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  March 25, 2014   Reviewed by Yash
Speedy service appreciated
I was worried that using your service would take too much time, but it took less than a day...thank you so much for your speedy and accurate service.

  March 25, 2014   Reviewed by DIANA
i got my translation very fast, in a couple of hours, thank you very much:)))
I needed my birth certificate translated in order to apply for adjustment of status, and i have found this site, im not used to use the services that are provided online so i thought that i will use the services of a real translator, but he asked 100 $ for it, which i think its to much for something so simple, that's why i said that i will give it a try, and here we go, payed 27 $, saved 73$, and i got the document translated in 2-3 hours:))) i hope that the immigration will accept it:)) thank you:)

  March 24, 2014   Reviewed by Tatiana
Fast and accurate!!!
I'm so glad I chose to translate my birth certificate with you guys. The service was super fast (only 2 hours!!). I'm definitely put you guys in my "favorites" folder for the future.

  March 24, 2014   Reviewed by Mabo
Worked out great!
They translated within 2 days. I am satisfied with this service.

  March 24, 2014   Reviewed by Ana V.
great responsiveness. easy to do business with
Accurate Spanish to English translation. Fast service.✴

  March 24, 2014   Reviewed by Jose
reliable, fair price. Confiable y precio justo
Lo recomiendo plenamente

  March 23, 2014   Reviewed by Kromagg
Great speed at a fair price.
Requested the translation of a single-page document, which at a local company it was quoted at 4 times the cost, and 3-5 days. Received the translation in 15 hours - very reliable!

  March 23, 2014   Reviewed by albertine
this is not fake, it actually works!! in less than 24hrs!

  March 23, 2014   Reviewed by Mariame
very quick
Same day proccessing. A very efficient company.

  March 23, 2014   Reviewed by RON from San D.
It not cheap but they give an excelent service.
Today I used to translate my birth certificate and was surprised by their excellent efficiency. The translation arrived at the same day, within a few hours. Additionally, during the application process, they ask you to provide them with names of people and locations mentioned in the translation. This is very important because often times there will be ambiguities, so its very important to accurate with the spelling. For example, imagine trying to get a boarding pass or go through the TSA if your name is not spelled properly. The only down side is that they are not cheap.

  March 23, 2014   Reviewed by Yanet
Great translators!great service and on time!
I sent them scanned documents that were not elegible enough with some notes and they did their best! I gotta it on time, loved their service!

  March 22, 2014   Reviewed by Samar
Fast service
Good Service and Quality.

  March 22, 2014   Reviewed by Lee M.
Reliable, professional, quick, exceptional quality. Highly recommended
I've used for a few transcriptions now and they have exceeded my expectations. The audio files we needed transcribed were from hours of video recordings of our clients. We had multiple speakers talking about complex subject matter and has handled the transcriptions exceptionally well and very professionally. The turnaround was great. The turnaround time is even more astounding when I consider the complex nature of the task. It would have taken me days to produce the word files. Instead of wasting my time transcribing, I can now concentrate on adding value and using the written content on our website. The thing I like the most about is that I can trust it. It's proved its worth. It's accurate and reliable. And the website and tracking of progress is very user friendly. Overall a great service done well.

  March 22, 2014   Reviewed by SUSANNE
My next best Right Hand.
I recently fell and injured my arm. If not for the wonderful transcriptionists I would not have been able to get my project done. Thanks everyone!

  March 21, 2014   Reviewed by David
Good Quality to a reasonable price and in my case: Same Day delivery
I compared 6 translation (5 from Canada and 1 USA) services and this one offered the best conditions. In comparison: Lowest Price, and fastest promised delivery (48h) (without extra charges) I had to translate 4 pages (certified) and they delivered on the same day as purchased. In addition: all questions were already answered through the purchase procedure. No additional time was required to answer questions force and back.

  March 21, 2014   Reviewed by Rejane
Great and fast work!
The only thing I didn't like it was the fact they take really a long time to answer your phone call. They will replay you faster through email than if you call them.

  March 21, 2014   Reviewed by Beth
Quick, cheap, perfect quality
Easy to upload. Easy and cheap to pay. They delivered a perfect transcript of a 1 hr 45 min speech in less than 2 days. I am very impressed and recommend.

  March 21, 2014   Reviewed by Ted Y.
Refund requested for word density extra charges when my translation was re-used
I provided my translation for reference. I paid $378. Was quoted extra because of word density. I asked support if my translation couldn't be taken into consideration, but was still quoted an extra $243. In the end, the translator just copied and pasted my translation. I don't mind paying $378 because the document has Rev's certification, but charging for word density when the translator didn't do anything extra is ridiculous. This requests a refund for the $243.

  March 21, 2014   Reviewed by Antonina
just perfect!
The quality and prompt service was worth every penny!

  March 21, 2014   Reviewed by Jeffrey
Excellent and Accurate
I submitted a 40 minute audio for transcription and the transcription needed to be verbatim. In less than 24 hours I had received the transcript and was very impressed with its accuracy. I will be using to transcribe all of my future qualitative research interviews. You cannot beat the price or quick response.