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  September 15, 2013   Reviewed by Anna
Great quick service
I am glad to use REV service, it's really quick and easy to use, I appreciate it. Thank you!

  September 14, 2013   Reviewed by chung
Fastest Transcription I've Used
I used Rev for the first time last week. Ever heard of it? It's a super fast 24-hour turnaround transcription service. And what I used it for was to record a thought that I had. It went for about 3 minutes. Then I hit the "Transcribe" button and I went to bed thinking that it would take at least 24 hours. Well the next day when I checked my email, the transcription was done... I checked when I got the email and it was 4 hours AFTER I sent it to have it transcribed. 4 hours... when I was expecting 24 hours. Anyway, I plan on using it to record my meetings with clients so I don't need to take notes using the iPhone app. If you're doing anything that requires you to write it out. Just say it out instead and then hit the "transcribe" button and within a few hours you'll get your notes.

  September 14, 2013   Reviewed by Summer
No Worries
I received my translation in less than 24 hours. I submitted it to get an updated passport and there were no issues. Would recommend this site to anyone that has to submit documentation to a government agency. Very reasonable price. The cost I was offered in Mexico was twice as much.

  September 14, 2013   Reviewed by Marcia V.
Great job!
I am very satisfied with my experience having my diplomas translated with I needed a revision in few pages and they addressed it very fast and professionally. I will be using their services again.

  September 14, 2013   Reviewed by mohamed
I love you guys!
I don't know what I would do with out you?

  September 14, 2013   Reviewed by Hoa t.
Great! So quick . Thank u so much!
Great! So quick . Thank u so much!

  September 13, 2013   Reviewed by Bianca
I request a quote for certified translations, I got it in the same day and so I sent he documents to be translated and next day I had them all translated. The documents were accepted by USCIS and no mistakes were found. Simple, fast and perfect.

  September 13, 2013   Reviewed by Gaele
love this company
Return less than 24hrs quite impressive

  September 13, 2013   Reviewed by Paul G.
best translation I've ever had done.
This was the best transcription job I have had done. It was also the fastest. How can I be sure I get the same transcriber next time?

  September 13, 2013   Reviewed by Michael G.
Very nice Job . I am very happy with what you did .Excellent job
I had an excellent job done by you .My review could not be but EXCELLENT . Thank you so much Michael Glanec

  September 13, 2013   Reviewed by Richard
I couldn't believe how they responded. under promised and over delivered. I was impressed.

  September 13, 2013   Reviewed by Emily
Excellent job!
Excellent job! Very quick turn-around. Will continue to use Rev for all of my remaining transcription needs.

  September 12, 2013   Reviewed by Cleyde
efficient and fast
Received the translated document after less than 24h. Very efficient and fast.

  September 12, 2013   Reviewed by Helena
Very prompt and accurate!
Was ready in 2 hrs (I mentioned that it was urgent) and everything was very accurate, word-to-word, and the price was exactly as stated. P.S. It was a marriage certificate in Hebrew; so all the religion-specific details and Hebrew dates came correctly in the translation.

  September 12, 2013   Reviewed by Dominik
Quick and without problems!
Quick and without problems!

  September 12, 2013   Reviewed by Caspian
Very speedy turnaround
The Kiwi accent is a tricky one if you are not familiar with it so I was very pleased how accurate the transcription was. Turnaround was 24 hours too which was faster than I had expected. Definitely using them again.

  September 12, 2013   Reviewed by Travis
REV's service is FANTASTIC~!
REV is hands down one of (if not) THE best transcription service around. Underpriced and overdelivered would be two words to describe my experience with them. Their customer service is fast, friendly and super professional. Their turnaround time is wicked fast (no promises, but mine is usually half the time quoted)! And their accuracy is par-none. is a great place for transcriptions and holds a great and valuable service. Thanks REV!

  September 12, 2013   Reviewed by Ashley
The spanish translation for our document was perfect!
I am so impressed with We had a very detailed document that needed to be translated in Spanish and the service was impeccable. The turnaround time was about 30 hours which is amazing for a 12 page document. WELL DONE!

  September 12, 2013   Reviewed by audrey
Very reliable translation service
I highly recommend translation services. You submit your document and you get a translated document within the next day. I never had any translation discrepancy with them.

  September 12, 2013   Reviewed by Sariha
great translation and speedy service, thank you
I liked the simplicity of it all and how fast it was done.