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  July 22, 2014   Reviewed by Terri
Very good experience
I sent in my document on a Sunday night and found it in my inbox on Monday, already completed! I was very pleased. There were some mistakes but not too many - I had to proof it, but for the most part, it was well done. I will definitely use this company again.

  July 21, 2014   Reviewed by Sterling
Great Turnaround Time
I just used for the first time. They got the files to me in less than two days. They were accurate. The client was impressed with their price. All is good.

  July 16, 2014   Reviewed by David
Prompt and Affortable, Probaly only 95% Accuate
I just received my first transcription back and would say that is affordable and prompt. If I had all the time world and enjoyed transcribing I would do it myself. I'm a big "N--O" on both accounts so this is a solid alternative. The greatest problem was when the transcriber mislabeled the times when words were inaudible about half of the time. This is a glaring deficit in what was mostly competent work. I have a number of interviews to transcribe so I'll try again and hope it's a bit better!

  July 14, 2014   Reviewed by Jeanette
Impressed with your speed!
I loved getting my transcripts back so quickly. They were done well - except that I really dislike the indentation used. Would prefer specifying the format I want, rather than something you use as "standard" It took me way too long to convert them into the format I needed - when it would have been just as easy for you to do them that way to start.

  July 13, 2014   Reviewed by Sam T.
all great except if you forget your password...
Great service and nice having an actual person to email. That said when you call that person doesn't seem to be around and they don't have a direct dial. Also as mentioned above if you forget your email - better have several back up email addresses to use to get a new acct - you are paralysed w/o it. Also the credit card pmt system hung up but paypal worked. The actual translations are very good and accurate which is the key.

  July 10, 2014   Reviewed by Justin
Quick turnaround and very accurate!

  July 10, 2014   Reviewed by Piero V.
Very fast and a bit clumsy
Excellent service in terms of time. They are quick and more than punctual, charging rather cheap rates. More could be done on the accuracy of the transcription. Sometimes I suspect they use only a very good automatic system, but they invest very little in proofreading and checking even banal mistakes. In order to get a usable product, you MUST listen back to the recording you sent them and double-check the transcription, in order to fix some errors, sometimes very big ones. As you can easily guess I’m not an English native speaker hence speed in transcribing English recordings is a real bonus for me, but I miss accuracy. Accuracy not just as “verbatim transcriptions”, but rather as “transcriptions whose meaning has been understood by the transcriber”. In few words, they offer a good service especially if you’re not English native speaker and don’t want to waste your time, but it could be improved in terms of final quality.

  July 9, 2014   Reviewed by Jame
Everything worked exactly as stated on the web site.
I was extremely happy with the service I received at The request for translation was quick and easy. I received my translated document well within the stated time. I would use the service again if needed and recommend you give it a try. My only concern was having to create another account. This may be somehow necessary or required but I just didn't need another password to keep up with.

  July 8, 2014   Reviewed by Graham
Comprehensive and fast
A rapid turn around and a comprehensive transcription. Some words missed or not quite right, but it was a noisy environment. Better than I expected.

  July 5, 2014   Reviewed by William
Mostly great service with a good turnaround
I was really happy with the service and its price, which is about thirty percent less than its competitors. I asked for three transcriptions, and two of them were fantastic, with few errors, while the third had several errors, meaning I'll need to go back through it myself. The errors are not horrible, but of the three audio recordings, the one with the worst transcription happened to be the one that had the best audio quality. This indicates to me that the issue was that perhaps there are varying abilities among the three transcriptionists.

  July 2, 2014   Reviewed by Bill A.
Very quick turnaround
The service was very quick, and fairly accurate, considering the speed with which my job was returned. The job consisted of transcribing the recording of a Social Security hearing. There were five different voices and they were all recognized as distinct voices. The accuracy, imo, does not get to the 98 % advertised, but is probably is pretty good considering the clarity of the recordings and the number of speakers. I will use the service again.

  July 2, 2014   Reviewed by Nancy
Excellent price and quality; slightly late
I tried one oral history transcription with, and I was very impressed with the quality of the transcription. cost less than half of our usual transcription service, and the quality was just as good, and the speed was much faster. Some things could be improved: a. We weren't notified of the completion of the order. I could find the completed transcript only by going into my account at This was no big deal, but the website states that the transcript would be emailed, and it wasn't. I did check my spam filters. b. It would be good to have the chance to enter one's specific terms, to help the transcriber. We do oral histories of people involved in technical fields (fisheries), and some of the terms are pretty obscure. The transcriber had to guess at these terms. Most transcription services I have worked with encourage you to give them a list of terms to avoid this problem. Overall, excellent work at a good price, and done in about 2 working days.

  July 2, 2014   Reviewed by Nadya
Great Translation - Except for One Thing
This was a very accurate transcription of an incredibly difficult audio recording. I accidentally sent the wrong audio file. That was totally my fault. In my description, I indicated that the interview was with a Japanese roboticist. However, the interview I sent them was with a hat-maker. It was a much more complex interview, with a lot more voices and poorer audio quality than the one I'd intended to send. The translation I got back was wonderful, but I was disappointed that they company didn't reach out to me. At some point, I feel like it should have become obvious that the interview was not about robotics or anything remotely related. I would have appreciated it if the transcriber had reached out to me to say "hey - is this the right file?" Because I got the wrong transcript, my project was delayed. Given the complexity of the file, the effort that rev did on the translation, and the fact that the mistake was mine, I don't feel right asking for a refund. However, I do urge them to put some process in place for preventing this from happening to over people.

  July 1, 2014   Reviewed by Adeline
For when the trannies get tough
Transcription is pretty much the bane of my existence: in addition to being quite a slow typist, I often don't have the luxury of a chunk of time to transcribe an interview. Rev has literally saved me hours of work. The transcript I received was largely accurate (a few mishearings, possibly due to Australian accent) but best of all, came promptly. The no-fuss upload and pay system is excellent.

  June 29, 2014   Reviewed by Patrick S.
System Worked flawlessly
I was willing to give a lot more rope for inaudible moments than I needed to. Stellar translation of an hour+ conference call.

  June 27, 2014   Reviewed by Kit Y.
Fast and Good.
Thank Q, it save me from having to do it myself. I will not be able complete task that fast and the price is reasonable. I recommend this service.

  June 25, 2014   Reviewed by Martha
Quick efficient service, could be more accurate
I had a lot of interviews that needed transcribing and was running out of time. Since I live in a rural area it was necessary to find an online transcription service. Initially I sent one 15 minute interview to be transcribed. It was returned within 24 hours and was reasonably accurate. So I sent five more interviews. Sadly three of them were riddled with errors and often didn't make any sense at all. I will have to have them redone or do them myself. I will try one more, as the price is right, and hope for a better outcome.

  June 24, 2014   Reviewed by Simon
Fast, well-priced transcription service
I submitted a 35-minute file to Rev at lunchtime on Friday and the transcript was waiting in my inbox first thing Saturday morning. The transcription had a few more errors than I would expect from a local (more expensive) outfit, but unless you're dealing with court documents or something it's unlikely to be an issue. At this price and these turnaround speeds you can't go past!

  June 23, 2014   Reviewed by Stephanie
Fast turnaround
The fast turnaround is appreciated. The transcription quality is very good.

  June 21, 2014   Reviewed by Willy
Great turn around, Good enough for official documents
I received my translation very fast the next day. Working myself in translating documents I noticed the translation was not perfect but it does not matter, it was accepted by the US Office of Immigration. So I'm happy.