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  October 14, 2013  
This is the 3rd set of documents I have had translated by this company and have received very good and fast service all three times. Their rates are very reasonable.
  October 14, 2013  
Want to a physic reader and recorded the 1 hour conversation on REV because it is the only app that lets you transcribe you recording into text . The text came as a download on my ipad and I was able to sit down read it over and over again. I thought the $40.00 price tag was a bit extravagant even with the $10.00 discount . I would do it again but it would have to be something special.
  October 14, 2013  
When I was searching for affordable translation Rev provided the most affordable quote. They responded to my request within the hour and the translation itself was complete within 48 hours. I'd recommend using this service to anyone.
  October 14, 2013  
John B.
Good outcome just wish it could have been delivered sooner
  October 14, 2013  
I am satisfied with "revised" version, although expected to have one like that at first try. I provided English spelling of names (place, person) I use for other documents, as there are multiple possible spelling. Unfortunately, those were not refereed by initial translator/reviewer and first translation came back using the spelling different from the ones I requested. Second one used the requested spelling. Turn-around was great (less than 48 hours) and price was good.
  October 14, 2013  
The service was great. It was easy and fast. I will be a repeat customer.
  October 14, 2013  
The traduction is excellent, and it was accepted by immigration services. I receive it in 1 day. Excellent!
  October 13, 2013  
Great service - very fast was amazed to see first hour transcription return within 24hrs and the rest followee within 12 hours after that. very accurate - i had an interview with accents so was expecting it to be difficult) Thanks guys - will be using you again soon.
  October 13, 2013  
Normally, I am always very pleased with the transcripts but in this last one there were several lines that were deemed "inaudible" that I had to go back myself and fill in the blanks. I haven't run into this problem before, and I was pretty disappointed.
  October 13, 2013  
Had 3 certificates translated to English and sent by email and all went well. One had a typo, I email them back and they sent It again with the fix in less than a day. I'd definitely recommend the service.
  October 13, 2013  
REV transcribed my audio file in less than 48 hours with 100% accuracy. A godsend of a service for the time poor researcher!
  October 13, 2013  
If you ever need to have something translated, go to You upload what you want translated, you pick the language, and they instantly tell you the cost. And you get your translated document back within 24 hours or sooner. It is that simple. They can also do translations of very uniquely formatted "smart art" text. I was very impressed. Very much worth the cost. The only think I wish they would not do, is insert a footer with information about when the translation was completed. Easy to remove but it created an extra step.
  October 13, 2013  
These guys are great.
  October 13, 2013  
I needed to have my Police clearance certificate translated. I sent my file online, and got the translation emailed to me less than 5 hours later. Amazing.
  October 13, 2013  
My first try was simply terrific -- with all work done very fast, accurate, and inexpensive. The second try was also fast and inexpensive but the accuracy was terrible, requiring a lot of work from me to fix. I suspect that the cause of the inaccuracy was partly my fault -- for electing the less expensive, rougher transcription (which was exactly as hoped for the first round) and submitting one, longer recording rather than a series of short ones. Obviously the length of the recording made a difference, because the transcription got worse and worse as the minutes past. There we 138 "inaudible" sections (which I found quite audible) in less than 90 minutes, with about half of them in the last quarter of the recording . . .signaling fatigue or haste to me, as much as anything. Next time, I'll try breaking up the recording into smaller pieces and see if I get back to the quality nof the first try
  October 13, 2013  
Order TC0344269602 (Focus Group Interview) I sent my focus group on Oct. 4 for transcription and I indicated that there where five speakers. However, on Oct. 6, I sent a message indicating that there were actually six speakers. On the same date I received a message from Breetel Graves, Support Manager, replied, "I have passed your message along to our transcription team.' When I received my transcription/document on Oct. 9, it indicated five speakers. I do not know what to do now because the transcription may not be used because of that/confusion.
  October 13, 2013  
I was hesitant to try out an online translating service, especially when I had one that I usually went to in person. The only problem is that it takes them half a week and it costs more than double compared to what I paid for at Rev. The price and advertising that mentioned it could be done within 24 hours was convincing enough for me to try it once. I first sent in an inquiry and received it within a few hours. I then tried to order, but waited too long (approx. 14 hours) before I decided to continue and add my credit card information. It didn't look like it went through, so I decided to ask Rev a question and I received a reply incredibly quickly. I have to tell you I wasn't used to such quick service. I finally decided to go ahead and order and within 5 hours I received an e-mail with the translation that was wonderfully done. I am very impressed. The translation was perfect and I love how they added more by actually putting an image that was on the original into the translated copy. Simply wonderful. The moment I received the translation and looked at it, I knew that I will bookmark the site and use it for any other future translations that I will ever need. I consider the price a huge bonus as well. For something like I translated it would have been a standard 120 EUR at my local translating service and instead I only had to pay $54.
  October 13, 2013  
The process was extremely easy and straightforward, no hidden fees like they said. Uploaded the file, signed in, paid at 9am and at 12:55 pm the translation was done. You can not beat that. I have become a faithful customer. By the way, as I paid the fee my internet froze and they called me to tell me that I had been charged twice for the same document and that they refunded me the money. Great customer service. Really trust their services. I checked the translated document (into spanish) and it was excelent in word and format. I have been recomending Rev since then. You should use them.seriously.
  October 13, 2013  
Googled a solution to do transcribing and your link came up. The best click through I have done in a long time. I had an interview recording and just no time to do the transcribing. The price and turn-around time was unbelievable and already I have referred your services to 3 companies. Thanks! Michelle
  October 12, 2013  
I recommend to all of my classmates in my doctoral program!