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  April 25, 2013   Reviewed by YBZH
They are really trying to help the customer
They really tried very hard to finish the translation before my deadline. Thank you again.

  April 25, 2013   Reviewed by Luca M.
Very fast and helpful
I needed the translations very fast to fulfill a deadline. I asked if the translations could be done faster and the translators were very helpful.

  April 25, 2013   Reviewed by R. E.
Got the job done.
I used the iphone app to record a user interview as part of some market research. I was pleased with the app experience, and wanted to get a transcript of the interview for posterity. I ordered it through the app, and got my transcript back 2 days later. It's a great service. I can't imagine it being any simpler.

  April 25, 2013   Reviewed by Anju G. is a superb website that translates your document accurately and delivers it promptly!!
Had a great experience with I needed a document translated and translated it accurately and delivered it to me before even the time they had promised!! If I ever need a document translated again, I would definitely go wit

  April 17, 2013   Reviewed by DRichard W. is a service that provides transcriptions with speed and accuracy at a very reasonable cost.
As a Personal Injury Trial Attorney I do video interviews to obtain information from clients and witnesses. I had a staff of people to transcribe the interviews however the process was long and very costly. As a computer buff I was looking for a way to help staff do a better job when I came upon the services you provide. I gave your company a try and was amazed at the accuracy and speed in getting the transcripts done. Now I no long have to burden my staff with getting transcriptions and I have decreased the overall cost of my business. Your services are now an integrate part of my business. D. Richard White MoKan Personal Injury Group

  April 16, 2013   Reviewed by Jacqueline B.
Excellent service has helped me tremendously with my research. I would have been unable to complete my project without their prompt, efficient, and accurate service. I rely on precise transcriptions of my interviews, and provided exactly that. I have worked with other transcription companies, and outperforms them all. I plan to use this company again and have recommended it to my colleagues.

  April 14, 2013   Reviewed by Gilberto D.
I just wantvto said the service is accurate and reliable. Om another hand the translation is fast and professional.

  April 13, 2013   Reviewed by James
This is a good company to work with.
I like the good customer service. They are very quick to respond; will use again.

  April 13, 2013   Reviewed by Ellen K.
Excellent and timely service. Usually less than 24 hour turnaround and quite accurate.
Whatever your transcription need, and however you value your time, this is an excellent service, that is reasonably priced. This service produced accurate transcription of my interviews, allowing me to devote my time to analysis.

  April 13, 2013   Reviewed by G. B.
I am so happy I found this website!
I am from a French-speaking country but live in an English-speaking country so I always struggle having my official documents translated. I used to spend a lot of time finding a translator and sending originals to them and this was expensive. I found FoxTranslate (apparently now online and was so happy with the results. The turn around time was super quick and much cheaper than I previously had paid. I had a correction to make to the document and they were again super fast and professional about it. They were particularly good at keeping me informed through the process.

  April 12, 2013   Reviewed by Perpetua Cavalcanti M.
Their work was great!
I was very happy with my order. I got my translation (Portuguese-English) in 24 hours, needed to make an adjustment, and had it done in no time. I will definitely use their services next time I need a translation.

  April 12, 2013   Reviewed by Joe Taylor J.
Reliable and accurate
When I needed accurate and affordable transcription for a recent client project, Rev delighted me with an easy interface, no hassle quoting, and prompt delivery. Steering my future projects their way.

  April 12, 2013   Reviewed by John C.
Instant turnaround with excellent accuracy!
excellent service I shall use again.

  April 12, 2013   Reviewed by Kristen W.
Most efficient and trusted translation service around!
We have been using Rev for translations since they were previously Fox translate. Their website is extremely user friendly and their customer service outstanding. The translations we have entrusted them with are always accurate and turned around to us in a timely manner. I will use no other service for translation!

  April 12, 2013   Reviewed by Evgeny A.
Fast and professional Service.
I needed a translation from Russian to English to be made on the same date and specially requested it in my notes. The translation was made indeed on the same date in 4 hours, without any additional charges. I appreciate that business and attention to the client needs.

  April 12, 2013   Reviewed by Sorcher F.
Never a hitch
These guys get it done efficiently and timely.

  April 12, 2013   Reviewed by Matthew M. is fast, reliable, and the price is unbeatable.
Our company has used's transcription service dozens of times, including several rush jobs. They've always been responsive and reliable, capable of handling quick turnaround times. Their customer service has always been top notch. I would recommend to anyone who needs transcription.

  April 12, 2013   Reviewed by daniel f.
It realy work

  April 12, 2013   Reviewed by Molly F.
Quick turnaround time..Excellent translation. I will always use Rev for all translations I have. Very satisfied customer!!!!!

  April 12, 2013   Reviewed by Klibs G.
Very efficient.
Very efficient.