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  May 29, 2016   Reviewed by Edward
Excellent, exactly as advertised.
I load my files & get my transcriptions back in less than a day, 99% accurate. If I had done this myself, well, I'd still be doing it. Thank you. Great job.

  May 28, 2016   Reviewed by Matthew
They got it right.
Cool. And stuff.

  May 28, 2016   Reviewed by Stephen
Mr Response
Accurate, timely, and properly used format. Well Done!!!

  May 27, 2016   Reviewed by jenny
First time user
It was a last minute thing. To get a transcript done for each of my sales videos. And they were completed within an hour! Excellent work, no mistakes, and super fast turnaround.

  May 26, 2016   Reviewed by Steve
Unexpectedly quick
Great quick service exceeding my exppectations

  May 26, 2016   Reviewed by Brian
Time saver, but you MUST review every word. is very quick and easy to use. The turn around time for my audio interview was incredibly fast (all files were done in two days, some I got back on the same day). The layout of the output files (Word docs) was easy to read and use. The problem is that the transcriber made some consistently bad choices, like "they moved" when the audio clearly stated "the movement" which just seemed to show a lack of understanding of the gist of what was being said. I had to listen to the whole thing and review the transcript very carefully. Overall, reviewing someone else's inaccurate transcription is still faster than doing your own, especially given how quickly they turn around the files.

  May 26, 2016   Reviewed by Mark
Super fast / accurate transcription
I have twice submitted files for 24-hour transcription, and both times received the transcripts in under 10 hours time, this is a great service, and I will continue to use them. Their speed and accuracy makes my job easier!

  May 26, 2016   Reviewed by Kevork Y.
Great job!! Very quick.
I put my first video to add captions. I figured it would be done in around 24 hours. It was done in less than 1 hour! WOW!!! And the result was very accurate! I will definitely use your service more in the future. Thank you :) Kevo

  May 24, 2016   Reviewed by David
Very Fast and Helpful
I needed a transalation asap, and I get it in less than I expected. Great Service

  May 24, 2016   Reviewed by Richard
Excellent Translation Service
I used to have 3 legal documents translated from Turkish to English. Translation was completed very quickly and accurately. Documents were easily accessible through an email link file. I will definitely use their services again if the need arises.

  May 22, 2016   Reviewed by Rachel
very happy with
quick, reliable, kept in communication

  May 20, 2016   Reviewed by Mo
I love using this service
I put in a 15 min recording in the afternoon and it was transcribed by the next morning. The price is awesome and the turnaround is awesome. Will continue using this service! Thank you ;)

  May 20, 2016   Reviewed by Tess
Great Experience!
I needed a transcript fast so I could keep the project moving forward. I turned to I'd heard of their service from other freelance copywriters, but I'd not used them myself. They were fantastic. Easy to upload the file and pay for the service, and I had my transcript back in less than 24 hours. I'll definitely find other ways to use them more often.

  May 19, 2016   Reviewed by Alan
Rev is reliable
I count on to transcribe interviews for my music blog. Hard to beat the price and service, not to mention the time saved.

  May 17, 2016   Reviewed by ROBERTO
So fast
I was impressed with the quality and the speed of the translation

  May 16, 2016   Reviewed by Jake
Exceeded expectations
Every transcription is quick, accurate, and affordable. Rev delivers consistent results.

  May 15, 2016   Reviewed by Jennifer
Fast turn around and pretty accurate!
Transcripts were returned in less than 24 hours. There was very little editing required - just acronyms and names. I appreciated that when the transcriber is unsure of the correct spelling, acronym, or could not quite hear what was said, they mark it with brackets and the time to be able to go back to the audio to hear it. Will definitely use them again!

  May 14, 2016   Reviewed by Leanna
Thanks you!
Thanks to you, I got my day back that I had set aside to complete my transcription. I reviewed it and only had to make minor corrections on 21 pages! Thank you!

  May 13, 2016   Reviewed by Sheri
Fast and accurate
Joshua C. did a great job on my transcription.

  May 12, 2016   Reviewed by Robert
Very fast return on completed project.
Received my transcript back within 3 hours.