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  February 22, 2017   Reviewed by Elise
Extremely quick and thorough service
It was our first time using Rev and it exceeded our expectations. Creating a job was easy to navigate, the transcription file arrived in less than 24 hours and due to the high level of accuracy, it saved us a ton of time if we had've tried to transcribe the audio file ourselves in-house. Very impressed.

  February 20, 2017   Reviewed by michael
First experience
First experience. They got it all done within the timeframe they tackled stuff with background noise and did a very good job with it

  February 19, 2017   Reviewed by Rick
Great but with some typeos.

  February 19, 2017   Reviewed by James
Join the Evolution
Great service and cost effective. I would like to be emailed when my job is ready though. Maybe my settings are wrong.

  February 18, 2017   Reviewed by A.D.'s service was great!
My order was completed and returned to me in less than 12 hours. I only had a few, but very minor edits. They saved me hours, if not, days of work!

  February 18, 2017   Reviewed by Fred
Sloppy transcription.
I am very forgiving of transcriptions since I can easily correct mistakes because I conduct the interviews. However, this was really bad. My first unsatisfactory experience.

  February 18, 2017   Reviewed by Kyle
Great work and fast turnaround
Very easy to get the process going. No slip ups at all. Got everything back on the same day.

  February 17, 2017   Reviewed by Leona
Excellent service
The transcriptions of my interviews for my doctorate degree were almost 100% verbitum. The turnaround for them was quick as well. I will definitely be referring friends to use this service.

  February 17, 2017   Reviewed by Patrice
Prompt and Accurate
I appreciate Rev being prompt and accurate.

  February 17, 2017   Reviewed by Jeff
Well Done
This was my first time using They did an exception job. The turn around was very quick.

  February 17, 2017   Reviewed by E. E.
fast and accurate work
I sent about 2.5 hours of video footage to transcribe, and the turnaround was just 12 hours. A few mistakes here and there, but the videos contained a lot of slang. Top notch service overall.

  February 16, 2017   Reviewed by Abe
Great service, fast job, and very accurate.

  February 16, 2017   Reviewed by Stephen Best, Guelph, O.
Always quick and, more importantly, reliable and accurate.
I've used for some years now and have always been satisfied with the work. For example, my latest job--a 60 minute tape of a rally--was sent at about 10:00AM and I got the transcript at about 6:00PM. It doesn't get better than that. I simply don't use anyone else.

  February 16, 2017   Reviewed by Aaron
Quick turnaround fits our business needs. returned our transcripts faster than other transcription agencies I have used with the same level of quality as competitors. One thing I would note is that there is variation in the way transcribers name the speakers. I would like some way to visually identify which speaker is the moderator and which is the respondent at a glance. I would recommend.

  February 16, 2017   Reviewed by Pam B.
We are very happy with your service and and think our purchase is beautiful thank you.

  February 16, 2017   Reviewed by Veronica is fast and easy to use. I'm pleased!
I have tried a voice recorder and automatic transcription in the past with little success. Then I found which is fast, accurate and easy to use. Thanks!

  February 16, 2017   Reviewed by Sam
Fast Turn-Around! Excellent Experience!
What a great experience with Rev! They were able to get my captions back to me in 7 hours! All I have to say is WOW! That is freaky fast! Rev will be our go to place from now on for closed captions service! I highly recommend them!

  February 15, 2017   Reviewed by Amy
Very Impressed!
I had rather low expectations considering I was asking for the transcription of a 14 person focus group. We needed the file turned around quickly so I expected the text verbatim but didn't imagine we'd have the amount of detail and accuracy that's transcriptionist was able to provide. We ended up with detailed transcription that followed 90 minutes of constant conversation among 14 different voices and had it within 8 hours of the request. Very pleased and we will use this service again!

  February 15, 2017   Reviewed by Jazman
Good experience
They were prompt and accurate. Very happy.

  February 15, 2017   Reviewed by Mike
YouTube Captioning works great
I've been using Rev for captioning my YouTube videos for a year now. I love how quick and accurate the service is. So easy that it uploads right to my YouTube account. Great service.