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  July 31, 2013   Reviewed by Xiaojing
quick and good follow up
I received quick feedback and follow up to update the description. It is Easy to use the website.

  July 31, 2013   Reviewed by Michael
Quick and easy
Exactly what I wanted.

  July 31, 2013   Reviewed by Sean
Excellent, professional translations.
Excellent, professional translations. Very fast turnaround, even on the weekend!

  July 31, 2013   Reviewed by Sylvie
True to their word: received translation in less than 24hrs. Much appreciated.
Appreciated accuracy of translation and promptness.

  July 30, 2013   Reviewed by Steve
YoRev was faster than advertised, accurate and simple to use.
YoRev was faster than advertised, accurate and simple to use.

  July 30, 2013   Reviewed by MOHAMMED A.
Excellant service
Love doing business with

  July 30, 2013   Reviewed by Nancy
Great service delivered very quickly.
I'm so glad I found They return my transcript very quickly and it was very accurate. I would use them a lot.

  July 30, 2013   Reviewed by Kasy
Anyone that can turn around a transcript for a 5 minute video within hours, has already one my heart!
What takes me hours, upon hours to complete, takes Rev no time at all. Seriously, after submitting my first video, and getting the transcript back within a couple of hours, I was sold! Will never do my own transcribes again!

  July 30, 2013   Reviewed by Joanna
Fast and flawless - FAR better than expected
We do a lot of video website reviews for our customers, and I've been sending those - and our course videos - to a 'real live human' for transcription. The computer-generated transcriptions I'd seen were really, really bad, so I decided it made better sense to get a human to do the transcribing... just to cut down on errors. But when my human :) was out of town for summer vacay, I had no choice but to use a transcription service. I'd seen Rev before - I follow the tech startup world closely - and frankly thought that if they had investors and a nice-looking site, I'd give 'em a shot. Unlike other services, Rev lets you upload the video directly or send them a link to a Dropbox folder, which is awesome. Once you upload the video, they automatically know the length of the video and use that to calculate what you'll pay - easy, no surprises. Then you just pay online and sit back... ...But because I wasn't sure what I'd get and I'm sorta obsessive :) , I watched my inbox like a hawk - only to find that, in less than the quoted 48 hours, I had the completed transcript back, in a Word doc. And I'm telling you it was sans errors! It was amazeballs. For 70 mins it only cost me ~$100, which is WAY less than my human charged me, and it was super-speedy and perfect. I honestly used to waste about 30 minutes reviewing each transcription my human sent me. With Rev, I reviewed the whole 27-page doc in ~2 minutes and confidently forwarded it to my client *without making a single edit to it*. YES, I will use Rev again and recommend it to everyone.

  July 30, 2013   Reviewed by Ahmed
It's good enough to finish up your paperwork
It took exactly 24 hrs It seems to me good enough

  July 30, 2013   Reviewed by Gabriela
Affordable, Accurate, Timely Transcription
Very high quality. Got 70 dollars worth of recording back within 24 hours.

  July 30, 2013   Reviewed by Maurice
Outstanding fast and acurate service
Outstanding fast and acurate service

  July 30, 2013   Reviewed by Lijuan
I hope you could offer a faster document about some other language in the future.
I hope you could offer a faster document about some other language in the future. Thank you

  July 29, 2013   Reviewed by Mary
Not sure it's worth the money
A lot of the transcription is listed as "inaudible" but really it just takes a couple minutes to slow down and listen to it carefully. I'll have to go back and listen to much of the recording myself ... seems to defeat the purpose of paying someone else to do it.

  July 29, 2013   Reviewed by Suzanne
Really researched options and gave you my first file to you to transcribe as a "test". So surprised how fast and accurate the transcription was. Thank you! I will have many other files over the next 6-12 months so thank you for being a valuable source.

  July 29, 2013   Reviewed by Rachel
Quick turnaround as promised, Mostly great quality
I've submitted 6 transcriptions in two sepearte jobs for and have been mostly pleased. However, in one of the larger groups dialogues, the transcriber had difficulty identifying each voice. In that transcription it's not apparent when the moderator is talking versus one of the other participants. One participant is actually named in that document - something I promised participants would not happen (moderator/speaker 1/speaker 2 or male/female/moderator is what was expected). This makes qualitative analysis more difficult. That said, I did chose to use the service again when I submitted the second set of 3 as the overall quality is great and the groups were smaller in size than the problematic large group.

  July 29, 2013   Reviewed by Christina
So very speedy!
Thank you for making this step the most painless part of an overall harrowing visa application experience!

  July 29, 2013   Reviewed by Nancy
I recommend Rev to all my colleagues!
Rev provides high-quality transcriptions for a reasonable price. Their turn-around time is phenomenal, and they have made it so easy to submit transcriptions through their app. My entire dissertation process is SO much easier, thanks to Rev! No trouble, and well worth the cost.

  July 29, 2013   Reviewed by Brock
Very Professional and polite.
This company is a life saver.

  July 29, 2013   Reviewed by ELIZABETH