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  September 5, 2013   Reviewed by Thomas
They do what they promise, when they promise it
I just needed a document translated quickly. I sent it in,and received it back very quickly. The price was half of what an old fashioned translating service quoted. This is the future of efficient translating.

  September 5, 2013   Reviewed by Any C.
Fast and professional translation services!!!
I needed a certified birth certificate translation as soon as possible. I started searching on the Internet for translation services during the Labor Day long weekend. I contacted few of them but none of them were able to get me the certified translation before Wednesday. got everything ready in less than two days. Fast and professional translation services. I would definitely recommend!!! ^^

  September 5, 2013   Reviewed by Lizette
Timely, professional work, trustfully.

  September 5, 2013   Reviewed by Veronica
wonderful, extraordinary
Maravillosa atencion, excelente trabajo. En solo un par de horas tuve mi certificado de matrimonio traducido. Muchas Gracias.

  September 5, 2013   Reviewed by Russ
I just used for the first time- this is a fantastic service.
As a documentary filmmaker I just became aware of This service is fantastic and, based on my experience, I highly recommend it. Fairly priced and super fast turn around.

  September 4, 2013   Reviewed by Raymond M.
fast and acurate
the service was fast and the translation accurate. I also appreciate the pricing

  September 4, 2013   Reviewed by Susannah
Transcriptions were done quickly, accurately and inexpensively.
Transcriptions were done quickly, accurately and inexpensively.Absolutely fine for what we needed.

  September 4, 2013   Reviewed by Salma
Very good
Rev gives a really good services & they assist you during the whole process of your translation service :)

  September 4, 2013   Reviewed by Miguel
Great service!!
It was right on time!!!

  September 4, 2013   Reviewed by Michael
Great job in turning around a translation quickly
There was a single mistake and it was addressed within an hour. I've used Rev twice now and it is great overall service!

  September 4, 2013   Reviewed by Steven
Very Professional services completed in a timely manner.
Sent in my documents by uploading them to their site, within two days I had the completed translations. There was a small mix up, where they sent the same document to me twice instead of both documents, however, once I emailed them about it, the situation was corrected immediately. Great service overall.

  September 4, 2013   Reviewed by Mark
Good Job
The transcription was complete and fairly accurate even thiugh there were several places noted as insudible. Not sure if was my speaking, the use of unusual words and technical words, and/or the transcriber was not a native english speaker. I am satisfied with the transcription effort and will continue to use this service. It is a cost effective savings to both time and money.

  September 4, 2013   Reviewed by alexandru
Outstanding service
From now on, all my documents that needs translation will be handled by the rev team. Fast service and accurate. Thank you.

  September 4, 2013   Reviewed by Dave
Very quick turnaround - formatted exactly as needed. Excellent Service!
There are a lot of online transcription services out there. We needed an audio interview done quick and not have to worry about formatting and separating the two speakers in the transcript. did it fast, exactly as we needed, and at a great price. We would definitely use them again!

  September 4, 2013   Reviewed by O. Max Gardner I.
Transcript was very good and had very few errors. I as impressed.
I am now planning a major project using this service. I was very pleased with the quality of the transcript and with the timing of the production process

  September 3, 2013   Reviewed by Vj K. is Awesome!
Not only did they get me back my transcribing order in less than 2 hours on Labor Day! but they did it for 1/3 the price quoted by another service. gets my VOTE!

  September 3, 2013   Reviewed by Clint
Very satisfied with the service and the very quick turn-around.
I wasn't sure what to expect b/c this was my first time doing any transcription service. I will be using this service from a lot more going forward. I was amazed how quick they delivered and I feel the price was very fair.

  September 2, 2013   Reviewed by Nancy
Outstanding response to inquiries, turnaround period and quality, EXCEPTIONAL!
The amounts posted on the webpage for the translation & certification services were too good to be true, and to make sure asked for a quote. They responded within a few hours; I still had a question on a medical certificate, not only did I get a voice, but were very patient in explaining their process. The uploading, purchasing process was easy. What was the biggest surprise? This was a holiday weekend, and the translation/certification was completed/emailed within a few hours! Kudos to Brianna!

  September 2, 2013   Reviewed by Angelica
They are fast and professional.
The only inconvenience was that they took more time that I expected in the beginning because the document that I provided them wasn't clear, They did not notify me, they did it just when I asked them. After I provided a high resolution copy they were really fast and the quality of the translation was pretty good.

  September 2, 2013   Reviewed by Sonja
Very impressed with service - accurate and done before expected!
I was behind on transcribing some audio files so I checked out this service. My file was about an hour and 40 minutes long. Files over one hour are not guaranteed in 24 hours, but mine was ready in less than 24 hours! I was really impressed with the turnaround time. When I read through the transcript, I was yet again impressed because I would say it was better than 99% accurate. Wonderful service. Will use again and again.