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  May 14, 2013   Reviewed by Gary S.
Better, Faster, Cheap enough to make it a no brainer!
We've used several transcription companies over the years. Each one started got more expensive and less effective. Wrong curve right?.... higher prices with diminishing quality. REV has reversed that trend. They now have all our business and they continue to exceed our expectations. We now have only ONE recommendation on our list of transcription services to our clients:

  May 14, 2013   Reviewed by Edward H. save me time and money
I used to transcribe my recordings using express scribe , foot petals to control playback, and dragon dictate. Transcription was slow and painful. I would procrastinate. My time is money. Now I send my recordings to The transcriptions are excellent, cheap, and they are usually ready the next day.

  May 14, 2013   Reviewed by Bruno B.
Quick, professional, and quality service.
I came to Rev with a very ambitious project (about 40h of transcripts to be delivered in less than two weeks) that many other companies wanted to charge twice as more and deliver in a two or three times longer timeframe. Not only did Rev deliver the results, but with great quality and within the timeframe. I will definitely be using their services again.

  May 14, 2013   Reviewed by Lily L.
Fast turn around times, accurate translations
I had two document translated by them, both of which were turned around in about half a day. One of the documents had a small error and that was addressed within an hour from my email. Very satisfied with their service and will use them again in the future.

  May 14, 2013   Reviewed by Steven S.
Trusted and did great job
Quick service at great rates. Reliable. Will use again.

  May 14, 2013   Reviewed by Anthony D.
I've only used the service 3 or 4 times and have been total satisfied with the results.
I have recorded discussion meetings which included as many as 40 people and as little as 10 participants. Usually there are no more than 1 or 2 people speaking but the room is always is active with side conversations, movement and other activity. I have always received the reports in a timely fashion and they contain the information I need from them.

  May 14, 2013   Reviewed by Tony S.
Rev is user-friendly, intuitive and easy! Best recording to transcription app around!
Rev has changed my professional world, where I am currently immersed in a research study. My ability to conduct interviews and rely on the Rev app on my iPhone to clearly record these interviews and then with the click of a button have them transcribed, within a day (at most) is AMAZING! Thank you Rev!!

  May 14, 2013   Reviewed by Jeffrey S.
Fast service, great customer service!
I needed a translation service for paperwork processing and performed a quick, reliable service.

  May 14, 2013   Reviewed by TeilvtiW
Very quick and effective

  May 14, 2013   Reviewed by DION H.
A company I can count on!!!
I have had 2 positive experiences with and was very pleased with the process. The first thing that surprised me was the quick turn around and the second thing was noting that the U.S. Government recognizes as an authentic translator of integrity. I hope will continue growing it's aura naturally.

  May 14, 2013   Reviewed by Jon G.
Great service I highly recommend them.
If you need fast,accurate transcriptions, look no further than They are very good and fast.

  May 14, 2013   Reviewed by Gabriel C.
Rev is reliable, accurate, fast and fairly priced!
If you ever need an accurate, prompt and professional translation of any document, you should try Rev . I highly recommend it!

  May 14, 2013   Reviewed by Felipe H.
Very quick and accurate translation of short official certificate. I would definitely trust them for a longer translation.
Very quick and accurate translation of short official certificate. I would definitely trust them for a longer translation.

  May 14, 2013   Reviewed by Roger G.
This is fantastic!
For years I have used other like services and waited up to a week. Every order so far has been delivered in less that 24 hours with no mistakes at all. I will send all me business to

  May 14, 2013   Reviewed by Frederik S.
fast, accurate and cost efficient was a great help transcribing focus group sessions for my dissertation. Transcripts were available within a day to a couple of days at the most for 2+hour sessions. Very good pricing and extremely easy to upload files and track progress on the order. Highly recommended!

  May 14, 2013   Reviewed by Darren M.
My opinion is, rev it up let them Google, their service was fast and on point.
I could only ell you one thing their service made me happy and i wanted to use them aging. I also kept their info encase I have to translate any other document, you should try them out, and you will see what i am talking about peace.

  May 14, 2013   Reviewed by Yuning L.
Very efficient and high-quality work!
The turnout time is very quick.The translation is also in high-quality! Very responsive to questions.

  May 14, 2013   Reviewed by Ronnie P. accurate and very fast...
I had no idea that could return my translations as fast and as accurate as they did and they did it on the weekend. I am very impressed and will use them again.

  May 14, 2013   Reviewed by Angela A.
The transaction was effortless!
The translation was excellent and done in little over 1 hour. I would definitely use their services again.

  May 14, 2013   Reviewed by David K.
It was astoundingly fast and accurate!
I don't know what I was expecting but this service rocks! I believe it was only one hour after I submitted my audio file that I received the finish transcript sent to me through email. What a great value! The accuracy of the transcript was outstanding.