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  August 19, 2016   Reviewed by Bobby
Good work
Prompt and accurate.

  August 18, 2016   Reviewed by Sean
So fast, so accurate, so great.
I have used a number of transcription services and I am amazed at Rev. the turn around was insanely fast, the cost was incredibly reasonable and their customer support is top notch. Thanks Rev!

  August 17, 2016   Reviewed by Jo
Great service

  August 17, 2016   Reviewed by William
Good work, fast, inexpensive
Got me my transcript quickly and for a very reasonable price, would pay more if necessary

  August 17, 2016   Reviewed by Maryellen S.
Fast, Accurate, Cost-Efficient and Customer Oriented
A few people from a class I'm attending recommended this service for transcription. I had a question before I placed my order and someone got back to me very quickly with an answer. It wasn't an automated response. Once I placed the order I was very surprised at how fast it was completed. There was one tiny mistake but it was because the speaker had an Australian accent and it didn't translate well. Otherwise, just perfect and I'm glad to find a reasonably priced, reliable service.

  August 16, 2016   Reviewed by Anthony
great service and quick
great service and quick

  August 15, 2016   Reviewed by Milton
They were fast, and presented me an accurate and proffesional transcript
I am considering using them for not only trancripts of interviews, but of all my reports

  August 15, 2016   Reviewed by Cherise
Made my life easier
This is an awesome service that I will definitely use again. Just wish I had found you sooner. I struggled with transcribing an interview and it was taking me going on two months doing it in between all my other work. You turned it around in 24 hours which was fantastic and my boss was so happy that it was finally finished. Made my life so much easier. Thank you.

  August 14, 2016   Reviewed by Happy
I would share my experience and refe

  August 13, 2016   Reviewed by Leanne
sChanged my freelance life!
I have spent countless hours transcribing long interviews, and has made all that a thing of the past. I have paired it with Tapeacall for phone interviews, and am loving it. Price seems totally reasonable, and I have been pleased with the turnaround time. Don't wait (the way I did) -- begin using it today!

  August 13, 2016   Reviewed by Matt
You guys are on another level
Concise, sharp, timely and well presented. This is what true transcription and service looks like. Thanks guys!

  August 12, 2016   Reviewed by James
Best method of converting videos
Best method of converting videos of value to the written word for use in other media and/or applications.

  August 12, 2016   Reviewed by Jimmie
Highly Recommend
Perfect Service.... Had my 3 minute video transcribed in under 2 hours. Will definitely use them again.

  August 11, 2016   Reviewed by Jelecia
closed captioning service so easy to do!!!
I was excited after the demo and will be sharing with my colleagues. I am sure will definitely be considered as a service for our students' and faculty's use very soon.

  August 11, 2016   Reviewed by chelsea
quick and efficient
This process was very quick and painless. Very happy with the results

  August 10, 2016   Reviewed by Todd
Rev transcription services
Accurate, timely, fair price. A service I will use again.

  August 10, 2016   Reviewed by Mary J.
Fast and accurate. This is a great timesaver for our office and it's nice to have someone to fall back on.

  August 9, 2016   Reviewed by Vera
I'd recommend for your transcription needs!
Getting videos transcribed with was easy and affordable! Our order came sooner than expected and was completed perfectly. I'd recommend to anyone looking looking for video transcription service.

  August 7, 2016   Reviewed by Rina
He was great!
He drove us very far and didn't complain. He was very pleasant the whole way.

  August 7, 2016   Reviewed by Emily
Fast and reliable!
Rev returned my transcripts within a very short amount of time and the accuracy was wonderful even when there were non-English words used. I am so appreciative!