler
Just what I needed
Fast, professional, accurate and super-simple to use. This service is going to save me lots of time in the future!

  August 26, 2013   Reviewed by Vielka
Perfect, flawless and fast response. provides outstanding translation services. Their website is very user-friendly and allows you to get a quote, place your order, pay and obtain your translated documents very fast and without any errors. I would recommend 100% to anyone anywhere around the world

  August 26, 2013   Reviewed by Liviu
Very simple and quick process
I uploaded my documents in the morning and had the translation in the afternoon. The whole process takes less than 2 minutes which I loved!

  August 26, 2013   Reviewed by Vincent
Great translation service, 24h turnaround time
I would recommand REV for your official French to English translations. The work was executed quickly.

  August 24, 2013   Reviewed by Sebastian
Nothing else to say really. They do what they say they will do, it's that simple. Good job well done.

  August 24, 2013   Reviewed by Glenn
Fast, accurate, neat!
Their service has made me a faithful customer.

  August 24, 2013   Reviewed by Andrey
Got translated document in few hours!!!
I'm very satisfy with the service!! Submitted my diploma for translation in the morning and got it back in few hours! Well done!

  August 23, 2013   Reviewed by Dominique
Good service
I have been using their service for several translation in the past. These are always well done, accurate, fast. I still recommend to check it, the only issue I had is the the cover letter certifying their translation was for someone else's documents. I'm glad I caught it as I need this for a lawyer. I would recommend them without a doubt, and keep using them in the future. We are all humans and a mistake is possible and they do recommend you check the translated document.

  August 23, 2013   Reviewed by silvia
excellent job
thank you so much it was a great job

  August 23, 2013   Reviewed by Luisana
Irá a very Good Services but a litle spencive
Irá a very Good service.

  August 23, 2013   Reviewed by Catherine
Perfect, convenient, affordable--love this company!
I tape interviews for a living. I was nervous about using this service because, frankly, it seemed too easy to be true. Must be a hitch. There was no hitch. I made the recording on my iPhone, pressed transcribe, and off it went. Although the official turnaround time was 96 hours, it was delivered in a day and a half--word perfect--and cheaper than the manual transcriber I've used.

  August 23, 2013   Reviewed by Dr. Janie G.
Excellent Service
I would recommend this company without reservations.

  August 23, 2013   Reviewed by Claudia
Incredible Website for Certifying a Translation! Very Happy with Results.
Fast delivery , worth while.

  August 23, 2013   Reviewed by Jose
I like this service and I will use it again, but the restrictions about pricing should be more clear.
I am satisfied with the professionalism showed by Rev associates on the phone and through email. My only observation is that when I saw the prices per page and I place the order online it wasn't clear to me the restrictions about the density of the text and the amount of word and numbers covered by the offered price. It is an unpleasant experience receiving an email telling you that your order has a remaining balance and that the service you already contracted is actually more expensive. I would recommend to make that possibility more clear from the beginning in order to improve the customer experience. Other than that, I find very helpful.

  August 23, 2013   Reviewed by Todd V.
Good price, good quality and fast turn around.
I was really happy with's recent work transcribing a few interviews. I gave them over two hours worth of audio footage and they turned them around within about 48 hours. They did a nice job separating each of the speakers and overall did a great job capturing every word. In the off chance they couldn't determine what a speaker was saying - they put a time stamp on it. Overall the process to upload audio is very easy, the price is reasonable ( I sure don't want to spend hours doing it) and the delivery is fast and documents look professional. I would be happy to recommend to anyone looking for a transcription service.

  August 22, 2013   Reviewed by Feng
The translation service is good and fast
The translation is very fast and the documents looks very formal.