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  October 22, 2016   Reviewed by Bruce
Fast & efficient
First-time user. Very happy overall. Rev really has it down to a science. Their website is extremely user-friendly. Not perfect, but the best I've seen. A few tweaks and I would be even happier.

  October 21, 2016   Reviewed by Jamie
Top notch value!
Simple, fast and accurate

  October 20, 2016   Reviewed by James
Excellent and fast
Great service at a reasonable price

  October 19, 2016   Reviewed by Bob
Fast solid work with minor problems
Incomplete transcript problem was resolved within 12 hours after complaint. Majority of work was completed quickly and accurately

  October 19, 2016   Reviewed by Margaret
Great FAST Service!
Every time, we get accurate and fast service on transcriptions! The whole company uses and no complaints!

  October 18, 2016   Reviewed by Robert
Jason's work is excellent!
I requested a verbatim transcription within 12 hours, and got just that. Well done!

  October 16, 2016   Reviewed by Ashley
Rev prove themselves to turn work round quickly and are very accurate. It' s now like having a personal secretary - only without coffee breaks and sick days!

  October 14, 2016   Reviewed by Seba
I will definitely recommend and use again
I was unsure how this would work and what quality I would get but I can now confidently say that the quality is excellent and absolutely worth the money. Thank you

  October 14, 2016   Reviewed by Ricardo
Great Captioning Service!
I was in a pinch not having time to write my own closed captioning. was able to get it to me in exactly 24 hours and it was done way better than if I had done it myself. Highly recommended!!

  October 14, 2016   Reviewed by Vince
Transcription review
Needs more accuracy on the transcription.

  October 13, 2016   Reviewed by Serge
Fast! Accurate! Five stars!
I had my transcript ready in less than an hour! WOW! And it was 99.999999% accurate. I only had to change one word.

  October 13, 2016   Reviewed by Johanna
I was VERY impressed by this service. Quick, accurate, able to decipher some esoteric words and phrases accurately and identify speakers. Turn around time was very fast and the price was reasonable. This is a wonderful service!

  October 12, 2016   Reviewed by J. D.
Easy to use, fast turn around
I spent an hour trying to figure out how to create my own captions for my videos. Out of frustration, I tried The process was easy and I got my file back the same day. I will definitely use them again.

  October 12, 2016   Reviewed by David
Quick accurate turnaround!
Thanks or getting things turned around so quickly and accurately.

  October 11, 2016   Reviewed by John
Many statements not completed

  October 11, 2016   Reviewed by Kim
Very fast and accurate!

  October 11, 2016   Reviewed by Scott
blazingly fast and accurate
Couldn't be more pleased. Got my 75 minute transcription back in less than 5 hours. Super fast and accurate!

  October 10, 2016   Reviewed by Justine Elise B.
Really happy with the transcription. Very professional

  October 10, 2016   Reviewed by Lisa
Great service! was great to work with. Turn around time was exceptional and the results are great!

  October 10, 2016   Reviewed by Dennis
Practise what they preach said they would turn over a 1 hour subtitle video track in 24 hours, they did. Thank you!