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  August 23, 2013   Reviewed by Claudia
Incredible Website for Certifying a Translation! Very Happy with Results.
Fast delivery , worth while.

  August 23, 2013   Reviewed by Jose
I like this service and I will use it again, but the restrictions about pricing should be more clear.
I am satisfied with the professionalism showed by Rev associates on the phone and through email. My only observation is that when I saw the prices per page and I place the order online it wasn't clear to me the restrictions about the density of the text and the amount of word and numbers covered by the offered price. It is an unpleasant experience receiving an email telling you that your order has a remaining balance and that the service you already contracted is actually more expensive. I would recommend to make that possibility more clear from the beginning in order to improve the customer experience. Other than that, I find very helpful.

  August 23, 2013   Reviewed by Todd V.
Good price, good quality and fast turn around.
I was really happy with's recent work transcribing a few interviews. I gave them over two hours worth of audio footage and they turned them around within about 48 hours. They did a nice job separating each of the speakers and overall did a great job capturing every word. In the off chance they couldn't determine what a speaker was saying - they put a time stamp on it. Overall the process to upload audio is very easy, the price is reasonable ( I sure don't want to spend hours doing it) and the delivery is fast and documents look professional. I would be happy to recommend to anyone looking for a transcription service.

  August 22, 2013   Reviewed by Feng
The translation service is good and fast
The translation is very fast and the documents looks very formal.

  August 22, 2013   Reviewed by Kine
Good service
Got my translations in less than 24 hrs and they were correct

  August 22, 2013   Reviewed by Cordera
Superlative service, Smart method, useful system. Tank you very much.
My full translation of academic and professional qualifications have been delivered in less than 24 hours.

  August 22, 2013   Reviewed by Theresa
Transcription was accurate and quick!
Very quick turnaround, no problems found in text. Good job!

  August 22, 2013   Reviewed by Matthew
Fantastic Service was by far the easiest transcription services I've used.

  August 22, 2013   Reviewed by Lynette
Great service!
REV was fast and efficient when transcribing my information. I will definitely use their services in the future.

  August 22, 2013   Reviewed by Heidi
The process is so, so easy! The results are timely and the product produced is excellent.

  August 22, 2013   Reviewed by Alessio
Very good!
I was about to translate some documents by myself with the help of my wife that works as a technical translator. Unfortunately the legal terms used on the documents were out of her competence and we did not feel confident enough. I found, I uploaded the documents on Friday and got the document translated and edited on Monday; the pdf I got also looks very "official" and I am sure my attorney and the officials that will have to handle the translations will feel I gave them a trusty and solid document. Bye!

  August 22, 2013   Reviewed by Olga
I am so pleased to find someone to assist me with the translation of my documents in such a quick and efficient manner at a reasonable cost.
After using the free online translation services for the last year, it is so comforting to be able to use knowing that I will receive a full and proper translation when requested.

  August 22, 2013   Reviewed by Angelico
most ridiculous translation
I agree with the reviewer below. The most ridiculous translation I have ever seen. It was definitely done by a machine. Do yourself a favor and avoid this "company" at all costs.

  August 22, 2013   Reviewed by Juan
The best!
Reliable, fast and affordable prices

  August 22, 2013   Reviewed by Julio
Good and fast
Good service, fast and reliable.

  August 22, 2013   Reviewed by Olga
Great experience with quick well-done work
Rev as always was perfect and very quick with their work. It was a pleasure to order my translation and in 6 hours to receive it without any single mistake. Thank you very much!

  August 21, 2013   Reviewed by Pavla
Fast service
Fast, quality service

  August 21, 2013   Reviewed by Plato
Machine-based translation, despite of what their claims - be careful!
I used and recieved a nice certificate that says how accurate their trnalsation is, signed by their Vice president, along with the most ridiculous translation of a very simple certificate. It didn't make any sense and was obvious that a human didn't do it, but a machine (a dumb one). I asked to correct it and after 3 days I got 2 versions of the certificate in English, one was correct and one was not. Obviously, whoever is doing this is an amature and ignorant. Find yourself a different company.

  August 21, 2013   Reviewed by Hugo
Wonderful service!
Just as promised I got my accurate certified translation within 24 hours. The formatting of the documents was impeccable as well. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for fast and accurate translations.

  August 21, 2013   Reviewed by Juergen
Outstanding Service
I totally recommend for any kind of Translations you need. The guys there do an amazing job and the turn around time is awesome.