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  July 13, 2014   Reviewed by DA K.
Very impressive
My transcription problems are solved. This is very easy to use and speedy service at a surprisingly low cost. Hooray!

  July 11, 2014   Reviewed by Sasima
They translate my parents married license for $20, and told me it would take 48 hours, but I got it in a couple hours, I'm very happy with the service FAST

  July 11, 2014   Reviewed by Joseph
Quality Speedy Service
I am quite impressive with this service from how easy it is to upload files and get your orders in to receiving quality transcriptions in a very short period of time. I am a grad student but I am also work full-time so this saves me A LOT of time.

  July 11, 2014   Reviewed by Melissa A.
Freed up my day!
I was going to have to transcribe a project that i knew would take at least a couple hours. I thought, "surely there has to be a better way with all the technology we have." So, I Googled and found It was awesome and easy. I have a dental/medical transcription and they got it perfect ... I only had to make a couple edits when I got my transcription back, and they were perfectly reasonable "mistakes". I had my transcript back in 30 minutes. I went and told my colleague who listens to and transcribes many meetings each year, hoping this can save her days with her door closed, doing this mundane task.

  July 11, 2014   Reviewed by Jessie
Very fast turnaround. Expectations met.
Certified translation from Japanese to English appears to be accurate and completed with no delay.

  July 10, 2014   Reviewed by Justin
Quick turnaround and very accurate!

  July 10, 2014   Reviewed by Barbara
Fast turnaround!
We found ourselves in a time crunch to get a video meeting transcribed. I found Rev online, and decided to give them a try. I submitted the video at 5:30 one evening - the transcripts were waiting for me when I arrived at work the next morning. We will definitely use Rev again.

  July 10, 2014   Reviewed by Piero V.
Very fast and a bit clumsy
Excellent service in terms of time. They are quick and more than punctual, charging rather cheap rates. More could be done on the accuracy of the transcription. Sometimes I suspect they use only a very good automatic system, but they invest very little in proofreading and checking even banal mistakes. In order to get a usable product, you MUST listen back to the recording you sent them and double-check the transcription, in order to fix some errors, sometimes very big ones. As you can easily guess I’m not an English native speaker hence speed in transcribing English recordings is a real bonus for me, but I miss accuracy. Accuracy not just as “verbatim transcriptions”, but rather as “transcriptions whose meaning has been understood by the transcriber”. In few words, they offer a good service especially if you’re not English native speaker and don’t want to waste your time, but it could be improved in terms of final quality.

  July 10, 2014   Reviewed by Robert
Quick, friendly, and cost efficient
I used this service to help me with my dissertation and found this was a GREAT and cost effective service. Totally recommend it!

  July 10, 2014   Reviewed by Michael Finlayson, Partner/Director of Media Production, Ready Training, I.
This was a video project with a speaker interacting with a room full of adult attendees, the same speaker interacting with 5 different elementary school classes, maybe 100 children - with a teacher next door blasting music who refused to turn it down, and two separate voiceover talents. And some of the micing was very ambient. I expected 2 or 3 answers. 1. We can't do it. 2. We won't do it. 3. It will take much longer than the 48 hours we promised. I uploaded a 24 minute file around 1:30 PM. I was shocked when I received an email on my phone during dinner that my transcript was ready. After dinner I downloaded it and checked it against the video. It was spot on perfect. I might have changed a word or two and added an apostrophe in a possessive. Absolutely brilliant. I have more videos in this project and anticipate many more even though a large part of our work is fully scripted. When it's not, I am relieved to never have to look for another transcriber. My only regret is that I didn't find you sooner. Last year I transcribed (very roughly) 13 hours of interviews. It slowed down the video edit immensely. In case you have figured it out, I am very, very pleased.

  July 9, 2014   Reviewed by Luis N.
Great service
It was a great service and as promised on time

  July 9, 2014   Reviewed by Jame
Everything worked exactly as stated on the web site.
I was extremely happy with the service I received at The request for translation was quick and easy. I received my translated document well within the stated time. I would use the service again if needed and recommend you give it a try. My only concern was having to create another account. This may be somehow necessary or required but I just didn't need another password to keep up with.

  July 8, 2014   Reviewed by Viveka
Premium and worth it!
I'd been using transcriptionists from Fiverr - and some were great - and some sucked - and they all took quite a while returning my work. While i paid a bit more of a premium on, they had my transcripts back to me within minutes in some cases. The quality is excellent and I'll be using and referring them often.

  July 8, 2014   Reviewed by Graham
Comprehensive and fast
A rapid turn around and a comprehensive transcription. Some words missed or not quite right, but it was a noisy environment. Better than I expected.

  July 8, 2014   Reviewed by C.S.
Fast and accurate!
Rev.Com had a very quick turn around for my transcriptions. The files were very accurate and I appreciated the few notations, with a time stamp, where the audio was inaudible. I would recommend Rev.Com to anyone looking for this type of service.

  July 8, 2014   Reviewed by Julia
everything i needed!
Totally quick and thorough, so great!

  July 8, 2014   Reviewed by Georgia
amazingly fast
Withing a few minutes of uploading up to 10 files to be transcribed, the completed files started rolling in! Very Impressive!

  July 8, 2014   Reviewed by Michael
Real quick reponse time, but had errors
They did a good job with responding quickly. I paid for verbatim, and it wasn't completely verbatim...

  July 7, 2014   Reviewed by Sofija
Very fast, very good.
I needed very fast transcribing and it was. I wasn't notified by email that the work was completed, however. I just happened to go in to my order and see that it was all done. Very happy with the work.

  July 7, 2014   Reviewed by Jonah
Really accurate, very impressed
Both of the interviews I had transcribed were turned around quickly and accurately. I will definitely use this service again and am very impressed with the product.